HealthTech businesses outside of the golden triangle

Following a year in which the UK’s health sector has been stretched more than ever, HealthTech has come to the fore helping drive efficiencies within the industry and lessen the strain on our country’s medical professionals.

2020 estimates predict that there are nearly 4,000 HealthTech businesses across the UK, employing over 127,000 people however this number is likely to be much higher in the wake of the pandemic. Investment in to the sector continues to grow with several businesses having recently receiving millions of pounds of fresh capital to support their ongoing growth.

Britain’s thriving HealthTech industry has typically been concentrated around the so called ‘golden triangle’ of London, Oxford and Cambridge yet as the industry has matured, there have been several success stories outside of these locations. We shine a spotlight on five of the businesses leading the HealthTech revolution outside of this triangle.

Push Doctor:
Based in Manchester with partnerships across the country, Push Doctor is the UK’s very first platform enabling patients to complete video consultations with their GPs. Patients start by signing in to the platform and finding their nearest surgery before booking a video appointment with an NHS-trained Doctor. The appointment is conducted completely contact free, often via a smartphone where the Doctor will listen to a patient’s symptoms (as you would if you were meeting a GP in-person) before selecting the appropriate next steps.

At a time where limiting unnecessary physical contact has been vital, Push Doctor’s remote digital offering has been a lifeline for many patients and surgeries up and down the country, with over 5.4 million people now using the platform. The business’ value has the potential to continue way beyond the pandemic, with video consultations offering a patients a much more convenient way of accessing medical assistance as well as freeing up time for GPs to deal with patients who genuinely need face-to-face care.

Based in Leeds, Hero’s tech-enabled solution provides businesses and property companies with a platform to improve and maintain the overall wellbeing of their employees and residents. Powered by the brand’s innovative digital tool ‘Navigator’, Hero provides a platform for individuals to track all of their holistic health metrics from sleep through to nutrition as well as providing organisations with insight in to the wellbeing of their staff and which activities are delivering the most significant improvements.

As well as tracking user metrics, hero’s platform also provides data-driven recommendations that can help improve overall wellbeing. These solutions can include everything from healthier recipes, guided mental health solutions through to a ‘wellness library’ featuring a series of articles that can support wellbeing whether that be physical, mental, social or financial. The start-up raised over £800,000 in 2020 and as employee wellbeing becomes increasingly important for UK businesses we look forward to seeing what’s in store for the business and the role they have to play in this conversation.

Evergreen Life:
An ardent believer in using technology to empower people to take control of their health, Evergreen Life’s 4.6* rated app is one of the best on the market in the personal healthcare space. As well as the capability to book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions, the app also enables users to consolidate all of their medical history and needs in one place. This visibility not only bypasses the issue of medical / GP records being stored in separate places, it also gives users insight that will enable them to make better informed choices when it comes to their health.

Having secured backing from AO investor and philanthropist Bill Holroyd, the B-Corp certified business is certainly on the way up and with capital injections flooding in to the HealthTech space, investors will no doubt be keeping an eye out for how the firm progresses over the next 12 months.

One of the businesses that has been right at the forefront supporting the NHS throughout the pandemic, inhealthcare is a digital health platform helping the NHS digitise care. The firm offer a range of digital health and health monitoring services that help reduce the strain on the NHS and improve patient outcomes.

The firm’s services have been vital throughout the pandemic, with solutions such as their Digital Monitoring service in care homes enabling staff to keep tabs on the health of care home residents during a time in which they were increasingly at risk. The business operates over 100 Digital Health services that have all been created in partnership with health and social care professionals helping drive efficiencies and improve the overall standard of care within the medical profession.

Q4 of 2020 was the firm’s busiest quarter on record, winning over 15 new contracts and they will soon have over 20 million people using their technologies. As innovation continues to take hold within the health sector, the firm are well placed to continue on this trajectory and continue offering their vital support at a time when the industry needs it most.

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