Four of the best teeth whitening brands on the market

Last year, statistics found that four in ten under 35’s have had teeth whitening treatment and 48% were planning to have them whitened in the next year. It unsurprisingly uncovers why teeth whitening companies are becoming increasingly popular in a previously quiet market. With individuals placing more importance on personal care, we look at four of the best teeth whitening products on the market.

Advanced Whitening

Rated ‘the number one whitening brand worldwide’ Advanced Whitening has released ‘The Crest 3D Whitestrips’ which promises to give its user a whiter smile in just three treatments. The product is used in a few steps, from peeling the 100% crest whitestrips and then applying them firmly on the teeth which will reveal desirable results. Unlike their competition, the brand stands out due to the simplicity of its use and easy to follow instructions.

The technology within the product allows you to talk and drink water simultaneously during the whitening process. The innovative products also provide a greater sense of care for the consumer as it is able to remove stains that are set underneath the enamel and this, in turn, displays a whiter smile.


SmileTime has its teeth whitening kit at the forefront of its products and is designed to deliver visible results in as little as fifteen minutes a day in less than a week. The kit includes a mouth tray and six applications of PAP teeth whitening gel which oxides the enamel without causing sensitivity to the teeth. As well as being labelled vegan friendly, the product ensures additional reassurance to its consumers as it includes EU approved ingredients and boasts a rating of excellence on Trustpilot.

The brand has partnered with Klarna which allows its customers to pay in three interest-free payments. With over 3000 reviews on its products, SmileTime looks like a winning formula and a brand we will be keeping a close eye on.

Polished London

Polished London have enlisted the expertise of a selection of UK dentists to help formulated its new range of teeth whitening kit which gives its user “an irresistibly white smile”. By combining LED technology and peroxide-free whitening ingredients, the user places the whitening gel into the mouthpiece which allows the device to begin its work. Its unique features include switching between an accelerated whitening option and an odour reduction option all at a simple push of a button.

Whites Beaconsfield

Whites Beaconsfield’s non-peroxide teeth whitening kit is designed to whiten teeth in the comfort of your home. The kit allows its users to view maximum results being delivered in as little as twelve applications and promises on upgrading teeth to eight shades of whiter teeth.

This trendy brand places importance on its aesthetically pleasing packaging, displaying a strawberry with white teeth which embodies the brand’s values and selling point.

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