Five platforms to upskill your workforce

As 2020 draws to a close, it gives us an opportunity to reflect. For many businesses and decision-makers, the abrupt nature that COVID-19 hit the UK signalled one of the biggest workforce transformations of the century.

Global tech brands such as Twitter and Facebook have already publicly stated that they are open to their staff working from home permanently, as they embrace a new dawn of working.

But whilst working from home might mean you haven’t had to face delays on your evening commute home, or set the alarm clock for the usual unsociable wake-up call, many employees have been asked to learn new skills to help organisations stay afloat.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at five platforms that are revolutionising the way companies can develop their people.


On a mission to create the best personal-development platform for employees in the world is Guider. Its core consists of three strands which are mentoring, coaching, and advising.

Since 2017, Guider has been supporting global brands such as easyJet, M&S and L’Oreal to implement effective and scalable programmes to help their people grow and develop.

Guider’s AI-powered software expertly matches the best mentors in your organisation with those looking to learn and grow. A welcomed relief for your organisation’s human resources department who can wave goodbye to keeping track of spreadsheets.

Guider effectively gets different parts of an organisation talking and helping each other to help grow the business.


An award-winning virtual reality educational platform for soft skill training with a particular focus on communication skills which includes public speaking, sales and leadership.

As the world’s first platform to combine e-learning with virtual reality capabilities, there’s no surprise that the London start-up has generated a lot of interest in the press already with features in the likes of The New York Times, Forbes and the Huffington Post.

So far 300,000 users across 125 countries have benefited from VirtualSpeech’s training program and have improved their skills and confidence.


This Californian based platform is certainly not your typical learning management system. TalentCards is a microlearning platform that delivers bite-sized training directly to your employees’ smartphone.

Giving you the capacity to build engaging content which can be tailored specifically to your businesses needs.

TalentCards leverages the power of microlearning as opposed to learning just being a one-time event.

The main benefit being that you empower your workforce to take control of their learning.


RocheMartin are emotional intelligence experts that believe once you understand how emotions shape your thoughts and actions you can then begin to have more control over your behaviour. If you are looking to upskill your staff before they take up leadership and management positions, look no further than RocheMartin.

The London based business will help your selected workforce to build better relationships, manage difficult emotions, increase creativity and innovation and lead others effectively.

Director for People at Sky, described RocheMartin as “one of the most acclaimed and effective leadership programmes at Sky to-date.”


Specialising in technology, Pluralsight are leaders in helping consumers progress with their tech skills. Through expert courses, skill assessments and one of a kind learning paths all created by industry experts, Pluralsight helps organisations train their employees up to speed with technology.

From software development such as Python or JavaScript to Cyber Security courses that help an employee analyse malware tests, Pluralsight have you covered.

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