Four investment opportunities to keep an eye out for

Whether it’s a business that creates and delivers healthy recipe boxes to consumers or a business that provides you with better saving rates, they all have one thing in common, at one point they were just an idea.

But having an idea that you think could work is one thing, convincing potential investors to part with their hard-earned funds to invest in that idea is another challenge altogether.

Regardless of the business or the concept, funds are crucially needed at the start of any business adventure. Purchasing equipment, paying staff, and in most cases bringing a product to market are all expenses that need to be accounted for.

Thankfully, in today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and SeedInvest have made it easy for anyone to throw their money into the ring and become an investor.

Focusing on another platform for a moment, Crowdcube is one of the UK’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms whose success stories include Black Bee Honey, Pip & Nut, and Birdsong.

These are all businesses that have relied on a community of like-minded people to pool their money and knowledge together to bring an idea to life. Crowdcube suggests businesses that crowdfund with them raise on average over 20% more and attract 50% more investors.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at four businesses that currently have live investment opportunities available via Crowdcube.


&SISTERS is a sustainable menstrual health brand on a mission to improve the lives of females worldwide.

Founded by a mother and daughter team who realised that, despite a 30-year age gap, their experiences with menstruation were very similar.

Through their hub of content, community and commerce, founders Lucy and Claire are hoping to make unsustainable products and the stigma often attached to menstrual health a thing of the past.

Following sales tripling from 2020 vs January to October 2021, &SISTERS are now seeking investment to launch SISTERLY, a safe and inclusive community-led platform that will combine expert content, peer-to-peer connection and will stock eco-friendly trusted consumer products.


The UK’s most popular VR experience. OTHERWORLD is a virtual island paradise with portals to 16 unique VR experiences which can only be accessed from the Departure lounges.

So far OTHERWORLD has opened locations in Hackney and London Victoria (Birmingham soon to be launched) this virtual reality experience is quickly becoming one of London’s go-to entertainment spots.

Although OTHERWORLD’s only two open locations are both in London, success hasn’t slowed down, to date, 80,000 people have experienced the innovative, multi-sensory technology and now the business has set its sights on spreading the news on a national scale.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and OTHERWORLD opening new locations around the UK, we expect this year to be a busy one for all involved.

But you’ll have to be quick, OTHERWORLD’s crowdfunding campaign finishes today!


Imagine a personal running coach in your pocket, it would be a lot easier to maintain motivation, wouldn’t it?

RunBuddy, helps runners to achieve their personal goals, whether that is to improve their 5k time or training for a marathon.

The business that is backed by Olympic marathon runner Stephanie Davis, aims to provide fully personalised training plans that sync with any user’s fitness device.

With the app only launched in Q4 of 2021, this current round of investment will be used to grow the development team and build a successful, global running app.


There can’t be many industries tougher than the pet care market to break into, Global Market Insights has indicated the industry will be worth $350billion by 2027.

But UK based brand, Aardvark has identified a gap in the market, Aardvark is a sustainable pet food brand, that has developed food for dogs and cats that uses insects as the protein source and will make pet ownership more planet-friendly in the process.

You might not know it, but pets are responsible for as much as a quarter of the damage associated with the meat industry, so reducing their environmental pawprint is essential to our planet’s future.

Since launching in the summer of 2021, the business has seen significant growth and has been featured in the likes of The Times and on Sky News and will be using the funds raised from the current crowdfund campaign to bring more products to market.

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