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Tell us about your experience to date and your background

My interest in public relations budded when I was exposed to the industry during a university internship at the head quarters of luxury clothier, Brooks Brothers in New York City. After I graduated, I pursued a role with a firm where I focused on clients across the luxury and fashion industries. After two years in Manhattan, I decided to move back to Canada, where I went to university, and worked for an agency in Toronto that similarly specialised in luxury and lifestyle clients. I had the opportunity to work across a broad range of well-known brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Ted Baker and Thomas Sabo.

After several years in Toronto I decided that a trip over to Europe would be an exciting adventure and touched down in London three years ago. After extensive research into the UK PR agency landscape, I knew that The PHA Group would be a great fit and I eagerly accepted the opportunity.

What was it about The PHA Group that enticed you over other agencies?

What attracted me to The PHA Group is the entrepreneurial spirit and journalist approach that lays a clear foundation for the company. Previously in my career I had the pleasure of working for several British brands, but I was less familiar with the specific media landscape in the UK. I felt the best way to kick-start my career here would be to learn directly from colleagues who have worked as industry leading journalists and I was excited to be a part of a firm that had so many names from the national media outlets.

It has provided an environment to learn and grow from those with outstanding talent and expertise.

What do you find most compelling about the clients you work with?

I find the diversity of clients I work with and their dedication to improving their industries the most exciting aspect of my job.

For example, my current client SharkNinja, a leading home technology brand, has a customer centred approach to their product development unique to the industry. They have over 125 real consumers test and provide feedback on their products during the design phase before anything is put on the market. This ensures that every item they launch is a solution for real problems people face in their homes. They are also doing something innovative for the home tech industry this year which I cannot wait to share with the press and their readership!

If you had to choose two of your favourite projects you’ve worked on during your time at The PHA Group, which ones would they be?

Every year, Path to Success the charity that supports female Paralympic athletes hosts a Wheelchair Basketball Tournament to raise the crucial funds needed to cover the cost of coaching, training, travel, equipment and specialised sports wheelchairs for the sponsored athletes. I had the pleasure of competing in last year’s competition for the charity and cannot wait for the 2020 event which will support the charity’s Path to Tokyo campaign. This campaign supports their aspiring athletes with eyes on the Tokyo 2020 games in four major disability sports: Para Powerlifting, Para Badminton, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis.

I am also very proud of my work with a luxury yacht charter to launch their new app. The yachting industry has not adopted technology as quickly as other industries have and our client was keen to work with us to show the benefits of their app to both the owner and the person requesting the charter. We arranged a press trip for six journalists aboard a superyacht to show them firsthand how our client was making yacht charter easier and more accessible. This successfully garnered them positive media coverage in national newspapers, luxury magazines, and industry media titles.

The project is a great example of The PHA Group’s excellence in experience management.

How do you measure your PR impact for clients?

I love taking a bespoke and tailored approach to measure impact with all clients. At our initial brand immersion meeting, discussing goals and agreeing on what the client is trying to achieve is at the top of the agenda. This is different for every client and should reflect the specific needs of the business, so we ensure goals are then quantified and monitored regularly.

Project goals can include general brand awareness, driving traffic to the brand website, investor relations, sales generation, thought leadership, brand profiling and coverage within and out of the client’s industry. At the heart, we always measure success based on the specific goal the brand is trying to achieve at any given time.

How does working at The PHA Group differ to other agencies?

Along with the variety of clients within my department, the internal culture is unique at The PHA Group. I feel continuously encouraged to challenge, improve and develop my own career, as well as the team surrounding me.

I’m in a privileged position where I can learn from the best and embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. The PHA Group provides an environment filled with passionate and enthusiastic individuals I get to work alongside every day.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I love working with start-up companies and entrepreneurs and providing them with the brand recognition they deserve. It is rewarding to see the clients I work with advancing within their industries and giving them the credibility to voice their passions and values.

If you would like to find out how PR can connect you with the right audience for your business then please get in touch with us today.

Meet our people; Alyssa Owens

What is it you like most about working with property sector clients?

The great thing about working in property is that it’s an ever-changing sector – a real hub for original thought. When we get a new client in the field, we always get the chance to learn about a brand-new concept – whether it’s pop-up homes, innovative ways of financing or completely novice PropTech platforms. Looking back, no two clients have ever been the same and that’s something I love.

