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Numerous academic studies have proven the mental benefits of sticking to a routine. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, can anchor you and allows you to build time for the important things, like catching up with friends – albeit it virtually – and spending quality time with the family.

We are now a few weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and it’s fair to say that it has taken quite a bit of adjustment.

One of the main weapons we have to fight the virus’ spread is social distancing – an intrinsically unnatural practice for humans, but an essential one for the time being. But as a result, everyday life as we know it has been put on pause.

These limitations, along with negative news and changing economic stressors, can make it quite difficult to get a bearing in the world and you might feel a little out of routine – which can of course harm your mental health.

With the benefits of a routine in mind during this turbulent time, here’s some virtual classes you can try out during this lockdown, some of whom we’re lucky enough to count as clients:

((B)) @ HOME by ((BOUNCE))

Not everyone is a fan of exercising, but, like it or not, it boosts your mood. And in these times, we must keep moving even though we are stuck inside. So, if you are looking for an endorphin inducing, sweat producing, all-round body workout, then look no further than ((B)) @ HOME, the virtual mini-trampoline fitness class by ((BOUNCE)).

Competitively priced at £4.95 per session, the 45-minute dance-choreographed classes can be completed indoors and burn a massive 500+ calories. Plus, the added g-force and gravity from the trampoline makes the sessions three times more effective than traditional floor-based workouts and the pad absorbs 87% of the impact making it a comfortable workout for all ages and abilities. Trampolining is even the physical rehab routine of choice for NASA!

Virgin Experience Days (at home!)

With all this spare time, maybe you’d like to dedicate a portion of the week to develop a new skill. Virgin Experience Days, the leading UK provider of gift experiences, has just launched a whole host of virtual experiences, stretching from an at-home four-week photography class to a virtual home declutter with celebrity home stylist, Dilly Carter.

Maybe you’re like me and have got absolutely hooked by Masterchef during this lockdown. If so, then I’d recommend trying the online cookery course with Ann’s Smart School of Cookery. Being able to go at your own pace is a massive plus and with the course coming with a one-year subscription to a huge variety of online tutorials with various recipes, you’ll be able to show off to my friends and family long after the lockdown has ended.

VR Immersive Education

People up and down the country are trying to use this additional time to learn a new skill or language and boost their ‘brainpower’. As a result, we’ve seen a massive spike in demand for virtual education. One of the leading voices in this sector is VR Immersive Education – a virtual/augmented reality software company dedicated to transforming how training and educational content is delivered.

You could try out the Apollo 11 HD VR experience – yes, you read that right!  Using a mix of original archive audio and video together with accurate recreations of the spacecraft and locations, VR Immersive Education delivers an unforgettable learning experience that truly brings history into your house.


Finally, after a long day, you might want to wind down with a bit of culture and theatre. This is an area of life that has been distinctly lacking since the lockdown started, but thanks to LIVR, you can enjoy the wonders of Shakespeare and co. in your living room.

LIVR, the world’s first virtual reality content platform dedicated to theatre, brings you the best the stage has to offer. You download the app, subscribe for £5.99 a month, at which point you’ll be sent a free VR headset, and then you’re free to browse the content library at your leisure.

There is so much opportunity for brands to become leaders in this period of uncertainty, providing vital occupation, entertainment and light relief for everyone in lockdown. We’re seeing it every day and the media are hungry to hear more.


Does your brand need help with a PR strategy that can help you lead this conversation in the media? Why not get in touch to find out how our award-winning team can help you.

Filling the Virtual Days

With the UK in lockdown, health providers are focused on tackling the pandemic and flattening the coronavirus curve.

But that doesn’t mean consumers can’t get immediate access to information about their health.

More companies than ever before are offering advanced testing – both to diagnose underlying infections and conditions, and as a preventive measure to enable people to manage lifestyle factors.

We take a look at five brands changing the way we manage our health and wellbeing through groundbreaking at-home tests.


When Helen Marsden struggled to get a blood test in 2002, it was the lightbulb moment behind the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood test service.

Combining her lifelong interest in health with the knowledge she’d gained over her twenty-year career in the City, she designed Medichecks to enable anyone to access blood tests at an affordable price.

Today, the company offers more than 1,200 tests ranging from single health markers such as Vitamin D to full screenings for fertility, thyroid and general health – many of which can be done with a simple finger-prick.


Leaders in rapid consumer diagnostics, SELFCheck creates safe, reliable and CE-marked tests for a range of common health concerns from blood glucose levels and gluten sensitivity to female chlamydia.

They continue to innovate, recently launching a finger-prick pregnancy test that allows women to test any time of day for accurate results within five minutes – rather than having to wait until early the next morning to use a urine test.

Available in retailers across the UK, all SELFCheck tests are designed to be taken at home with easy-to-read results in a matter of minutes in an easy to read format.

GynaeHealth UK

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is well-known in the health world for its links with genital warts and an increased risk of cancers of the genitals, head and neck. There are more than 100 types of the virus and, unfortunately, they’re all too easy to catch.

