Generation rent to homeowners: tips on how to drive millennials to your brand

The home has taken on a brand-new meaning in the post-pandemic era with a significantly increased amount of time spent inside and 78% of the UK population now perceive their home as a ‘sanctuary’ as opposed to simply a place to reside. As a result, people are taking more care than ever before to find and create the perfect home, where they can work, create memories, and feel sheltered from the outside world. and feel sheltered from the outside world. Also known as ‘Generation Rent’, many of these new property searchers belong to the millennials. (born between the years of 1981 and 1996).  

The total amount of rent paid in the UK dropped by more than £5 billion over the course of the last three years as millennials jumped on the housing ladder, whilst the younger Generation Z opted to stay home with Mum and Dad. So, with Millennials now settling down or on the hunt for the all-important place to call ‘home’, it’s essential that interior focused brands know how best to target this group and gain traction with their products.  

With this in mind, we’ve shared four of our top tips to ensure your brand successfully engages with Millennial home seekers and owners.  

Highlight your sustainability credentials  

Sustainability is an incredibly important factor in purchasing decisions, and in the past year alone, 39% of Brits reduced the number of new products they bought in a bid to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is particularly important to the Millennial Generation, with research showing that 71% of this age group always try to recycle and 62% rank helping the environment as one of their top priorities 

Brands should consider how to weave concepts such as the importance of upcycling, the circular economy, and using ethically sourced materials into campaigns targeting Millennial consumers. You should also be sure to highlight your sustainability credentials within campaigns- make sure to shout about your plastic-free packaging or eco-friendly production methods!  

 Focus on positive messaging  

It goes without saying that the pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. So, as we move into a post-pandemic era, consumers are actively searching for uplifting brand campaigns that make them smile and radiate positivity. In fact, 82% of Millennials stated that maintaining a positive attitude is important to them. Therefore, using bright colours and keeping campaigns light-hearted and fun will be key for interior brands in the upcoming year.  

Research has also shown that 24% of Millennials frequently donate their money or time to charity, so highlighting any positive contributions your brand is making to wider society is also a great way to gain the respect and trust of potential buyers, and form long-lasting relationships. Consider launching partnerships with charities or organisations to showcase how your brand is giving back, engaging with this purpose-driven audience.  

Lean into social platforms and influencers  

Social media is integral to our daily lives, with the pandemic reinstating its importance for maintaining a connection with not only our loved ones but also our favourite brands. Social media is closely intertwined with the daily lives of Millennials, who predominantly spend their time on many online sites such as Facebook (87%), Instagram (83%), and Twitter (62%).  

A strong social media presence spanning several of these popular platforms is necessary to engage this generation of new homeowners. Taking the time to identify and engage with popular influencers who are operating in the interiors, homeware and lifestyle space is another strategy to gaining the trust of Millennials, many of whom look to their favourite social stars for guidance on the best brands to try. This could be achieved through both gifting, as well as paid influencer partnerships.  

Consider your price point  

It’s no secret that buying a house involves making a daunting monetary commitmentand that’s before even considering decoration and homeware! Covid-19 has placed financial strain on many of us, with more than a third of British Millennials admitting they actively avoid checking their bank balance, and 83% of this group rating financial security as important to them. 

For brands coming in at a higher price point, it is essential to emphasise how making an investment into a quality product, which will not have to be replaced, will save consumers more in the long term. Equally, for ‘bargain’ brands, showcasing the luxury look that can be achieved for less is key to getting Millennials on your side. All brands should also consider partnering with a money-saving app, to showcase how Millennials can make smart saving hacks whilst making their dream home a reality.  

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