The UK remains a popular place for property start-ups to set up shop. Why do you think this is?

Startups launch to either solve a problem or change the way we think. The UK has been in the grips of a housing crisis for decades now, creating the perfect incubator for these brave entrepreneurs to challenge the property status quo.

London is an obvious melting pot where ‘generation rent’ seems to have borne the brunt of these challenges but there is always the north vs south divide and the cost of living in our commuter towns to consider. As a result, talented entrepreneurs will continue coming to the fore to help fix our broken housing model which makes for an especially exciting time in property PR.

You’ve been involved in working on some great accounts in the past, is their one particular highlight?

A personal highlight for me is Vivahouse. Founded by two strong women in property, I felt an immediate attachment to them and the concept.

Rajdeep Gahir and Dara Huang came up with the idea of flatpack modular homes that could be easily installed into disused commercial spaces. We worked on an exciting launch campaign and event which saw the startup featured heavily in the likes of the FT, Evening Standard, Metro and the Telegraph. It was an incredible concept which made for very happy journalists!

What can The PHA Group offer startups who are interested in investing in a PR strategy over other agencies?

I think as a startup, the important thing to have in a PR agency is a trusted extension of your team, a one-stop of expertise with the right contacts and even a shoulder to cry on. We’ve seen it all and we love every minute of it.

We may be a large agency, but we work incredibly closely with our clients from the offset, so you’d be getting the skills of an experienced large firm in property, but the attention of a boutique agency. It’s kind of a win-win for startups in the space.

Finally, as an experienced PR professional, what advice would you give to any budding PR professionals beginning their career?

‘Don’t run before you can walk’ might be a cliché, but this is a great piece of advice in PR. Achieving coverage is a huge part of what we do and when you’ve smashed delivery on an account, its easy to get carried away and think you can immediately do everything else. You should enjoy the ride, perfect every skill before you jump to the next milestone and soak in all the experience as you go.

If you would like to find out how PR can connect you with the right audience for your offering then please get in touch with us today.

Meet our people; Umika Verma

It’s part two of our PHA Proptech series and as we move around our property board, we begin to look at the stand out businesses innovating the industry and making it easier to buy a property in the UK.

From online platforms that help potential buyers determine what they can afford compared to other buyers looking in the area, to a startup that guarantees to sell your property in 90 days, or they’ll provide the funds to make the homeowner’s next purchase interest-free.

Here are our six favourite Proptech startups supporting the property buying process.


In less than a decade, Emoov has sold over £5bn worth of property and in the process saved sellers over £30m in fees. Emoov are the online estate agents who are ready to guide you through the whole process, whether that’s the initial valuation to arranging viewings or exchanging contracts.

With no commission costs and just one flat fee that comes in at under £1000, your package includes professional adverts that reach over 10 million buyers from major portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Emoov will help get you the best price for your property.

But don’t just take our word for it, they’ve been voted the UK’s No 1 Hybrid Estate Agent for customer service, three years in a row.


Did you know that a third of home sales fall through? And if that wasn’t bad enough the one which does complete, takes on average an excruciating 19 weeks to get there? Settled are trying to make this a thing of the past.

You should think of Settled as your own personal expert guide every step of the way, from sending a professional photographer to listing your property on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Think personal planner for your property purchasing.


In just three simple steps innovative startup Nested give you the power to move when you want to. The process begins with their agents using local data to give you an accurate valuation whilst finding the right buyer for your home.

Step 2 is where the fun really begins, Nested allows you to house hunt chain free, giving you access to a cash advance meaning you’re in a powerful position to negotiate a better price for your new home.

So far in their short business career, Nested has helped 400 people move home, where many of the customers were made chain-free thanks to their advance offering.

We’re tipping 2020 to be a breakthrough year for Nested, so if you’re looking to move properties soon, make sure to check them out!


A property tech platform that scores buyers based on their ‘buying position’ and provides better data to agents, sellers as well as the buyers themselves.

Hipla services third party estate agents who can access the data and draw their own conclusions about a buyers purchasing position, whilst allowing the buyer to see for themselves firsthand how their ‘buying position’, compares to other buyers looking in the same area.

Hipla are also on hand to offer free advice and help on how buyers can position themselves better to make sure they get on an agent’s ‘hot’ lists. So, when a dream home does come available, buyers can be ready to move fast and have more chance of their offer being accepted.