Luckily, GynaeHealth UK has a revolutionary, NHS-endorsed test for HPV that you can take from the comfort of your own home. The simple test can be completed in a matter of minutes and returned by post for results within a week.

GynaeHealth UK is part of a wider company, Check4Cancer, who offer a wide range of at-home tests which can help to detect signs of specific types of cancer.


A one-stop-shop for sexual health, Fettle offers home-delivery of contraceptive pills, rings and patches as well as a whole range of tests for sexually transmitted infections.

All their kits are suitable for home-use – including vaginal, rectal and throat swabs as well as urine testing for a variety of possible infections – and deliver results within 72 hours for quick, easy peace-of-mind.

The company even offers treatment by post for cases of oral or genital chlamydia, making it easy to test and treat sexual health concerns at home.


When you’re feeling generally off-colour and run-down, it can be tricky to know which test you need to take. That’s where Thriva’s unique quiz comes in, allowing you to start your health journey with the right first step by identifying the best blood test for you.

Billed as the world’s first preventive health service, Thriva offers an astounding range of tests looking into energy, fitness, mood, sleep and weight management.

Once you’ve taken your test, again with just a simple finger prick, you send these off and they’ll send your sample off to be tested at an NHS-approved lab. Just 48 hours later, your results will be online for you to see, along with a report by a general practitioner to help you understand them. From there, you can continue to track your health journey online and understand what’s really going on inside your body.

Do you have a start-up which you would like to raise awareness of in the UK market? Why not speak to one of our award-winning team today about what PR could do for you and your business.

Five companies helping us stay healthy at home during lockdown

In the UK alone, more than  3/4 of children between the ages of 10 to 12 have their own social media accounts. So, 21st-century adults entering the complex world of parenthood face a hurdle that has yet to be a concern for said group – protecting your children from the threat of adult content, unfiltered comments, cyberbullying, identity theft and predators. A rather large ask in this social media-obsessed society.

Luckily for parents up and down the country, help is at hand. Rather than risking the ‘FOMO’ backlash from your kids, you can now rely on safer social media alternatives that allow kids to be kids, socialising, sharing and chatting, just without all the risks.

We look at social network alternatives for young people, built with safety and age-appropriate socialising in mind.


Whilst most of us were climbing trees and rushing home to watch Art Attack after school during our adolescent years, in 2013, 12-year-old Zach Marks was casually founding the social media platform, Grom Social, which now boasts 13 million users across 200 countries. Successfully making us feel like our teenage days were somewhat inadequate, Zach has also managed to create a platform that tackles issues that often affect young people using social media; bullying and a lack of safety. Each user interacts with other ‘GromAtars’, and with the site being monitored 24/7, if and when someone tries to post something inappropriate, a GromAtar will stop them and explain why the behaviour will not be tolerated. This concept of learning from ‘peers’ rather than seemingly out of touch parents is a brilliant way of getting through to kids, without patronising them. Parents also receive regular emails detailing their child’s online activity.


Launched in 2001, Kidzworld is now the largest independent website for young people in the world and is hailed as a safe place where kids can enjoy, explore and learn. The focus on education is paramount for this platform, so Kidzworld is often popular with teachers, as it gives them engaging resources and conversation points to use in the classroom. One great feature is the ‘Dear Dish-It’ advice blog, which acts as a forum for kids to ask for personal advice about self-esteem issues, relationships, bullying, peer pressure and everything in between.

Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks are all about having fun and socialising through games. It incorporates a multiplayer online game for kids between the ages of 8-12. You can create your own characters, interact and chat with other characters all at once. Franktown is unique in that you can not only play games together but can also make music, complete quests and watch videos. There is also a handy area for parents, answering any questions regarding safety that they may have.


ChatFOSS is a safe place where you can chat with your friends online. You can do all the things you do on other social media apps, but with ChatFOSS you always know with whom you are chatting, and strangers cannot contact you. Even better, the app gives you control of what you share. There is no need to share everything with everyone! Strangers cannot look for you, follow you or find you, only your friends on ChatFOSS will know you have an account. A great app for children where parents can be reassured that no strangers would get in touch with their little ones or people they don’t want to speak to can’t.


PopJam is a platform for 7 – 12-year olds, where you can create and share art, photos and much more. You can also watch specially selected videos, take epic quizzes, play games, discover and follow all the stuff you love! There’s a community of friendly and creative PopJammers who all have their own profiles.

Children using PopJam can’t share personal information and can’t use private chat to communicate with people. PopJam is committed to online safety and child protection, they cooperate with third party companies such as CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and the NSPCC, to ensure children are safe using the platform.

Is your brand in need of a PR or social strategy? Why not get in contact with us today to see how we can help you get ahead of your competitors and gain exposure in new markets.

Top social media websites that will keep your kids safe online

Life has changed considerably over the past few weeks, but the world keeps on turning, especially for those families out there that are expecting a new arrival or have children to care for.

