Healthtech startups to check out

Whilst the healthtech market may still be a relatively new industry, that hasn’t stopped it from thriving. ABHI, the UK’s leading industry association for health technology recently reported that the industry has a combined turnover of £24bn.

Whilst a Deloitte study suggested that by 2018, the global market for digital health would be worth £43bn, almost double from 2014.

At the moment there is a great deal of interest in the healthtech market, with lots of startups taking their offering to market.

We’ve looked at some of the hottest and most innovative healthtech startups currently in the UK.


You’d use compare sites to find a discounted holiday, cheaper tariffs for your electricity or water and now you can do the same for finding live-in carers. hometouch have handpicked the finest carers from across the country, who are on hand to help your loved one continue to live in their own home with dignity and most importantly safely.

hometouch was created when founder Dr Jamie Wilson, witnessed first-hand the floors in the carer system whilst his patients struggled to find reliable dementia care at home. A combination of families being let down and hardworking carers being underpaid and undervalued didn’t make for a great situation.

Currently, there are over 500 vetted live-in carers on the hometouch database offering round the clock expert care, allowing you to pick a carer who has expertise in working with specific conditions or can speak different languages.


Whether it’s advances towards a cure for cancer or the tell-tell signs of dementia to look out, stories about our health can sometimes feel non-stop. Aside from hiring a full-time doctor to be by your side 24/7 which would provide to be rather pricey, Thriva is the next best thing.

From a simple blood test, Thriva allows users to understand what’s really going on in their  body.

Want to find out why you aren’t sleeping properly? Or why you always feel tired? Simply take the test, post it to a UKAS accredited lab and get the results back online within 48 hours. Thriva allows you to track your progress and see how your reports change over time.

Walk With Path

A symptom from illnesses such as Parkinson’s or someone who has suffered a stroke can a side effect of suffering from the freezing of the gait. This can cause an individual to feel as if they are frozen to the ground.

Path Finder offers a solution to this, through visual cues and lasers which shine on the floor in front of the patient, provides a great aid which gives the individual something to work toward.

Open Bionics

Open Bionics is the startup taking disability and turning it into a superpower, creating an affordable, assistive device that enhances the human body. With an estimated five million upper limb amputees around the world, Open Bionics offers a solution for children as young as 9.

The Bristol-based startup have created fun themed bionic arm covers ranging from Iron Man, Star Wars to Frozen.  Co-founders Joel and Samantha were recently named as 2018’s Hottest Startup Founders in Europe, at The Europa Awards.

Oxford Heartbeat

The London based business creates software to make minimally invasive surgeries more efficient and effective. It’s through this software that allows planning for surgery simpler, faster and more accurate.

Through harnessing the power of big data, predictive computations and Al, Oxford Heartbeat has created software that converts 2D medical scans into 3D images.

This can allow surgeons to be able to test various medical devices for each patient, before having to physically pick the best tools or method for the surgery.

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