A tech real estate firm that focuses on making sure real estate professionals stay ahead of the game.

REalyse pronounced as ‘realise’ specialise in providing enterprise businesses with smart, reliable and accurate data, so it becomes faster, easier and more efficient for UK residential property professionals to determine where, when and what to build.

Invite Agents

A new online platform who has made it their mission to not only find you the right estate agent to sell your home, but they’ll do it completely free of charge.

Simply enter a few brief details about you and your home, if there are any specific estate agents, you’d like a quote from and what factors are most important to you you can state from the offset.

Invite Agents will then set to work and contact each of your local agents to request a personalised fee quotation, and once all the quotes have been received, you’ll be able to compare all the variants you need such as agent fees, property valuations and even Trust Pilot scores if you require.

Invite Agents who are currently crowdfunding are hoping to innovate the industry and make it a more transparent place to be.


Tune in next week to find out our next unveil on the PHA property board. If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

Businesses helping you buy or sell a home

Since the emergence of PropTech, the UK has played an integral role in the development of the industry, an unissu report earlier this year suggested that 771 PropTech companies and counting, reside in the UK.

One of the contributing factors for the development of PropTech in the UK is due to the sharp rise in the percentage of households who possess a smart phone. Last year saw a whopping 95% of households in the UK own a smart device; but what does this have to do with PropTech?

Well to keep up with an ever-evolving society, Proptech is fast becoming a millennial dominated market place. Millennials use smartphones for checking available properties, finding a free carpark space and tracking down the next handyman. The property world is changing and millennials are the driving force behind it.

To celebrate cutting-edge innovation in the UK, we’ve created the PHA PropTech series, where over the next few weeks we’ll celebrate a selection of the top PropTech businesses who are leading the way in the industry.

To kick things off we take a look at the businesses renovating the rental market.

The Collective

The Collective mission is to build and create spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. The Collective is putting an alternative spin on co-living that is so much more than just shared spaces.

The accommodation combines bespoke designed private space with personalised amenities and ground-breaking experiences. Stay for a few nights or a year and pay in just one seamless bill.

But the Collective isn’t just for co-living, it’s also for co-working. So, whether it’s the middle of the day or the night and you’re an entrepreneur who needs to set up shop and work, head to The Collective and they’ll be able to find you the perfect space for your needs.

Appears Here

Appear Here allows landlords to link in with retailers to help find the best spaces available on a short-term basis for their businesses. Spaces range from your typical shop to large scale shopping centres.

Not only does Appear Here allow landlords to find short-term tenants for their space so they don’t miss out on business having an empty space but also allows businesses and retailers to search for an interim dream space – perfect for your next seasonal pop-up.

In their short time as a business, Appear Here have gone global with spaces available in Paris and New York, as well as 1000 locations in the UK.

Watch this space for 2020, because if you see a pop-up shop, chances are Appears Here could have helped grow that relationship.


HubbleHQ is the only office rental marketplace to combine industry-leading technology, data insights and market expertise to match businesses with the right workplace to succeed.

HubbleHQ delivers an unrivalled search experience for businesses of all sizes, across flexible, managed and leased options – supercharged by the largest, real-time dataset on the office rental market.

Having already worked with some of the UK’s most forward-thinking companies – including Monzo, Trussle, and Citymapper – HubbleHQ is trusted by businesses large and small, with a Google rating of 4.9 stars.

The Plum Guide

If you’re constantly on the move for business and travelling from city to city, the thought of stepping inside yet another hotel lobby is probably one which fills you with despair. If the thought of staying in a home which doesn’t live up to expectation either is a risk you’re not willing to take, what do you do?

The Plum Guide is establishing themselves as the first globally recognised mark of quality in the homestay sector.

The Plum’s 150 point ‘Plum Test’ is gruelling, in fact, the toughest in the world, only the top 1% are accepted, in other words for every home accepted into the Plum’s guide collection, 99 aren’t.

So far just over 1,200 homes across London, Paris, New York and Milan have been accepted into the Plum Guide, so if you’re after renting a home that you know will deliver exactly what you need, then look no further.


Aiming to make renting better for everyone is Canopy. The start-up created in 2016 has simplified the rental application process, using innovative technology, tenants are now provided with a ‘rent passport’ that tracks their rental history and allows them to build their credit score.