Now, more than ever, parents are worried about making sure they provide their baby with the right nutrition and goodness their little one needs. To save parents and carers some time amidst this chaotic world, we’ve picked some great organic baby food brands that will be sure to satisfy your baby and help the planet too.

Bello Ta Baby

Founded by London based mother of two, Jade Ireland, Bellota Baby is driven by a desire to create fresh, organic meals and snacks, packaged in non-toxic, recyclable packaging.

Launched in 2019, Bellota Baby is a new concept in fresh, nutritionally balanced, plant-based baby and toddler food for busy parents who have become frustrated at the lack of natural infant foods currently on the market.

The brand’s quick growth and demand has allowed the delivery reach to be expanded and a national retail was rolled out in 2020 offering next day delivery across the UK.

All products come in Bellota Baby’s signature glass jars and bottles, developed with nutritionist and weaning expert Mary van der Westhuizen. The range uses only the finest natural and organic produce using nature’s larder as the source of ingredients.

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⚡️Mix & Match⚡️Organic, Fresh Baby Food with 12 different plant-based flavours to chose from, there’s something for every Little Acorn. Delivered next day straight to your door there’s no need to even leave the house. . . . . . #Bellotababy #acornsintooaks #babies #babiesofinstagram #baby #babiesofig #cutebaby #babygirl #babyboy #love #instababy #babylove #babyfood #smile #happybaby #babyshower #babymama #weaning #toddler #kids #babyblog #babyface #healthy #snacks #healthy #toddlerlife #toddlers #babybump #babycute #organic

A post shared by O R G A N I C B A B Y F O O D (@bellotababy) on

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen has a mission to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. The Henley-based brand was founded back in 2006 and has since grown to over 200 products; baby and toddler food, smoothies, snack ranges and more, all featuring 100% organic ingredients.

Most importantly, Ella’s Kitchen products contain no added sugar, salt or water. No additives, e-numbers or GM products.

The baby brand is also working hard to protect our planet. They have increased their green credentials by launching ‘EllaCycle’, a scheme which aims to help parents learn how they can recycle and reuse all the different types of Ella’s Kitchen packaging.

Little Tummy

Unlike the super-processed alternatives which dominate the market, none of the meals Little Tummy make are ever heat-treated. Instead, they use a cold-pressure-method which is known as high-pressure-processing, or HPP (technical stuff!). This allows the food to retain essential vitamins, textures and flavours from the fresh ingredients used.

Little Tummy have also made all of their plastic pots 100% recyclable, as well as BPA and aluminum free and when it comes time to delivering them, they’re safely insulated with recycled paper. Nice.


Piccolo’s founder, Cat, learnt about good food from her Mediterranean roots where she picked up everything she knows at the kitchen table as a little girl. After her daughter, Juliet, arrived on the scene, Cat and her husband Max, decided on the path to wholesome and sustainable food for babies and kids. And that’s where Piccolo came in.

Starting with only six products and now packing over 40, consumers can pick up Piccolo products nationwide and increasingly around the world too.

Piccolo’s website offers formula milk, baby food, recipes and advice on healthy eating and weaning and 10% of their profits go to charities helping local families. Pretty good, right?

Sweet Pea Spoons

Mother and daughter duo, Blake and Melissa, joined forces with an aim to create a homemade baby meal delivery service to ensure that busy parents no longer have to sacrifice tasty, homemade food for the ease of mass produced, shop bought pouches.

Sweet Pea Spoons offer fresh, handmade and nutritionist approved baby meals delivered to consumers door.

The website offers an easy step-by-step plan where customers explain a little bit about their baby and Sweet Pea Spoons create the perfect plan, cook and deliver the nutritionist-approved meals, already frozen.

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Here at SPS, we deliver handmade, healthy nourishing meals for your little one straight to your door so you can focus on spending time with your family rather than cooking!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Simply choose between 7, 14 or 21 meals and whether that's delivered each week or fortnight to suit your lifestyle. Prefer to cook yourself on some days? No problem, we don't want to lock you in to something that doesn't work for you!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ On holiday? Simply pause or cancel your subscription. You are ALWAYS in control.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's Mother's Day next weekend…perhaps treat yourself to some time off the cooking so you can enjoy them being little!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #localbusiness #whatmykidseat #startupbusiness #organicbabyfood #modernweaning #babynutrition #supportsmallbusinesses #mumsonthego #freshbabyfood #mumsadvice #weaningjourney #weaningideas #babymealprep #mumlife #hungrybaby #blw7months #complementaryfeeding #firstfood #londonmummy #channelmum #firsttimemummy #londonmum #thehealthymummy #workingmumlife #parentblog #babyledweaningrecipes #babyfoodideas #babyfoodrevolution #babyfoodie #organicbaby⁠

A post shared by Handmade Baby Meals Delivered (@sweetpeaspoons) on

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Top organic baby food brands to try

The parenting and baby care market is ever relevant and continuously expanding with a variety of new brands and services available to parents each year. From sustainable baby clothing and accessories to the latest tech gadgets assisting women during their pregnancy, how can these brands successfully engage with their target audience in an increasingly competitive arena?

