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The Influence Formula

The Influence Formula

At The PHA Group, we have invested in a unique piece of research to help us discover what makes a brand or business truly influential. Working with our network of experts from across multiple sectors, as well as PRCA-accredited researchers and thousands of consumers, we have examined how to create communications that will have an impact on influence.

The Influence Formula enables brands and businesses to set strategic communications goals and, crucially, allows us to measure a campaign’s effectiveness. By putting research-based insights into our creative strategies, we can be confident our campaigns will deliver.

Download our latest ebook to find out more about The Influence Formula or speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can build a communications strategy using our influence tool.

How to use PR to promote your charity

Effective communications are vital for charities of all shapes and sizes. Whilst investment is needed, effective public relations can be delivered to any budget and if handled correctly can help enhance the public’s view of your charity and of your work. Ultimately it can raise much-needed funds.

Our ebook has been written by a host of experts in the field of Charity PR, Political Strategy, and social media strategy to give you a unique insight into Charity communications.

Online reputation management

You may have never put a foot wrong. But perhaps you haven’t grabbed the social media megaphone to tell the world about everything you’ve done right? That isn’t going to cut it with the free-flowing feedback culture of a smartphone-wielding world. You can’t establish trust in a vacuum. You need fresh and credible content to tell your story.

The digital world is vast and complex. Do you really know what your core customers truly think of all parts of your business? Are you aware of the increasingly influential blogger who is berating you personally, badmouthing your product and putting the boot into your customer service?

Our ebook has been written by a host of experts in the field of crisis and reputational management PR, strategic communications, technology and innovation PR, digital, and B2B PR to give you a unique insight into the importance of protecting your online reputation

PR tips for start-ups and businesses

PR is one of the most vital ingredients of the marketing mix but also often the least understood.


In a new age where the lines between social media, PR, marketing and advertising are becoming increasingly blurred it’s easy to believe that you can do without PR. Far from sending out press releases and chatting to journalists, when implemented correctly PR can manage your company profile, protect you from a crisis and have a real impact on your business objectives.


Our ebook has been written by a host of experts in the field of Consumer PR, Crisis Management, and B2B PR to give you a unique insight into the importance of communications.

The complete guide to managing your personal reputation

We are all well aware of the importance of building a reputable brand. After all, a good brand can build a loyal customer base, make your business infinitely marketable and develop your image on your own terms.

But what about your personal brand? How important is cultivating your reputation as the leader of your business when it comes to growing your business as a whole?

Our ebook has been written by a host of experts in the field of personal PR, political strategy, and social media strategy to give you a unique insight into reputation management.

How to build a successful awareness campaign

We all know that awareness days are a great hook for a media story, a fantastic opportunity to shed light on an issue or to get your charity featured in the right publications. However, with more than 350 awareness days taking place every year, some journalists are wary of commissioning stories around them. Some will even flat out refuse.

We’ve even included a real-life case study of our work with Living Streets around National Walking Month to show you just how effective the right campaign can be.  

If you’d like assistance with planning an awareness day campaign or this guide sparks some ideas for discussion, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

How to manage a successful PR stunt

PR stunts have become increasingly popular over the years. But it’s a risky business. When done well PR stunts can significantly raise brand awareness and capture the public imagination. When a stunt fails it can leave you out of pocket and publically humiliated.

How to build a charity campaign

The challenge of sport sponsorship for brands

The world of sport – with millions of avid fans, lucrative TV deals and vast media coverage – can be an attractive platform through which to promote your brand.  With shirt sponsorship, stadium advertising, digital displays, ball sponsorships, on pitch advertising and more – the list goes on as to the number of ways business, products and services can promote themselves through sport.

What is public affairs?

There is often uncertainty about what public affairs is and why it is different from traditional PR, and a plethora of other terms are sometimes used to refer to public affairs. Put simply, public affairs is a specialised form of PR that is used by individuals, businesses and campaign groups to influence policy decisions and boost their reputations amongst key decision makers.

It makes sense to bring in expertise to support public affairs activity. The political world can be bewildering, hard to influence and unpredictable, so those working within public affairs can help you navigate through this difficult field towards success. It is worth remembering that even if your organisation doesn’t currently have public affairs, your competitors almost certainly will.