Canopy believes that sharing a Rent Passport with a landlord or agent will put you ahead of other applicants who are still using traditional forms of renting and may make it more likely that you’ll land your perfect property. The Rent Tracking also allows for rent payments to be tracked to help build a positive credit history which in turn will help to build your creditworthiness and take the next step towards ownership.

Canopy is currently on the App store and Google Play, so why not download today and start helping your future.

Fizzy Living

Raising the bar in renting standards across London with their hassle-free approach to renting is Fizzy Living. Different to other rental organisations, landlords put residents at the heart of everything they do, which includes no agents and no surprise fees to be wary of.

Then there’s ‘Bob’, your on-site property manager who keeps things running smoothly on a day to day basis.

So, from pet-friendly landlords, to flexible rolling leases and super-fast broadband what’s not to love! Fizzy currently has seven locations in London including Lewisham and Canning Town.

Home Made

Meet London’s largest hybrid agency. Noticing that the traditional letting agency model doesn’t work anymore, Home Made is a new more efficient way to serve both landlords and tenants.

Home Made is a property-technology company that connects landlords to tenants for a one-off fee with no admin or renewal fees. Their fee which comes in under a £1000 if you exclude VAT is estimated to be 30-90% cheaper compared to traditional high-street agencies.

Using data analytics and technology Home Made are able to offer a better quality of service and greater efficiencies than most other agencies around on the market.

Watch out for Home Made in 2020, as we predict it’s going to be a big year for this startup.


Tune in next week to find out our next unveil on the PHA property board. If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

The renting start-ups that are making the property ladder that much easier

The purpose of a corporation is to improve society, look out for employees, care for the environment and deal ethically, not to make the most money for shareholders. That at least, has last month been decided by the largest US business group, Business Roundtable, which includes 181 CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies, including JPMorgan, Ford, and Johnson & Johnson.

The impact businesses are having on the world can no longer be ignored. Customers don’t think so either. A recent study by Nielsen emphasised the growing concern amongst consumers about the sustainability of the products and services they use, with 81% of respondents saying they wanted companies to do more to help improve the environment.

It’s in businesses’ interest to be more sustainable – so we’ve looked at five CEOs who are leading the charge with theirs.


Solveiga Pakstaite, Founder of ‘Mimica’

The idea for Mimica came to founder Solveiga Pakstaite while doing a project with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. Noticing that visually impaired people often had no method of monitoring the expiry date of their food, Pakstaite’s concern grew over the impact processed foods could have on their health.

Her solution, Mimica Touch, uses chemical technology to provide a physical indicator for when food is no longer fresh – and is more accurate than the “Use By” date printed on the product, too. Mimica Touch cuts the UK’s product waste and leads the way in sustainability and social innovation.


Mojca Zupan, CEO of ‘PlanetCare Limited’

PlanetCare produces filters for washing machines that prevent microplastics from synthetic clothing from entering the water stream and polluting the ocean. Zupan has a background in business consulting and founded PlanetCare in 2017 as she found herself growing passionate about the planet and with a mission to save the environment.

Her one-of-a-kind solution can be applied to domestic and industrial washing machines and effectively tackles the 35% of microplastics our clothing releases with every wash – and ongoing research will take her no doubt far further.


Mark Jankovich, CEO of ‘Delphis Eco’

Delphis Eco product cleaning products free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals with a high health-risk for humans if we’re exposed to them for too long. For professional cleaners who use them, the effect is said to be as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

Jankovich turned down a job offer from Goldman Sachs when he set up Delphis Eco in 2007 with the aim of creating a fully sustainable product. Now, everything from the product to the label printed with vegetable ink is 100% recycled and recyclable – a UK first for the packaging.


Cyndi Rhoades, CEO of ‘Worn Again Technologies’

Rhoades set up Worn Again Technologies in 2005 to tackle waste issues in the fashion industry, initially by upcycling unwanted scraps into fresh fashion items. To take her business to a grander scale, she partnered with chemist Dr Adam Walker, and together they designed a process that recycles textiles at a molecular level, turning clothes back into raw textile material from which point they can be fully reused.

Already partnering with H&M, Rhoades is becoming an influential name in the sustainable fashion industry after she co-founded the Re:Fashion Awards, the world’s first ethical fashion award.


