Five meal prep companies leading the way in 2022

If you are yet to experience the convenience of meal prep companies. You are likely to know someone who uses them or has seen them advertised online. Over the last few years,

In the UK meal prep market has increased 6.4% in 2022 and is now worth over £4bn. In addition, 29% of millennials and 26% of gen-xers have tried meal prep. Whilst German company Hello Fresh led the way with their meal kit boxes, many new companies have now evolved offering more convenience and better value for today’s on-the-go consumer.

Today we take a look at a new breed of meal prep companies that are leading the way in 2022.

Field Doctor

First on our list are Field Doctor whose range of low-fodmap meals is a blessing for those who have to manage their gut health. Their focus is on creating carefully balanced food that is packed full of natural nutrition. Their award-winning sweet potato and spinach korma is a particular favourite of their customers. Trio Sasha Watkins, Martin Dewey and Alex Brooks founded the company in 2022.

One of the final benefits of Field Doctor is that there is no need to subscribe. You can simply order as and when convenient for you, giving you great flexibility when compared to others on this list.

Prep Kitchen

Favoured by athletes, Prep Kitchen boasts strongman Eddie Hall and CrossFit Athlete Mitch Adams as ambassadors.

On the menu includes meals such as the Bunless Burger, Red Thai Curry and Lasagne Al Forno. In addition, they also have a range focused on muscle growth that is 35% larger than the weight loss meals, and include more protein.

They also take their sustainability credentials seriously and have recently moved to fully recyclable meal trays and lids. They also source their ingredients locally which helps support local businesses.

Prep kitchen has featured in publications including The Guardian and Men’s Health.

Green Chef

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The next on our list is Green Chef, which offers a variety of plans for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians. Green Chef introduce new meals every week providing great variety for its subscribers.

Founder Michael Joseph, who has previous experience in direct-to-consumer organic food companies. They emphasise their use of sustainable ingredients and they also offset 100% of their operational and distribution-related carbon emissions, as well as 100% of in-box plastic waste.


Founded via the coming together of a nutritionist, a food scientist, and a chef. They describe their offering Flavored meals with the power of science. They suggest that customers report significant improvement in energy and immunity by following their carefully curated meal plans.

Every dish on their menu is anti-inflammatory, nut-free, gluten-free and low glycemic and you can choose from a weight loss plan, a detox regime or a family-friendly fiesta.


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Lionsprep is the UK’s highest-rated meal prep service on Trustpilot. 

Their offer 100% fresh and quality meals that are ready in 3 minutes and cost as little as £4 per meal. They have a new menu every week and have a full range of breakfast, lunches and dinners. They offer 539 chef-cooked meal combinations, all cooked fresh and made to order. Delivery is twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays, delivered to your door with no cooking or cleanup necessary.

Meal prep companies

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