Five of the most exciting electric vehicle charging companies

The UK is set to play host to the UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference (COP26) later this year and one of the key points on the agenda will be the rapidly maturing electric vehicles sector. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has recently announced the launch of a project that will make electric vehicle chargepoints across the country as recognisable as the Red Post Box or Black Cab, indicative of the attention that the space is commanding within government.

In this article we shine a spotlight on five of the businesses leading the way in the electric vehicle charging space.

Since former Mechanical Engineer Erik Fairbairn founded the company in 2009, Pod Point have established themselves as one of the leading names in the EV space having manufactured and sold more than 100,000 charging points between the UK and Norway. Offering charging points for drivers at-home, at commercial locations as well as at work, the business offer a range of solutions that have helped power more than 700 million miles of electric driving.

Acquired by EDF Energy for £110m last year, the business is rumoured to be building up to an IPO later in 2021 and investors will be keeping a close eye on where the firm’s valuation ranks as the drive towards a sustainable future continues.

Another business rumoured to be building towards a high-profile listing this year is Midlands-based myenergi. One of the younger businesses in the EV sector but undoubtedly one of the most exciting, the business is best known for its British-manufactured Zappi smart home charger.

Under the leadership of founders Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton the scale-up has observed huge growth over the last 24 months, expanding in to Ireland and Germany as well as opening a second UK office. This is by no means the end of the firm’s journey and plans are currently underway to launch a second manufacturing facility to support this impressive expansion.

With a vision to establish themselves as the world’s most trusted smart charging platform, Ohme’s intelligent and innovative technology not only makes EVs cheaper to run for end-users but also helps support our transition to a Net Zero economy.

Founded by scientist and ethical investor David Watson, Ohme’s app-based platform notifies its users when energy supply is at its peak and therefore when the best real-time pricing (including negative pricing) is available. The app then works with a users’ EV chargepoint to calculate how much power a vehicle will need and then charges it to the right amount. This means that users not only get the satisfaction of saving the planet, they might also get paid for it to!

BP Pulse
Boasting a 10-year heritage as one of the UK’s pioneering Electric Vehicle brands, BP Pulse are one of the largest businesses operating in the sector. Specialising in home, public and business charging the firm offer a range of solutions ultimately helping overcome some of the obstacles inhibiting EV adoption and thereby enabling our transition to a more sustainable transport future.

Acquired by BP in 2018, the business operates a fully integrated, end-to-end manufacturing and operational service and has facilitated more than 200 million miles of electric vehicle driving across the UK.

Wallbox has created the first bi-directional charger for home use, the Quasar charger. It allows for energy to flow two ways, meaning an electric vehicle’s charge can be sent back onto the National Grid to power homes when demand is high. This advanced vehicle-to-grid technology allows drivers to be paid when their car’s energy returns to the grid. As EV adoption increases, demand for electricity during peak times will drastically increase, putting the National Grid under strain so this ground-breaking technology will help stagger usage to ease the peak-time burden.

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