To maximise media cut through, it’s crucial that parenting and baby brands have a clear strategy in place and are willing to be flexible and adapt their approach when needed. Brands should also be conscious of the changing media landscape, which has seen a noticeable shift from print to digital in recent years. It’s therefore essential for brands to understand how to appropriately engage with the parenting community via social media, blogs, and influencers as well as print media.

Here we share our top tips on how parenting and baby care brands can secure positive coverage and maximise engagement with their target audience:

Advice-led feature generation

The news agenda is constantly changing and with the current focus on the Coronavirus pandemic, there are more challenges when it comes to gaining traction, particularly in national news media titles. It’s therefore important for brands to keep their finger on the pulse, consistently monitoring the news agenda in order to identify any opportunities.

Parenting and national media is particularly receptive to advice-led features given that their audience is keen for advice as they navigate pregnancy or parenthood for the first time. For example, offering expert advice or commentary from brand founders on current trends, relevant news stories or issues can be a great way to secure educational thought leadership articles, as well as increasing brand awareness whilst boosting credibility.

Influencer engagement

Social media is hugely significant for brands wanting to reach their target audience, therefore engaging with the parenting community via influencers is key for parenting and baby care brands!

Engaging with parenting influencers doesn’t necessarily mean only working with those that have a huge following. Micro-influencers who have an organic and engaged audience base who look to them for trusted advice and recommendations can be just as, and if not more effective.

There are numerous ways to work with parenting influencers, including organic gifting which involves offering products or services for review. This is a great way to introduce the brand and build up a genuine relationship with the influencer. Another way to work with parenting influencers is on a sponsored basis. This allows the brand more input on content, ensuring key brand information and messaging is conveyed.

Celebrity ambassadors

Authentic brand endorsement from celebrity mums and dads can be hugely powerful for parenting and baby brands. Enlisting the support of celebrities can do wonders for visibility as well as elevating the brand.

Not only do celebrities provide the opportunity for brands to tap into a large engaged audience base through social media, they can also provide multiple coverage opportunities if they have a strong media appeal. It’s key for brands considering working with a celebrity ambassador to identify celebrities who are relatable, have a positive reputation, are relevant to the brand, engaged with the product or service they will be promoting, as well as resonating with their target parenting audience.

Brands can successfully work with celebrities in several ways, such as recruiting a celebrity ambassador for the brand. This role could require the celebrity to act as the face of the brand, endorsing the brand in the media, on their social media channels, taking part in photoshoots or providing expert commentary on behalf of the brand.

Additionally, it’s always worth approaching parenting or pregnant celebrities, offering complementary products or services to try that may appeal to them, which can lead to positive social media coverage endorsing the brand. This is a great way to build up a genuine fan base amongst parenting celebrities as well as amplifying brand reach and awareness.

Parenting and baby care brands can, therefore, look to achieve great success with a 360 strategy in place. This should encompass an always-on proactive and reactive press office, as well as a considered approach to influencer and celebrity engagement.

If you would like to find out how our specialist team can support you and your business get in touch today. Our experienced professionals are on hand to ensure you cut-through in the UK media landscape.

How parenting brands can achieve cut through when the media is dominated by global news

Isolation, social distancing, working from home. We’ve heard these phrases in excess over the past few weeks, but how can we make a challenging situation better? Let’s focus on our health.

It seems that with the new lock-down rules, many people have a renewed determination to get to grips with their health goals. Not least because there is a pandemic, but also because we underestimate the need to go outside and move our bodies.

So whilst the world seems to have stopped, we’ve found some amazing juice brands that are still delivering to your door during lock-down. We recommend you give them a go.

Juice Master Delivered

Juice Master Delivered is the brainchild of Jason Vale (or The Juice Master to those in the know) back in 2012. Rather than promising weight loss, the five-day plan is an introduction to the benefits of juicing and pledges to create a lifelong habit opposed to a quick fix.

The juices arrive frozen to keep nutrients locked in but also offer flexibility enabling you to defrost when, and how many, you want. Juice Master Delivered aims to support consumers during the whole process and some plans come with ginger shots, soups, snack bars and a book on juicing for use after the plan.

Juice Master Delivers anywhere in the UK, perfect even for those in remote isolation! If you feel like having a health kick, this is the one for you.


Presscription don’t use HPP (high pressure pasteurisation) to extend the shelf-life of its juices, so if you order a five-day cleanse you’ll get two separate deliveries, meaning everything stays super-fresh. Glass bottles are numbered so you know which order to drink them in and they can be picked up and reused once done.

PRESScription provides a booklet with pre- and post-cleanse guidance, as well as a schedule for which day to consume your juice. Each bottle’s label also details the health benefits of its contents, so you know all the advantages from each one.

We love the sustainability of the bottles just as much as the juice inside, so these guys are a big win for us.

PRESS London

Founded in 2014 PRESS now runs two retail stores, an online delivery service and works with over 700 independent stockists all over the UK.

