How to craft a personal brand

Personal branding gives an individual an opportunity to express and communicate their skills and core values. Personal brands shouldn’t just be something for entrepreneurs. Instead it should be seen more as that ‘secret sauce’ that helps your credentials stand out from the competition whether that be trying to win new business or applying for a new position.

Developing this requires you to pay careful attention in deciphering who you really are, and what your values and unique selling points are. Once you’ve identified exactly what your strengths are, work on perfecting them. Learn all you can about that area and fully immerse yourself. Your unique selling points will draw people to your brand. A successful brand or business creates a consistent, targeted impression on their target audience.

A brand identity that reflects your values

When trying to establish some values for your business to abide by, the easiest way to begin is to think about what’s really important to your business. Think about the characteristics and strengths that sum up your personal brand. Once you’ve identified what sets you apart from the competition, you should home in and perfect those elements. Remember when crafting your personal image, you must have a clear idea of your goals for both the short and long-term.

Not only do personal brand values contribute to shaping the culture and the environment of your business it also helps to communicate what type of brand you are to stakeholders, future investors or employees.

Build your platform

Building yourself a strong platform from which to present yourself is of the utmost importance. To begin with, your website URL should have your name in it as this will help to create brand awareness for your business. By having your own domain and website, you put yourself in a position of being able to communicate and express your own individuality without limitations. This virtual platform must be personalised and bespoke and allow you to express your values and uniqueness.

Creating social media accounts especially across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are another crucial way for individuals to boost their personal brand as these will allow for a share of voice.

Be consistent

Your personal branding means nothing without consistency. Take a moment to think about how big brands such as Nike or Apple gain your trust. In a market place where choices are endless, consistent messaging resonates with us.

It is essential that you have a coherent and consistent presence across all your digital platforms. This includes everything from your visual identity, tone of voice and appearance. Presenting yourself consistently and authentically will create trust and support. This means that your brand needs to be congruent throughout, from online engagement, to how you present yourself in person.

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