Four co-living companies and their unique offerings to watch out for

Since the initial breakout of the pandemic back in March last year, remote working has had a consistent presence in the news agenda. How companies protect both themselves and their employees from cyber-attacks as well as how to monitor productivity and engagement levels of employees are just a handful of examples of stories that have frequently appeared in the news cycle over the last year and a half.

July’s removal of restrictions isn’t going to change that, whilst the UK gradually moves its way back towards something that could be considered normality. As we return to something that looks vaguely like a ‘pre-pandemic time’, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what will happen with remote working?’

Regardless of the industry or sector, current and prospective employers are now expected to offer flexible working options, it is no longer a bonus to entice.

This in turn has had a knock-on effect amongst a range of generations regarding their own housing needs. With spending more time at home increasing so has the needs of consumers. Safety, wellbeing, convenience and a sense of community have become increasingly important.

One solution to this issue is the emergence of co-living businesses and their unique offering, Essential Living describes co-living as a lifestyle centred around sharing and a genuine community.

Major benefits of booking a room at a co-living space include meeting like-minded people, getting more for your money and an increased level of safety.

As we move towards a post-pandemic time, co-living spaces and their all-in-one package options have an important role to play with generations such as Millennials who have suffered at the hands of rising rents, the prospect of furlough and rising levels of unemployment.

With this in mind, we have decided to shine a light on some of the up-and-coming co-living companies available to consumers in the UK.

Gravity Co-Living

Disrupting the way young professionals live, work and engage with one-another in cities around the globe is London based Gravity Co-Living. Founded by three like-minded friends who all shared passions for travelling, hosting and exploring the unknown.

After experiencing first-hand both the benefits and downsides of work relocation they decided to begin mapping out a new way for young professionals to live and work.

In London alone, the business already has beautifully designed living spaces in the likes of Camden Lock, Finsbury Park and West Court.

Making sure that the consumer’s interests are always the number one priority, Gravity Co-Living insist that each member who signs up to the service fills out a form highlighting their needs, interests and hobbies. No stone is left unturned when it comes to making sure they placed like-minded individuals with one another.

Mason & Fifth

Creating new ways for people to live collectively, share life and experience enjoyment together are Mason & Fifth.

A big emphasise of the company is on health and wellbeing, the décor has been styled to reflect this with oxygenating plants littered throughout the building. Residents who stay at the company’s flagship property, The Italian Building based in Bermondsey, can expect regular guided meditation and weekly fitness programmes put on by industry experts.

Quoted by Courier Magazine as homes that “are designed to be places where house-mates can rest, enabling them to thrive in every area of their lives”

Mason & Fifth offer varying contract lengths ranging from 3 months to 12.

Living London

Providing an all-inclusive, stress-free solution for working professionals looking to rent rooms across Southwest London is Living London. The brand’s ethos is about creating a better living experience through both convenience and community. When it comes to Living London they make it their mission to be in charge of the admin side when it comes to renting, meaning you can forget about the inconvenience of cleaning, moving furniture and splitting bills and focus on the benefits house sharing has to offer.


With over 65 co-living homes to rent across Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Munich and now London, LifeX has established itself as one of Europe’s main players in the sector. All homes are beautifully furnished and have been decorated with a Nordic feel in mind.

Founders Ritu Jain and Sune Theodorsen believe that co-living is the answer to some of the biggest challenges of our time. Issues that have all been escalated due to the pandemic such as the housing crisis and loneliness.

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