Whilst living in LA and NYC respectively, PRESS co-founders Georgie and Ed developed a love for cold-pressed juice as a healthy part of their diets. They brought the concept back to London and sold their first juices out of a bathtub in Old Street tube station.

Sourcing the highest quality fruit and veg from G.A.P. Global certified farms, (including the wonky ones), PRESS delivers consistent, quality products that are safe, ethically sourced and set the standard for environmentally conscious farming practices.

Added bonus, their bottles are now made from 75% recycled plastic (rPET) and 25% bio plastic (made from sugar cane rather than fossil fuels) with a long-term aim to create a completely carbon neutral supply chain. These bottles are good inside and out. Oh, they also have a healthy grocery delivery service now too. What is it they don’t do?

Juice Warrior

Established in 2013, Juice Warrior was set up by a couple who decided to turn their daily health ritual into a career. The Juice Warrior team were inspired to create a company that did things differently – creating nutritious, delicious and clean plant-fuelled products that are good for both consumers and the planet.

Committed to using organic produce all juices are carefully formulated by nutritional experts and are never further processed, pasteurized or have anything unnecessary added.

Juice Warrior don’t use HPP or any other procedures that extend shelf life. Their motto: fresh juice isn’t meant to last! And we couldn’t agree more.


B.Fresh are British farmers based in Shropshire and surrounded by fields of leafy greens. For three generations, the Maddocks family have been farming, so they know their produce, and now they use that same farm to press and bottle their juices.

B.Fresh grow what they can, and then sourcesthe rest from growers they know. They provide a selection of cold pressed juices, smoothies & shots aiming to get more fruit and veg into people, easily & without making a fuss. It’s good sense, bottled.

Does your brand need help with a PR or a social media strategy? Why not get in touch to find out how our award-winning consumer team can help you.

Best juice cleanses to keep immune and happy during isolation

As isolation and social distancing continues panicked shoppers are clearing store shelves of antibac, toilet roll and alcohol, but another shortage comes in form of tampons, pads and female hygiene products.

Stigma already stops many women talking and asking for these products, so what can we do amid these unprecedented times?

Firstly, don’t panic. We’re all in this together. Secondly, why not take this opportunity to try a new method? Many of us are aware of the devastating effects regular sanitary products have on the environment so why not try reusable pads and menstrual cups?

These products may seem daunting to some so utilise trying these whilst in the comfort of your own home. There are many sustainable sanitary products emerging on the market as environmental awareness increases all over the world. We’ve looked at the different options available to you.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s but have recently come to people’s attention along with environmental awareness. The cups massively reduce the waste produced from your period. They are generally made from medical grade silicon, as opposed to the original rubber cup, and can collect blood for up to 12 hours, depending on the brand.

Mooncup® are the Tampax® of all menstrual cups. They created the first medical grade silicone menstrual cup in the world. The cups are clear because Mooncup® did not want to add any artificial colourings. Not only is the Mooncup a great way of being sustainable, it’s also a good way to save money, as you can keep it for up to six to eight months and you won’t need to spend money on anything else.


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Ever wondered why we don’t make the Mooncup in different colours? Read our ‘less is more’ ethos below for further info… The Mooncup is made from natural un-pigmented silicone. We have chosen to avoid adding food colourings or pigments that may compromise the health, ethical and environmental benefits of the Mooncup®. A transparent cup can also really help in clearly observing your flow. THE MOONCUP ETHOS: LESS IS MORE As consumers, we are always being encouraged to buy more products and told that we should replace those we already own with new ones. The Mooncup gives you the chance to step out of the cycle of consumerism in at least one area of your life – and this is one of the reasons that so many love the product. We believe adding colour to the Mooncup would make something beautifully simple into something unnecessarily complicated. We also think the Mooncup looks rather nice just the way it is.

A post shared by Mooncup® menstrual cup (@mooncupltd) on

The collaboration Monki X Lunette X The Cup released a menstrual cup in the effort to end period stigma, going by the slogan “Periods are cool. Period”. 5000 of their menstrual cups will be donated to underprivileged girls in Kenya who do not have the access to menstrual care and education surrounding menstruation through The Cup Foundation. The cup comes in two sizes for light and heavy flow and is now available in Monki stores and online.


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WARNING: Shockingly huge #discount below! HAPPY #EARTHDAY! 🌍 We’re on a mission to eliminate 10 million pieces of period waste this year & need your help! To kick start our goal, we’re giving the first 1,000 customers (100 per country) buy one get one free on ALL cups with code: “CUPTOGETHER”!🤩🤩Didn’t make the first 100?? No worries! We want EVERYONE involved, use code “CUPTOGETHER50” for buy one get one 50% off (until April 30th)! Celebrate Earth Day by gifting your free cup to your bestie! 💙💙 Snap a photo giving your free cup to a friend, tag us, and we’ll repost on our Instagram story! #LunetteCup #CupTogether

A post shared by Lunette Menstrual Cup (@lunettecup) on

The Organic Cup is free of bleach, perfume, glue, lotion and basically anything else that should not be going into your body. The organic cup has won “Product of the Year” twice and claims that a cup should last you up to 10 years. Their website gives in-depth detail on how to use a menstrual cup, including a video showing demonstrations with models. The brand also runs community projects and works with organisations. An example of some of Organic Cup’s work is an initiative called Taboo which explores the implications women and girls face across the world when they have their periods. Questions such as: why are girls in Nepal not allowed to leave their huts when they are menstruating? Why do girls in Africa miss school for their periods?


