Five companies helping us stay healthy at home during lockdown

With the UK in lockdown, health providers are focused on tackling the pandemic and flattening the coronavirus curve.

But that doesn’t mean consumers can’t get immediate access to information about their health.

More companies than ever before are offering advanced testing – both to diagnose underlying infections and conditions, and as a preventive measure to enable people to manage lifestyle factors.

We take a look at five brands changing the way we manage our health and wellbeing through groundbreaking at-home tests.


When Helen Marsden struggled to get a blood test in 2002, it was the lightbulb moment behind the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood test service.

Combining her lifelong interest in health with the knowledge she’d gained over her twenty-year career in the City, she designed Medichecks to enable anyone to access blood tests at an affordable price.

Today, the company offers more than 1,200 tests ranging from single health markers such as Vitamin D to full screenings for fertility, thyroid and general health – many of which can be done with a simple finger-prick.


Leaders in rapid consumer diagnostics, SELFCheck creates safe, reliable and CE-marked tests for a range of common health concerns from blood glucose levels and gluten sensitivity to female chlamydia.

They continue to innovate, recently launching a finger-prick pregnancy test that allows women to test any time of day for accurate results within five minutes – rather than having to wait until early the next morning to use a urine test.

Available in retailers across the UK, all SELFCheck tests are designed to be taken at home with easy-to-read results in a matter of minutes in an easy to read format.

GynaeHealth UK

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is well-known in the health world for its links with genital warts and an increased risk of cancers of the genitals, head and neck. There are more than 100 types of the virus and, unfortunately, they’re all too easy to catch.

Luckily, GynaeHealth UK has a revolutionary, NHS-endorsed test for HPV that you can take from the comfort of your own home. The simple test can be completed in a matter of minutes and returned by post for results within a week.

GynaeHealth UK is part of a wider company, Check4Cancer, who offer a wide range of at-home tests which can help to detect signs of specific types of cancer.


A one-stop-shop for sexual health, Fettle offers home-delivery of contraceptive pills, rings and patches as well as a whole range of tests for sexually transmitted infections.

All their kits are suitable for home-use – including vaginal, rectal and throat swabs as well as urine testing for a variety of possible infections – and deliver results within 72 hours for quick, easy peace-of-mind.

The company even offers treatment by post for cases of oral or genital chlamydia, making it easy to test and treat sexual health concerns at home.


When you’re feeling generally off-colour and run-down, it can be tricky to know which test you need to take. That’s where Thriva’s unique quiz comes in, allowing you to start your health journey with the right first step by identifying the best blood test for you.

Billed as the world’s first preventive health service, Thriva offers an astounding range of tests looking into energy, fitness, mood, sleep and weight management.

Once you’ve taken your test, again with just a simple finger prick, you send these off and they’ll send your sample off to be tested at an NHS-approved lab. Just 48 hours later, your results will be online for you to see, along with a report by a general practitioner to help you understand them. From there, you can continue to track your health journey online and understand what’s really going on inside your body.

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