Fiona Howarth, CEO of ‘Octopus Electric Vehicles’

Fiona recognised the potential for electric vehicles early on in her career, when she worked on hydrogen fuel cells at BMC in 2003. After several years spent at a management consultancy, Fiona joined Octopus Electric Vehicles (OEV) as CEO in 2017 to lead the charge with electric technology on the road.

OEV is currently engaging in pioneering work in Vehicle to Grid technology to allow customers to sell off any excess energy created. They have also set out to change perceptions about electric vehicles, allowing prospective customers the chance to test out the tech for themselves at their Drive Days on tour throughout the country. With her combination of passion and extensive experience, Fiona is the perfect person to lead the company in the exciting years ahead.


If you and your company take pride your sustainability and would like PR support to help get your achievements noticed, then please get in touch with our team today.

Five CEOs leading the way in sustainability

With over 200 travel tech business attracting £2.5billion of funding in 2016 and with over 1.4billion global travellers in 2018, the travel industry is booming. In fact, since 2010 tourism has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK with online bookings rising to an all-time high.

Against this backdrop, travel tech is evolving at a rapid pace with entrepreneurs exploring new niche markets in the industry. From programmes that democratise air travel to end-to-end booking platforms, the potential for real-life applications that can transform the way we travel and see the world are endless.

With innovations revolutionising the way in which we travel, here is a list of five of the most promising companies to watch.


Founded in 2011 by pilot turned computer scientist and entrepreneur Jonathan Nicol, Stratajet was developed to democratise flying by private jet.

Frustrated by the out-dated and inefficient process to book a private jet, Jonathan developed an algorithm that connects flyers to available aircrafts. The programme, which took him five years to develop, finds the best deals, maximising capacity and cutting out the need for a broker between the airline and consumer.

Today, Stratajet partners with international aircraft operators to deliver its service to customers across forty-four countries in Europe and the US. By enabling consumers to search, compare and book a private jet at the best price in minutes, Stratajet provides a seamless and reliable booking process, opening up luxury travel to the masses.


Established in 2015 TalkTalkBnb is a collaborative platform that connects people who want to travel with those who want to improve their language skills. Free for both parties to use, it provides a way for travellers to enjoy free accommodation by connecting with their host and talking in their native language.

With travellers increasingly drawn to local experiences rather than package tours or hotels, TalkTalkBnb is one of the few companies offering a way to access a truly unique and authentic experience alongside a way to exchange value.

Since 2017 the platform has also opened up to businesses, demonstrating how the sharing economy can have a profound impact on business travel as well. By creating your business circle on TalkTalkBnb you can bring all your company’s employees together from across the world in one place. This can open the door to job swaps and even provide access to an ‘internal air bnb’ whereby colleagues can stay with each other, rather than in hotels when travelling on business.


Live2Leave is a travel app that allows users to record their favourite hotels, restaurants and activities, and see recommendations from a community of friends and local experts, providing a more interactive and exciting experience whilst travelling.

Launched in May 2017 by Celeste Owen-Jones, a former journalist turned entrepreneur, the app targets tech-savvy travellers and it already has over 11,000+ recommendations across 2,800 cities. With travellers increasingly booking their trips online, the app is soon to expand to include additional planning and booking features. This will enable individuals to manage their entire trip on one app, transforming the ease at which we can plan a holiday.

Designed with today’s time-strapped individuals in mind, takes all the hassle and stress out of researching a trip and plans it all for you, even answering the question of where to go.

The online platform allows you to tailor your trip down to every last detail from dates, departing airport and accommodation type, however, your exact destination will remain a surprise until you arrive at the airport.

With over 100,000 travellers using the digital platform to design their holidays, the idea is still very much centred on making the process of planning a trip quick, simple and hassle-free. With no planning ahead, travellers using have no set expectations and can, therefore, enjoy every moment of their holiday.

The Booking Factory

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Tikky and Evan Davies, The Booking Factory is an all in one hotel management and marketing platform that helps independent hotels manage their business and master the guest experience.

Inspired by Evan’s parents who ran a hotel in Wales for more than forty years, they built and launched the platform because they needed a simple tool to manage the business online and increase direct bookings. The platform does this through providing access to software that can help users build a website, automate repetitive tasks, generate online bookings and implement online check-in.

With 74% of travellers now planning their trips online and increasingly turning to independent hotels for a more unique experience, companies such as The Booking Factory are crucial to ensure these boutique hotels remain visible and competitive within a market dominated by hotel chains.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our experience or how we can help profile you or your business please get in touch today.

