Energy Innovation at Future of Utilities Summit 2019

Whether it’s gas or electricity, energy is something every one of us uses daily. But both the sources of energy, and it’s delivery, are under increasing pressure. Innovation and development in energy production, storage, management and infrastructure is vital to continuing to power our world. This week’s Future of Utilities Summit is set to unearth some fascinating discussions and innovations on just this topic.

From domestic solar panels to a smart thermostat that can detect an open window in the house, we look at some of the products and businesses that are providing us with opportunities to be greener and smarter about energy usage.

Tonik Energy

Different to most energy companies, Tonik actively state not to buy electricity from them! Tonik is empowering consumers to take control of their energy use – particularly when it comes to the storage of renewable energy, by providing at-home battery storage packs. Tonik’s solar panels help to reduce your reliance on the national grid energy, help free people from fluctuating wholesale energy prices and as an added bonus, any excess energy produced by customers’ solar panels can be sold back to the grid.


Creating innovative hardware and apps, Tado is here to help us optimise our energy usage. Research suggests that smarter technologies – like Tado’s smart thermostat -allow more efficient control of when we use energy and can reduce energy usage 31% of that energy.

Some of the built-in capabilities of the smart thermostat include Geofencing which means you’ll never heat an empty house again. Using your current location, Tado can also pre-warm your house for you. There’s also a great feature which detects an open window in your house and turns off the heating, meaning you won’t be spending money on wasted heating.

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy launched in 2016 and in just under three years it has cemented its position as a top independent supplier– and is the only Which? recommended energy supplier – for two years in a row.

Backed by Octopus Ventures, Octopus Energy uses its proprietary technology platforms to deliver agile, green, and fairly priced energy products. It offers100% renewable energy and has been a champion of transparent, fair energy pricing. The company’s innovations range from the world’s first time-of-use tariff, allowing customers to tap into real-time wholesale energy pricing, to an integration with Amazon’s Alexa that enables customers to ‘ask’ when energy is cheapest and greenest, enabling much more efficient energy use at home.

Octopus Energy’s tech-first and customer-centric ethos means it’s constantly developing and innovating affordable, green energy solutions – and we are excited for what this year will hold for its ever-growing customer base.


Set up as an independent, not-for-profit centre of excellence to help speed up the transformation of the UK’s energy system. Whilst working alongside innovators from businesses of all sizes to grow, trial and scale their ideas. Catapult also collaborate with academics and governments to overcome some of the barriers that currently face the energy market. This development work has proved to be key in helping to unleash new products and services that will catapult the UK towards its clean growth ambitions of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels.

Open Energi

OpenEnergi is creating advanced technologies to help deliver an affordable, zero carbon energy future for the UK, whilst trying to radically reduce energy costs for businesses. Its services range from offering specialist consultancy which helps businesses to access and value project opportunities to offering unparalleled insight into assest performance.. Since its inception in 2011, Open Energi has connected over 3,500 assets at more than 400 sites, working with a variety of leading businesses including Oxford Brookes University and Sainsbury’s.

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