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This is Umra Omar, the founder of one of our partner organizations, Safari Doctors, showing women how to use a menstrual cup. Having donated 348 cups, we help @safaridoctors introduce the benefits of menstrual cups in remote villages in Lamu, Kenya 🌍

A post shared by OrganiCup (@organicup) on

Lingerie and Reusable Sanitary Towels

Absorbent underwear has now been developed as an alternative to sanitary products like tampons, cups and pads.

Modibodi is offering period underwear using high quality, tech-savvy fabrics to allow breathing to get a lighter feel. There is a range of styles and colours depending on your menstrual flow. They have recently added a new patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology to wear in the water, something no other brands have done so far.


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“Candid chats about your period. I don’t remember ever feeling comfortable sitting on a friends couch when I had my period. I would always feel like I had to sit in some rigid position just in case I leaked (and yes it’s happened 😳). Heavy periods cause so much anxiety and discomfort. I was always worried about my periods and never felt protected with disposable sanitary items. #Modibodi has had such a positive impact on my period. Gone are the days of sitting at someone’s house like I have a stick up my butt. I can trust that these undies will do their job and allow me to get on with my girls nights.” We love you @theheatpackclub – and you both look amazing in your Sensual Hi-Waist undies 💕

A post shared by Modibodi (@modibodi) on

Cheeky wipes sell both period pants and sanitary towels that can be washed and reused. Their pads come in all sorts of bold colours and patterns and do up around you briefs with a popper. Just like regular pads, they offer different sizes and pads for day and night, just without the chemicals and waste!


If you can’t bear the thought of wearing anything other than the classic tampon, then there are still more sustainable ways than your regular options. You could buy organic cotton tampons with no applicator or cardboard biodegradable applicators, this way the damage left on the planet is a lot less.

Or if you prefer the smoothness of a plastic applicator, Dame has recently released a reusable tampon applicator called the D. Dame also produce organic tampons to use inside the applicator and neat storage bags and tins for them. This year the brand has just saved their first 100 million pieces of plastic!


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⚡️edit: COMPETITION NOW CLOSED**⚡️We’re giving away a pair of Ds to a lucky follower and their friend tagged below‼️ To enter… 1. 🌱Follow us @dameforgood 2. Like this post 💖 3. Tag a friend 🙋🏻 in the comments below who you think would LOVE to get their hands on a reusable tampon applicator. ⏰Competition NOW CLOSED**. Ds shipped in a few months. 🍀GOOD LUCK🍀 . . . #competition #inittowinit #giveaway #win #bleedredthinkgreen #dameforgood #tampons #reusable #applicator #period #periods #greenlifestyle #sustainabledesign #innovation #greenqueen #ecofriendly #bethechange #letsdothistogether

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Women’s health: should we take this opportunity to be sustainable?

Amid all the updates about alcohol flying off the shelves and social distancing, parents and carers still need to purchase the many necessities for their little ones in this chaotic time. One absolute essential is nappies.

Apparently, newborns get through an average of 12 nappies a day, and alongside the toilet roll shortage, nappies seem to be disappearing fast too.

Could now be the perfect time to start sustainably wrapping up the tots then? We are aware of the environmental dilemma that comes with purchasing all those disposable nappies so what better time to give these top brands a go?

Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin was created back in 2017 by co-founders Emma Bunton (yes, Baby Spice; how apt) and Christopher Money, bringing over 15 years’ experience working in the mother and baby industry for some of the world’s leading brands.

As parents themselves, Emma and Chris struggled to find products which didn’t irritate their children’s skin. They were inspired to create Kit & Kin, offering families a range of safe, eco-friendly and affordable products that are better for babies and better for the environment.

Choose from high performance hypoallergenic nappies, biodegradable nappy sacks and baby wipes. All products are hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists to ensure they’re mild and kind to use on skin.

The brand also provide skincare and babywear; our favourites are the bear and bunny cardigans. Too cute.

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Just a really sweet little leopard bottom to brighten your day ✨⁠ ⁠ #kitspot #repost @fluffyprincess

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Bambo Nature

Over 40 years old, Bambo Nature produces skin and eco-friendly nappies and baby products for families all over the world.

Each Bambo Nature product is designed to provide comfort and safety by using quality ingredients and materials. Supplying consumers with a range of nappies, pants, lotions and wipes their products have proven to be as strong and effective as they are safe and sustainable.

