Hazards of blue light and how to limit your exposure

Earlier this year, The College of Optometrists released statistics indicating that 31% of Brits have noticed that their vision has declined since the pandemic, a considerable increase from the 22% when surveyed in June 2020.

Coronavision as it has been dubbed by tabloid newspapers and on social media includes eye strains, headaches, burning or itchy eyes.

It has been suggested that ‘Coronavision’ is a result of spending more time in front of screens that emit blue light and due to a prolonged time spent indoors.

In the past year, we’ve seen businesses up and down the UK introduce hybrid working policies to appease employees. This means employees will still be faced with the prospect of spending more time in front of screens coupled with a lack of time spent outdoors, ultimately leading to a continued rise in Coronavision cases.

We look at some of the products currently on the market that can help limit our exposure to blue light.


On a mission to look after our eyes in an increasingly digital world is innovative brand, Ocushield.

Founded by optometrist Dhruvin Patel in 2015, Ocushield manufactures the first and only medically approved blue light filtering products, and since their inception, the business has gone on to produce over 90 different products. Their products are designed for all ages but can play a particularly vital role for children and younger eyes that are still developing.

As we mentioned earlier on, blue light is a harmful light that can be found in digital devices that can leave you with headaches, dry eyes and can affect your sleep. Ocushield’s products filter out harmful light and protect you and your loved ones.

Although still young in age as a business, Ocushield have already hit the dizzy heights of national TV, when they were selected to be part of BBC’s Dragons’ Den series. Founder Dhruvin Patel and Commerical Director Asad Hamir faced the Dragons as they explained why blue light from digital device screens is a hazard for our health. The duo’s pitch was so compelling it resulted in an offer from not one but two Dragons, Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones.

Ocushield have also committed £1 for every order from the site to go to leading charity, Moorfields Eye charity, the grant-making charity for Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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An online subscription service for contact lenses, WALDO is the brand championing positive vision for all.

From daily contact lenses at a fraction of the cost of other competitor brands to vitamin-infused lenses, WALDO is your one-stop shop for all things lenses.

On this occasion, we wanted to shine a light on their blue light glasses, which are designed to protect against the rigors of those heavy screen days.

WALDO are here to disrupt the industry and challenge eyecare perceptions and provide a service that always puts the customer first.

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Opticians can often be reluctant to reglaze glasses as they lose out on the sale of a new frame, meaning replacing a pair of glasses can become an expensive purchase for consumers.

Lensology is bridging the gap for consumers by providing reglazing and glazing services at a fraction of the price. Consumers can save up to 70% compared to high street prices, when they use the UK’s number one reglazing and glazing brand.

As part of their offering, the technicians at Lensology have developed a lens that can filter blue light whilst also protecting users from UVA and UVB rays, meaning those harmful rays won’t get close to your eyes.

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