Four entertaining sport press conferences

By Nick Godfrey

Having watched the 2017 World Snooker Championship in a caravan after losing in qualifying, Mark Williams made a bold proclamation before the 2018 tournament – that if the then former two-time winner managed to win his third, he would do his victory press conference in the nude. To his amazement, and the detriment of the press pool, he kept that fateful promise.

Sport press conferences have produced some incredible moments over the years, we’ve scrolled through the archives and listed our favourites.

The Greatest

This is a trash talk clinic put on by the most charismatic athlete of all time. We could spend our entire life thinking of outrageous statements and not get close to something perfect as “only last week I murdered a rock”.

Congratulations on losing!

The first rule of sports journalism is you watch the sport that you’re covering. Is there anything worse than after a match at your home grand slam you are told well done for losing? Luckily Nicolas Mahut handled the press conference like a pro.

Allen Iverson Hates Practice

In 2002, 11-time NBA all-star Allen Iverson took issue with journalists bringing up the fact that he wasn’t attending practice as often as he should. Sit back and attempt to count how many times Iverson mentions the word ‘practice’.

Wait, what are we talking about?

Listening to this rant from Rafael Benitez on the then Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, you can’t help but think that Sir Alex might have won the mind game against Rafa. Manchester United went on to claim their 11th Premier League title whilst Liverpool finished four points behind their rivals in 2nd.

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