The brand’s HQ, located in Denmark, also recycles 95% of all waste from the production of their baby nappies, e.g. foil wrapping from raw materials and surplus textiles. Waste is collected and sold to recycling companies to be processed in a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle that transforms it into new raw materials.

Little Lamb

LittleLamb is a family run business where co-founders Nick and Vicky have tried and tested all their washable and reusable nappies on their six kids (saving over 39000 disposables from landfill apparently!).

All their products’ components are tested and certified using Oeko-tex100 certified bamboo yarn and GOTS organic cotton yarn. They are even conscious of dying the nappies with products that can restrict absorption.

Little Lamb products include nappies, wraps and accessories such as bamboo breast pads and organic cotton wipes. They even provide cloth sanity pads that you can wash and reuse for up to three years.

We say join the Little Lamb community today and help save acres of landfill.

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Go Into the Blue, Under the Sea and have a Whale of a Time x #littlelambnappies

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Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio was founded in 1997 by husband and wife Guy and Jo Schanschieff, who set up a reusable nappy laundry service from their home in Northampton and then began to sell reusable nappies.

Since their humble beginnings the company has won over 50 awards including GOLD in the Loved By Parents Awards 2017 for Best Reusable Nappy and PLATINUM in the Junior Design Awards 2016 for Best Reusable Nappy.

As well as nappies, Bambino Mio sells nappy liners, reusable swim nappies, potty training pants, reusable baby wipes, and laundry detergent. Their website also offers potty training and swimming tips for all carers out there in need of a little help.

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Top reusable and eco-friendly nappies that help do your bit for the planet

Amid the chaos, food is still a priority for us all (hence why the shelves are cleared out in all supermarkets). Not only is it essential we stay strong and healthy but indulging in a delicious dinner can keep morale high from the satisfaction of accomplishment to the terrific taste.

Let’s create some positivity during this isolation period by bringing family and friends back into the kitchen and cooking healthy meals together again.

Here’s our top six healthy food boxes you can try; because everyone deserves a healthy but scrumptious dinner.


Gymology was born by couple, Jon and Katie, after finding it difficult to find an affordable, quick and healthy option.

Gymology meals are made freshly with the finest quality ingredients, designed by athletes and prepared by chefs (including the former head chef at Manchester United football club, Victoria Dale) and delivered to consumer’s door to cater to busy people.

Their meal plans are designed to help families, parents, corporates, fitness fanatics, sports professionals, nutritionists and anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Consumers can choose from a constantly updating menu of over 300 different meals, meaning that they never have to have the same meal twice.

The brand has also redesigned all of their packing to make it sustainable, becoming the first and only meal preparation company to do this. They amazingly provide a dedicated kids range of food too (including homemade sauces with a lot of hidden vegetables). One for the whole family!

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole have been supplying 100% wild or organic produce for over 30 years. Working with independent farmers, makers and bakers, the company delivers ethical, seasonal and sustainable food right to the customer’s door.

Their on-going initiative, The Low Plastic Shop, is a collection of products either plastic or packaging free with the aim to encourage customers to make small sustainable switches.

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Jerk Red Pepper, Kidney Bean & Coconut #Curry. Brighten up your evening with this Caribbean-inspired #OnePot, full of sunshine, spice and, of course, beautiful #OrganicVeg. Swipe for the #recipe or save it for later. #AbelandCole #Organic #OrganicFood #CurryRecipe #CaribbeanFood #VeganFood #VeganRecipe #VeganCooking #EatSeasonal #EatSeasonally #CoconutCurry

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Love Yourself

Calorie controlled gourmet diet; freshly prepared and delivered daily. Love Yourself box serves pre-made fresh, locally sourced seasonal products to your doorstep.

The Love Yourself subscription box allows you to choose your meals based off one of five categories: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, balanced (meat, fish and veg) and an additional balanced option minus the fish but including the meat. So, everyone will find their ideal box and the food is excellent. The website even allows you to track your diet via the MyFitness App.

Mindful Chef

The creators of the UK’s very first vegan recipe box, Mindful Chef also caters to meat and fish diets using pre-portioned ingredients from sustainably sourced small British farms. Targeted towards nutritionally balanced diets, the recipe boxes can be delivered to your door once a week and provide the option of dishes for one, two or four people.

Designed for the health conscious, Mindful Chef’s meals are free from dairy, gluten, refined carbs and refined sugars. They never deliver pasta, bread or white rice and instead all their recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables.

Balance Box

For those out there cooking for one or two and want to simply eat healthily, Balance Box’s tailored programmes can suit all needs and lifestyles.

A team of experts will work closely with you to create your own plan and make sure it suits your lifestyle. Once the plan has been confirmed, the quota of healthy food is delivered daily, so there’s no need to plan meals, go food shopping or worry about portion control; every meal and snack is already prepared to be eaten and enjoyed by you.

You can even enjoy a personal chef programme which will be completely tailored to your needs. Plus, the luxury delivery box company is starting a campaign to combat pollution with nutrition, definitely one to watch!