The top five companies innovating travel tourism

London and iconic buildings are something that go together like well, brick and mortar. From St. Paul’s Cathedral to The Shard, the capital is full of buildings bursting with character. But away from landmark tourist attractions, who are the architecture firms who are constructing modern properties that will survive the test of time? We look at London’s most innovative architecture firms around.


3DREID go against usual industry practices in their approach to design by putting the user at the centre and delivering architecture that is responsive to the needs of its user. 3DREID are always looking for ways to push boundaries. Their best work is achieved through a nurtured culture of open discussion and collaboration with their clients.

Their track record and experience on projects is almost as high as the aforementioned Shard, with standout work including The Emirates Arena & Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, the showpiece for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games which helped to inspire a nation.

With offices in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester 3DREID are a major UK architecture firm you can depend on to not only achieve your expectation but exceed it.

Alan Camp architects

Meet the award-winning practice that specialises in residential and bespoke design solutions. The firm has extensive experience in all stages of project development from initial designs to post-completion, delivering that sense of security of being there every step of the project. From private housing in Putney, to establishing communities in Woolwich to creating a new Nando’s in Lewisham, Alan Clarke architects are your go-to residential architects in Greater London.

MATT Architecture

With a vibrant design hub based in the heart of London’s sparkling West End, Leicester Square and another office in Krakow, Poland. The firm is known for their projects such as Bodyworlds London which is situated opposite Piccadilly Circus tube station.

With only nine weeks to kit out a seven-floor building, MATT decided to strip back the interior space of the building like the Bodyworlds exhibition to reveal the skeleton of the building to visitors.

They went on to create displays and desking which were shaped like human bones using machined plywood which reflected a unique design symmetry with the exhibition. Always pushing the boundaries of design MATT Architecture are your go-to for unique, standout concepts for your next project.


Taking a fascinating approach to buildings and development is RCKa. They take an active and innovative approach to securing new projects of real relevance to the local community. Another of the firm’s core values is that they are incredibly passionate about producing architecture that will contribute to the welfare of others. RCKa aim to create beautiful buildings that respond and resonate with people and places.

Square Feet Architects

Providing a holistic approach to designing, Square Feet Architects look to undertake a variety of work which includes but not limited to, residential, education and refurbishment.

Through a wealth of experience, they have become the experts in designing spaces where we work, rest or play. Though they always make sure to come back to their core values of making a design cost-effective, realistic and most importantly a workable solution that will maximise value for money.

It’s worth looking through their portfolio of work and checking out some of the stunning new build concepts they have created.

Could a bespoke PR strategy set your architecture firm apart from the rest? We have unrivalled success working with entrepreneurial business to help them achieve national coverage and expert lead pieces. Speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out more.

Our favourite architecture firms in the capital

Last week saw the biggest gaming industry event dedicated to solutions, content and networking with some of the largest names in the business descend on London – ICE London. We take a look at the companies that are leading the way in both the online and offline gaming sectors.

Fantasy sports interactive

Fantasy sports interactive or FSI is the award-winning, fantasy sports betting software company. This innovative business not only offers a range of fantasy sport gaming options but is also the first company to launch fantasy better in Europe through their own platform.

Their rich insights into fantasy sports betting and skill gaming offer a tailored white-label solution to iGaming operators and businesses seeking a modern and effective way to gain new customers. If you need to create an engaging, competitive and full licensed iGaming product, FSI is the business to get in touch with.

Perform Group

Perform Group is a leading digital sports content and media group, who strive to connect the world through sport by producing the most detailed and engaging content around. With consistent advances in technology, and changes in the way fans consume content, Perform want to lead the charge and elevate the users experience.

It’s also worth mentioning the great charity work that Perform have done in the past.  Working with Plan International, the project focuses on lifting children out of poverty and advancing gender equality through the power of sport.

During their time in India, Perform managed to reach 12,895 children either through sports, life skills and awareness sessions. We can’t wait to read about all the great work they achieve in their upcoming CSR project in Brazil!

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games offers a classy and flexible live dealer format for gaming operators from all around the globe and provide a service for white label providers too.

By delivering a unique and extraordinary gaming experience to players across a host of live dealer games. Innovation is at the heart of everything that Super Spade Games does. With their friendly interface and fast development work, watch out for Super Spade Games throughout 2019.


