Corporate PR: 2021’s Top Campaigns

2021 has been a fascinating year in the world of Corporate PR. Following continuously changing lockdown measures and mass working from home, businesses across the country were forced to confront the challenge of navigating an increasingly complex corporate landscape.

As well as the transition towards hybrid working, firms were also required to respond to shifting market conditions with issues such as sustainability, vaccinations and workplace wellbeing coming to the fore as business-critical issues.

Corporate PR teams across the country have been required to adapt to this changing environment and manage the consequent evolution in stakeholder expectations. Communications has never been more important for CEOs, boards and the C-Suite.

With the year drawing to a close here are just four of the favourite Corporate PR campaigns that we’ve worked on in 2021.

This year we were hired by one of the world’s largest businesses, Instagram, to communicate their support for the UK’s small business community. Instagram’s mission in Spring 2021 was to ensure they were firmly aligned with small business success as the UK economy began to bounce back.

We established Instagram’s first ever UK Small Business Mentorship programme: a tangible demonstration of Instagram’s commitment to helping small businesses around the country, with genuine positive impact. To promote the programme’s aims, it’s values and ultimately encourage sign ups, we developed a compelling mentorship package for the winning entrepreneurs as well as hosting a webinar with a range of experts – including two small business owners – to offer Instagram’s advice to SMEs around the country.

Throughout the six-month campaign we achieved more than 50 pieces of media coverage, drove over 600 registrations to Instagram’s small business webinar as well as delivering more than 500 applications to the mentorship programme. Click here to read more.

Frontline Aids:
Frontline AIDS is a global charity with one goal in mind – a future free from AIDS for everyone, everywhere. In the run up to this year’s World AIDS Day the charity briefed PHA to run a comprehensive thought-leadership campaign. The goal, was for the charity to weigh in on the current global development debate around pandemic preparedness, through powerful written content and strategic interview coverage.

Over just two months, we secured over 125 pieces of coverage, reaching a total of 789 million readers and viewers. Coverage ranged from technical thought-leadership content in the likes of EuroNews, interviews in key titles such as BBC News and Politico and comment in several national newspapers and a range of online and trade media.

As a result, PHA has significantly increased Frontline AIDS’ share of voice in the UK and introduced the charity to a wide audience of potential donors and supporters.

Lotus Sanctuary:
Lotus Sanctuary is a community interest company on a mission to house and empower vulnerable people facing homelessness.

To promote the business’ inspiring mission we have worked closely with CEO, Gurpaal Singh-Judge, utilising key calendar moments such as World Homeless Day as well as relevant breaking news stories.

One successful example of this is when the government announced they would remove the Universal Credit uplift. Following this news we secured a thought leadership piece on the Express online, showcasing Gurpaal’s expert insight, raising awareness of the organisation and outlining what Lotus Sanctuary had seen as a result of this cut.

In order to house vulnerable people, Lotus Sanctuary need to recruit landlords so national and property trade publications have been key targets throughout the campaign. In just a few months we have placed articles looking at why the public sector should step in to tackle homelessness in key property publications as well as interview opportunities with titles such as the Independent raising awareness of the story behind the business.

eCommerce payments provider ECOMMPAY are one of Europe’s most established fintech businesses but weren’t as well known as they’d like to be. The business needed to establish a consistent pan-European media presence to help the company stand out as a leading authority for payments services for online businesses in the market.

Acting as the business’ fully outsourced press office, in order to successfully establish ECOMMPAY as one of the leaders in this booming sector we utilised the power of content and research to deliver impactful coverage across both national and trade media.

We delivered over 65 pieces of coverage throughout the year in publications such as The Telegraph, City AM, iNews, MSN, and the Daily Mirror, alongside key trade publications The FinTech Times, the FinTech Herald, The Paypers, and Verdict. We also ensured ECOMMPAY were shortlisted for 3/3 awards that we entered throughout the year. Click here to read more about the campaign.

If you’d like to read more about our Corporate PR offering and some of our other campaigns click here to find out more.

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