The employee benefits brands changing the business world

With growing numbers of UK businesses now implementing hybrid working strategy between the office and home, employee wellbeing remains to be crucial for businesses and business owners, especially given the decrease in physical interaction between colleagues. 18 months on from the pandemic, as we begin to slowly overcome the worst, organisations still face several challenges in ensuring employees are not suffering any ill effects of working from home. 

Employee benefits services have taken action to combat these issues, partnering with businesses to improve the experiences of their employees and encouraging them to feel engaged, incentivised and healthy Here we look at some of the benefits providers that are leading the way. 


Based in eight locations across the UK, Broadstone is a leading independent pension and employee benefits provider that offers a range of services for employers and small businesses. The brand has a core focus on ensuring employees are engaged through offerings such as healthcare plans, discount schemes and pension governance. 

With over 30 years of experience, Broadstone has become a powerhouse and one of the leading employee benefits brands within the UK. With over 20% growth in employee headcount in the last two years, Broadstone shows no indication of slowing down and will continue to assert its dominance within the employee benefits market as we emerge from the pandemic. 


With the majority of UK firms still adopting some form of home working post-pandemic, Huggg provides an opportunity for employers to choose a personal gift that can be easily redeemed within a few clicks. 

Huggg is an incentive-based platform designed to make business gifting, simple. Since its conception in 2015, the brand has worked with clients including Octopus Energy, Vodafone and Pleo. By offering businesses the opportunity to access a variety of different gifts from nationwide brands, and its simplicity of sharing this via SMS, email or unique link, the brand has recognised a gap within the market and will be one to keep an eye on supporting meaningful interactions within the workplace. 


Born in London, Spill is a mental health support platform that provides therapy sessions and mental health training for employees. The employee health and wellness platform also provides accessible handbooks on the website to teach organisations how they can implement mental health policies to improve the workplace. 

With many organisations now placing increased focus on employee wellbeing (and rightly so) brands such as Spill are essential in ensuring that overall employee wellness is being prioritised by the C-Suite. Earlier in 2021 the mental health brand announced an investment of £2M and has grown by 113% in the last year. 


Branding themselves as a business “reinventing the world of employee benefits” Zest has simplified the way employee benefits are managed and integrated them into one single platform. Zest’s interactive total reward system allows employees to view a 360 view of their complete benefits package and actively encourages them to explore what is available for them to claim. 

The platform also offers customizable communications for each employee, increasing engagement and a feeling of exclusivity that resonates with individuals in a more personal way. In July 2021, the brand announced its partnership with FPE Capital LLP which is surely the first of many.  

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