Five hard seltzer brands for the lead up to summer

Following their success in the US, last year hard seltzers hit the UK and became a defining factor of the summer, accompanying picnics in the park and home BBQs during the pandemic. The market in the UK is already valued at over £10 million, and its potential market value is estimated at £75 million by 2023.

Comprised of just three ingredients including carbonated water, alcohol, and fruit flavourings these low-calorie drinks seek to provide a healthier alternative. By being gluten-free, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb and low-alcohol, they’ve successfully captured the attention of health-conscious consumers.

With warmer days fast approaching, we look at five hard seltzers to tickle your tastebuds this summer.


Founded and co-owned by Ellie Goulding and brothers Dean and Ryan Ginsberg, Served is the world’s first carbon-negative hard seltzer with carbon footprint labelling on their products. They have offset more than 50 tonnes of CO2e and have planted over 1,800 trees in the last 12-months.

Flavours include Lime and Strawberry, and the drinks are infused with ‘wonky fruit’ that would have gone to waste for purely aesthetic reasons. With 5% of their profits supporting habitats, people, and animals on the frontline of the nature crisis, it’s clear the health of the planet is the driving force behind the brand.


Berczy was founded in the summer of 2019 by Nick Graham, Matt Richardson and Nick Johnson whilst sitting in Berczy Park, Toronto. Originally launching as NATRL in June 2020, they were one of the UK’s first hard seltzer brands.

Last year they announced all their products are completely carbon neutral. As well as this, they support UKHarvest with their mission to eliminate hunger and food waste in the UK through education, food rescue and innovation. They donate 1% of sales to UKHarvest to support the work they’re doing.

In their short history as a brand, they’ve already won six awards for all three of their recipes which include Passionfruit & Turmeric, Peach & Raspberry, and Lemon & Lime. Their ambassadors include Nick Butter (the only man to run a marathon in every country) and British Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller.


Spijked& was launched by Swinkels Family Brewers, an independent family brewer based in Holland and Belgium. To make sure the quality of the product was its best, the brewers specified the alcohol used must be five times distilled and the water should be from the wells beneath their brewery in Holland. Options include Lemon, Wild Berries and Seaweed – a flavour that claims to take you to your favourite coastal resort, evoking sea air and fresh oysters.

This ties in with their partnership with The Seaweed Company, who are making headway on sustainable seaweed farming, contributing to the restoration of ocean health and reduction of carbon emissions. As part of this collaboration, for every Spijked& can sold they will plant an A4-sized area of a seaweed farm.

Bodega Bay

Inspired by a surf trip to Bodega Bay in California, Charlie Markland launched his hard seltzer brand in 2019. It’s now seen in pubs and bars including Youngs, Boxpark and Mitchells & Butler as well as over 1200 stockists including Tesco, Morrison’s and Ocado. Flavours include Apple with Ginger & Açai Berry, BB Elderflower with Lemon & Mint and BB Cherry with Mango & Goji Berry.

They pledge to invest at least 1% of their sales supporting the Thirst Project, which brings clean drinking water to people in need across 13 countries worldwide. As well as this, they work with Offset Earth to plant 100 trees every month.

Their environmental efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as they are the first hard seltzer brand to receive B Corp status.

Two Brooks

After seeing the popularity of hard seltzers in the US, siblings Fabio and Francesca Bruni left their jobs in insurance and founded Two Brooks. The drinks are made up of fruit spirit from English apples, sparkling water and 100% natural fruit flavourings. These include Passion Star, Mango Hi-Ball and Lime Cooler.

In celebration of the otter that adorns its label, as well as the British heritage of the brand, Two Brooks also sponsors a British otter charity that aims to protect the animal and its habitat.

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