 Crowned sports betting supplier of the year in 2018 and one of the leading providers of sophisticated software to the regulated sports betting sector. Betgenius provide robust and unique technology that aids both international bookmakers and lottery operators the ability to increase performance across both trading and marketing.

Founded in 2000, Betgenius has risen to the top and are proud to supply not only the world’s biggest sportsbooks, but also own the fastest and most accurate live data around.

Storm Gaming Technology

For the fifth year running, Storm GT exhibited at this years’ ICE London event. The UK’s most progressive, independent gaming company has been creating gaming software and platforms, specifically for the pub, bar, club and arcade sectors across both domestic and international markets for the past decade.

With over 5,000 kiosks installed in over 12 countries, Storm GT specialises in game development, kiosk manufacturing, graphics and 3D modelling. Their philosophy is based around building and nurturing relationships that evolve into fully fledged partnerships that lead to the possibility of relevant opportunities.

Are you looking to establish your reputation within the gambling industry? Are you looking to break-through to a new organisation or audience? Speak to a member of our award-winning team today to find out how we can work with you to deliver a bespoke communications strategy.

Spotlight on ICE London

legal tech apps

It’s little surprise the UK’s legal sector hasn’t rushed into meeting the latest technology drive. Much like the deregulation of the financial services known as the Big Bang in the 1980’s, the rules around the ownership and running of law firms was relaxed in 2011. While the UK’s financial services responded quickly to become the world’s dominant financial centre, the UK’s legal sector has instead reacted to these reforms with a firm yet mild disinterest.

The first belated reaction came in 2015, when Gateley became the first UK law firm to go public originally raising £30 million. Even by the sloth-like standards of the law, this was slow… but not unsuccessful. In the two years since that offering, Gateley’s share price has doubled. This may have been what inspired Gordon Dadd and Keystone Law, who both floated on the markets late in 2017.

Despite now being one of the most liberalised and profitable industries in the country (generating around £30billion a year). The sector has a natural resistance to change. Partner models promote short-termism, litigation wreaks havoc on client’s budgets and the billable hour persists as an awkward deterrent to efficiency.

Yet a combination of austerity, diminishing budgets, increased competitiveness and growing caseloads has shifted the battleground. Stimulated by a £1.2bn government programme aimed at industry-wide modernisation but that in practice is designed to save costs, law firms are searching more and more for technology partners to improve practice. Not least in the running of the courts, where the UK’s are understood to produce a tower of paper the size of The Shard every 4 days. Modernisation is badly needed.

Yet as the power of the lawyer lies in the uncertainty of the law, the type of modernisation law firms are seeking is a specific kind. It’s technology that strengthens the lawyer’s hand by taking care of mundane tasks. It needs to remove mistakes but not the terrified associates who make them.

In other words, the more boring side of the technology revolution. There will be no Netflix saga on the artificial intelligence upgrades that happen inside law firms. But maybe… just maybe, there might be a few more lawyers finishing work before midnight. And deep down isn’t that something we all want?

So, we’re after evolution, not revolution in this gig. We’re after five steps firms can take to improve their legal tech balance.

Step 1 – Clocktimizer

I couldn’t work out what I liked more. This gentlemen’s name or his job title. But Mart van de Kerkhof, Head of ‘Know-how’ at Magic Circle firm Allen & Overy says Clocktimizer is definitely worth exploring for any law firm that really wants to understand what’s going on in its business. Which I estimate is just about everyone who works in a law firm except HR.

Clocktimizer says its algorithms study time card narratives to then provide actionable data on budgeting, pricing, management and firm-wide profitability. It’s taken a task that normally takes around six months and has finished it in seconds. I don’t ‘know-how’ they do it.

Step 2 – Thought River

Imagine if you could assess this article without reading it. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, ThoughtRiver have applied that blue sky thinking to contracts. Their contract intelligence software uses machine learning to scan contracts and other legal documents and presents the information in an online dashboard, allowing users to visualise risk.

And while I for one welcome our new overlord GDPR, I don’t have to read contracts for a living. Using AI technology to assess contracts for issues and provide actionable insight may become a nothing less than a necessity going forward.

Step 3 – Legal Monitor

One day the robots will replace us. Or to be more specific, find the people who will replace us. Legal Monitor combines search and analytic technologies with a huge database of legal expertise. It contains 190,000+ lawyers across the world’s largest 400+ law firms. Meaning it’s the perfect solution for sourcing the best legal candidates, following the industry’s hiring trends and conducting your own legal market research.

