CBD beauty companies with products you need this summer

CBD is an industry that has observed explosive growth and endless change in recent years with several key verticals emerging including beauty, cosmetics, and general wellbeing. The CBD market in the UK has become the second largest for consumer CBD behind the US.

It has several applications within the beauty and skincare industry and has been shown to be beneficial for many different reasons for the skin and body such as acne, inflammation, dryness and itching, and even ageing.

Today we look at four companies in the UK that have started trends within the beauty and wellness industry through educating consumers about CBD and how it can be beneficial to our everyday life.

Kloris CBD

Kloris CBD has an interesting backstory. This company was started over a dinner, where friends discovered CBD’s applications for many different health goals. Kloris CBD has the mission to harness the healing power of nature and the name itself represents the Greek Goddess of Flowers, Chloris which shows that the ingredients used are organic, as well as effective and safe. Kloris CBD also provide a range of on-site content helping to educate their users about an industry that is still surrounded by misconceptions.

A product that is a necessity for everyone to have this summer is the Face Care Set. Included is an eye cream, face cream, and a superboost facial oil. These products are meant to be used together to leave your skin hydrated to your skin’s unique needs and the environment you’re in.

Raised Spirit

Former professional athlete Nick Osipczak launched Raised Spirit in 2013 with the goal of promoting, developing, and encouraging the use of organic, vegan-friendly, and hemp-based products. As well as founder Osipczak’s impressive personal story, the business has been proactive in communicating its sustainable ethos, an increasing area of concern for UK consumers.

Raised Spirit offer a wide variety of products, but one that everyone should have as a part of their summer skincare routine is the Organic CBD Face Serum. This luxurious Serum has been hand-blended using incredible organic ingredients that serve to nourish, hydrate, and help the skin glow. The ingredients make the Serum suitable for any skin type which is perfect to be used in the morning and night.

Hey Bud Skincare

Established in Australia, Hey Bud Skincare started with a mission to tackle the stigma that surrounds hemp and spread its natural goodness around the globe. Hey Bud Skincare has conducted countless research studies and tests to develop a unique formula that leaves the skin healthy as well as making sure that all products are ethical and sustainable.

A product that everyone should include in their summer skincare routine is the Glow Up Bundle. This bundle is a complete system for healthy skin. With all the products, there is information on the benefits of each ingredient used. With a lot of misconceptions remaining about the CBD industry and the majority of UK consumers still opting for household skincare brands that may not use CBD, there is an opportunity for brands like Hey Bud to promote their specialist expertise and educate consumers about the additional benefits that incorporating CBD in to their skincare routine may deliver.


OTO started with the mission to help people discover the power of CBD through thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into their daily lives. Across most of the world, the benefits of CBD are still a mystery as they are misunderstood and misinterpreted. OTO has the opportunity to take on this challenge and educate its users in a simple, straightforward way.

OTO has a wide variety of products with several applications. One that should be in everyone’s pocket this summer is the CBD Ritual Lip Balm. The lips are a great place for the body to absorb CBD. Ingredients made up of botanicals mixed with CBD, the lip balm is designed to provide a hydrating solution as well as a great way for someone to top up their CBD throughout the day.

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