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What do Balance Box and McDonald’s have in common? ⠀ Find out on our blog ⠀ #healthy #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthyfood #mealdelivery #dietdelivery #dietmeals #nutrition #nutritionist #balance #blog #healthblog #mcdonalds

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Jane Plan

Worried about falling off the wagon and converting back to old eating habits? Choose from a one, three or four month plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a daily snack. The menu can be tailored to your own tastes, so you won’t be presented with any meals you don’t like.

Dishes such as lasagne and thai chicken curry can be found and despite the plans being typically under 1200 calories per day, the portions are generous. 

There’s also a support service in place, so you get to speak to a qualified nutritionist at the beginning of the plan and during, whenever you need to. If you have a week where you go off track, the support service can help you to work out your next steps. Jane plan also provides wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and halal diets.

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Food delivery boxes to keep everyone satisfied and healthy

Often criticized as being highly commercialized and lacking sincerity, Mother’s Day can still be a lovely opportunity to show your appreciation to any loved one. Whether you’re celebrating your mum, grandparents, siblings, friends, or those that have had positive effect on your life, we think the day still holds honesty and earnest.

We’ve picked some of the best florists in the city to put a smile on anyone’s face this Mother’s Day. Because there’s nothing better than receiving a bunch of beautiful blossoms, right?


Founded by Whitney Bromberg Hawkings and Adam Wilkie, FLOWERBX has become a favourite of the fashion set, dealing only in single-varietal bunches that are sourced directly from the growers, cutting out the middle man and delivering armfuls of stand-out flowers direct to your door.

In addition to London, FLOWERBX already has a presence in Belgium, Ireland, France and Germany and have most recently moved to the US.

FLOWERBX has garnered a loyal customer following and has provided flowers for several high-profile events, including a Michael Kors lunch at the Ivy, a Burberry fashion shoot with Mario Testino and for the Tom Ford showroom. You know you’re going to get a good bunch there!

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A FLOWERBX Gift Set is the perfect starter kit for any flower lover. . Give the gift of flowers plus one of our signature vases and a pair of FLOWERBX floral scissors and they’ll be all set to make a beautiful arrangement. Plus the vase and scissors can be used time and time again. . Shown here are French Kiss Tulips with the Medium Curve Windsor Vase and FLOWERBX shears. . Follow the simple steps online (link in bio) to build your FLOWERBX Gift Set today. . #FLOWERBX #FlowerDelivery #FlowerGiftSet #GiftSet #Tulips

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Freddie’s Flowers

‘I’m like the milkman, but with flowers.’ Why not give the gift of a flower subscription rather than a one-off treat?

Each week Freddie’s Flowers chooses the best flowers of the season and puts together a beautiful bunch for consumers to arrange at home. They’re all cut to order, with no middleman, making them super fresh. The delivery also comes with step-by-step instructions on how to arrange each bunch and if you need help from a human, you can watch Freddie’s weekly arranging video on Facebook or Instagram.

If you’re going away or don’t want flowers every week you can skip any deliveries, you like using an online calendar making it totally flexible.

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Why couldn’t the flower ride his bike? Because he couldn’t reach the petals… I’m sorry. I immediately regret telling that joke. But it’s FRIDAYYYY so enjoy!

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Founder of Floom, Lana Elie, launched the brand back in February 2016 after becoming frustrated by how hard it was to find flowers online that were both convenient and beautifully arranged.

Using local artisanal florists, Floom ensures that every time a bunch of flowers is ordered online, consumers receive a lovingly crafted bouquet created by independent florists, close to you.

Handpicking every florist, they work with, Floom are proud that each shares their values and mission to bring the joy of flowers into everyone’s lives.

Bloom and Wild

The inventors of letterbox flowers! Bloom and Wild started six years ago with the innovative idea of sending flowers in a package that fits through consumers’ letterbox.

The idea came from everyone’s issue – “will they be in?”. CEO and Co-founder, Aron Gelbard, spent weeks personally measuring hundreds of letterboxes to find the perfect size for the brand’s flower boxes. He then teamed up with some of the best florists around to make flower-arranging at home all part of the fun.

All Bloom and Wild’s flowers are picked in bud and wrapped in petal protectors, so they travel safe. Cutting out the middleman means consumers can enjoy them for longer and, although they won’t arrive looking like their photograph, every bouquet comes with fun arranging tips allowing you to watch them bloom over the coming days.


The family-owned business started selling flowers under an umbrella back in 1989 and has since delivered over eight million bouquets. Priding themselves on bringing joy and making a difference, the company is all about relationships with customers, suppliers and staff.

Providing a range of traditional bouquets their classic concoctions have stood the test of time. Their site is simple and easy to navigate, with occasions, flower type and colour easy to filter when searching.

Bunches is also committed to giving a minimum of 10% of profits to working with the poor either in the UK or largely in the developing world. They are actively involved in deciding how these funds are managed and providing other, practical support too. Well worth giving the Bunches family a try.

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How to pick the perfect blooms: florists for Mother’s Day