Step 4 – LawBotics

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This Norwegian start-up was founded by a business lawyer who felt the law was too inaccessible and found the sharing of legal knowledge to be inadequate. Good intention.

But they have built a tool named Lexolve that allows colleagues to share knowledge and details of legal documents, streamlining the process of drawing up legal contracts and other documents. Potentially saving a significant amount of time and resources while protecting client budgets!

Step 5 – The Link App

When dealing with a lawyer time is always money. So, while these previous additions have been focused on increasing efficiency, so also is this one! This app is created by lawyers, for lawyers. It works like a portal, keeping clients ‘in the loop’ on the app without the need for back and forth communication or long phone calls, allowing solicitors to increase their productivity across the working day. Simply log into the app on your phone, you spend all day on anyway, and check if everything is in place. Putting clients first like this will only be good news for law firms.

These ideas focus on law as a service industry and set out to improve efficiency and protect client budgets. That’s why they will likely be successful in restoring the legal tech balance in a law firm.

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Five steps to improving your Legal Tech balance

Alternative investments have always fascinated investors, with growing popularity in recent years as both individuals, holding companies and institutions look for ways to change their volatility exposure and potentially generate surplus returns beyond holding stocks and bonds.

From cryptocurrencies to mineral rights, fintech gadgets to the latest natural remedy, house sellers to tower block renters, alternative investments can be very compelling for the right individual.

We look at the top ten investment opportunities from Crowd Cube you won’t want to miss.


After launching in February 2018 Glint are securing their place in the market by introducing gold as money into the global payments system. The Glint app and Mastercard allows consumers to buy, store and sell gold alongside other national currencies. With over £1.5 million raised Glint is certainly one we are excited to watch.


Winner of Sports Tech of the year and Most Innovative Use of Tech in 2017, Supponor is the Augmented Realist Technology company designed to increase the value of sponsorship and top-tier broadcast rights. The business uses in-stadium TV-visible signage which will enable advertisers and sponsors to target fans based upon their location and characteristics providing a much more personalised experience for the viewers at home.


The natural nutrition brand on a mission to fuel potential. Voted as one of the ‘Top 50 start-ups’ Pack’D now have over 1500 product listings featured in stores including Sainsbury’s and Ocado. Designed by nutritionists to give you a targeted health kick, Pack’s frozen smoothie kits are as simple as adding your choice of liquid and blend.

BABB Group

BABB is building a decentralised banking platform that aims to provide peer-to-peer banking services designed for the global microeconomy. With over $18 million backing for software development, it is now raising funds to meet the capital requirement to become a licensed bank in the UK and/or EU. BABB Group has a community of 50,000 people in over 170 countries as well as a blockchain banking app set to launch at the end of 2018. We’re excited to see how BABB carves their way into the future of banking in the UK.


The classroom assistant that saves you hours of time. The EdTech platform is back to CrowdCube after their success in the US and Asia. With fun interactive assessment tools available for all levels Zzish is leading the way in classroom engagement.

Fans Agency

Brainchild of a ‘super-agent’. The Fans Agency is the modern football agency: part-owned by fans, a focus on players, supporting grassroots and offering a proportion of its fees for purchase and trade. The investment will aim to source players, create a trading platform and market the idea.


Over 55 million stock photos available on their site, coinaphoto’s aim is to shake up the digital content world by monetising our digital assets. With existing founder investments exceeding $3million dollars, we’re excited to see coinaphoto change the local photography community.

Monty’s Deli

Having started out as a small market stall perfecting the ultimate pastrami and salt beef sandwich, Monty’s Deli is aiming to expand their offering right across the capital with several new market sites. The FT, Sunday Times and Evening Standard have all rated the food extraordinaire as one to watch.


Backed by the founders of Zoopla, Love Film and Bulldog skincare, VITL is the personalized nutritionist service we’ve all been waiting for. Using artificial intelligence VITL can calculate what nutrients are missing from your diet and provide the bespoke pack right for you.

Rise Art

The online gallery racking up over £1 million in sales last year. The world of online art trading is growing, and Rise Art is set to help lead the way. Scouring the glove looking for the best pieces and artists the business is looking to bridge the gap between art and luxury investors.

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Alternative investments you won’t want to miss