Written by Jade Crowther • Published 31st January 2020 • 3 minute read

There are around 10,000 mega yachts in the world with approximately 150 new yachts delivered each year. Roughly a quarter of these are available for charter. These numbers indicate continuous growth for the luxury yachting industry and will undoubtedly provide brands with opportunities for expansion and success.

So, what are the hot topics for 2020 that brands need to consider to ensure they stay afloat in this evolving industry? Sustainability, technology and the exploratory yacht market all appear to be generating a great deal of discussion. We’ve taken a closer look at these consumer trends that we think are going to be strong contenders for the coming year.

A focus on yacht charter’s green credentials

The discussion on environmental issues is going to be a key driver in the yacht charter world for 2020. Owners, brokers and charterers will have one eye on the green credentials of their superyachts and the impact they are having on the environment. France has just announced that anchorage laws are to change for yachts over 24m in order to protect endangered marine plant species, most notably Posidonia. The new regulations are planned to be in place for the 2020 yachting season. HNWIs are looking at new and innovative ways to reduce the damaging impact their yachts have on the oceans and wildlife and those in the industry are tailoring their offerings accordingly.

Philippe Briand is starting off 2020 with a bang. The London-based design studio has just unveiled a stunning superyacht concept that will be powered entirely by wind. The 200-foot vessel, known as the SY200, will be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy and promises a true zero-emission sailing experience.

Disruptive brokers shaking up the market

The brokerage world has so far managed to resist the overtures of the new online broker models who have attempted to shake up and disrupt the market over the last couple of years.

Companies like Ahoy Club and YOTHA were full steam ahead on tackling the big brokers when they ventured onto the scene but now the dust has settled, the established brokers are starting to embrace new technologies. The big brokers are ensuring charterers have a better experience and, in turn, help their profitability for the long term.

Innovation in the explorer yacht market

Investment is starting to flow into the scientific yacht charter market as the global desire to go further than ever before is at its peak. If they haven’t done so already, every shipyard is coming out with a durable explorer-style vessel. One example is from Italy-based shipyard Baglietto. The new Explorer was designed as a luxurious warship, capable of cruising in comfort into the world’s most remote waters. The designers at Santa Maria Magnolfi ticked off all the boxes to create a yacht that could cruise anywhere at any time of the year, so the most intrepid owners could see the world on their terms.

Another company looking to capitalise on the “go-anywhere” trend is Arksen. They are a technology and innovation company who are building the most capable and innovative explorer vessels of their kind in the market today and looking to push the envelope for those willing to go to the ends of the world.

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