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Tell us about your experience to date and your background

I’ve been in web development for over six years now and although it’s relatively plain sailing, it didn’t start out like that! I initially studied Environmental Sustainability at Leeds University but when I graduated, I realised it wasn’t an area I wanted a career in. After a few months of temping and job searching, I ended up quitting my temp job and telling my family and friends I was going to teach myself web development.

The initial reception wasn’t the best, but I knew there was a career in it and it was something I enjoyed. I worked hard to learn what I needed and after a while things started to happen thanks to a few friends putting me in touch with my first clients, those of whom I now owe a lot too.

The first couple of websites included a lot of learning on the job but the clients were happy, and the end product was good. From there, I was given more freelance work at a web development agency based in Leatherhead who after a few months with them, offered me a full-time job. It was here that I learnt most of what I know today thanks to some fantastic (and patient!) mentors. I then moved to The PHA Group, where I’ve been for the past three years. During my time here I’ve had the pleasure of building numerous client websites some of which you can see here – and also working on internal projects such as the website you’re viewing at the moment. After six years in web development, I’m still eager to continue learning, developing my skill set and helping The PHA Group’s clients bring their ideas to life.

What role did you play in The PHA Group rebrand?

During The PHA Group rebrand I worked on building the website you’re on at the moment! This included working closely with the design team to ensure that it behaved and looked exactly as required. It is an ever-evolving website and new features and design changes are often proposed to which the design team will mockup for sign off, and I can begin its development. Recently this has included integrating the ‘Careers’ section ( into our third party HR software which helped remove some of the manual labour for the HR team.

If you had to choose two of your favourite projects you’ve worked on during your time at PHA, which would you choose?

All the websites I’ve worked on have provided unique challenges and been fun to work on in their own way. As such, it’s hard to pick just two, but a few projects that stick out, include; who’s unique header design took a lot of planning but the end product was great. Another fun site was which I enjoyed building because of its sleek, modern design. More recently, I’ve been working on a site which showcases films and videos for talent within the film industry, and so it involves working with a lot of fantastic video content which is always fun to work on.

You take on a variety of different projects from clients, what would be your one piece of advice to an aspiring developer?

I would say the best way to learn web development would be to ‘persevere with your learning’. There are definitely times when you’ll want to give up on it after a day of trying to get CSS to do what you’d expect, but if you really want it then to keep plugging away and things will eventually start to stick. I would say that also it’s important to focus on one technology at a time, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of learning resources available. A good order to learn front end development would be to learn HTML, CSS, JS and then move into a CMS such as WordPress. (That was more than one bit of advice… Sue me!)

Finally, what website trends do you expect to see playing a major role in 2020?

In regard to design there is definitely a growing trend in a certain retro aesthetic that I’m personally not fond of, but generally involves large text, bold simple colour schemes and animations as you scroll. A few websites that I’ve found on the first page of a site aggregator ( that are good examples include,, This style of website often rely heavily on JavaScript libraries such as three.js which accommodate complex animations for example – I can imagine the retro trend in web design will eventually disappear, but animations are here to stay.

From a development perspective, headless CMS’s are growing in popularity which is essentially where you decouple the front and back end of your website which generally allows for improved speed, performance and scalability of a website. This includes using a frontend framework such as React or Vue and then a CMS system such as or


If you would like to find out about our design services then please get in touch with us today.

Meet our people; Tom Hoadley

Surveys show that nowadays people tend to do more work in their home rather than moving from one property to another. This might be due to crazy market prices, Brexit uncertainty etc. In fact, with trends changing every season and people’s taste evolving, people tend to update their living room every 25 months according to 123furniture.

We take a look at great brands that you might want to check out if you decide to redecorate your house.


Howdens are the UK’s largest designer and manufacturer of fitted kitchens and joinery products, priding themselves on quality. With more than 70 kitchen designs and thousands of products in their range, you will have plenty of choice to find the kitchen of your dreams.

You’ll also find a very useful kitchen trend guide on their website, which highlights the year’s trends including colour palettes from dark green industrial looks to the marble and metallic ones.  Howdens website also offers inspiration depending on the type of kitchen you have as well as case studies on how customers used the British brand for their own kitchens.

Howdens is also committed to protecting the environment, which is why 100% of wood-based materials used in Howdens UK based manufacturing is from FSC® certified sources. 98% of all waste produced in manufacturing and logistics is diverted from landfill by recycling and producing heat energy for their factories.


Swoon is a design-led furniture brand for the home obsessed. Their goal was to give home-lovers beautiful designs at fair prices. They also have a deep-rooted belief in the value of craft and work directly with the best artisans in the UK, Europe and the world to bring their designs to life.

The brand releases new products monthly and partnered with John Lewis & Partners to create an Art Deco vibe collection mixed with some funky contemporary shapes. From velvet sofas to bar stools and armchairs, they create great seasonal collections.

Swoon trend report is also full of great insight from the favourite colours per London borough to the next collection prediction. A great insight for the design lovers.


In 1972, the first UK Wickes opened in Whitefield, Manchester. It was an imaginative new concept – using a traditional DIY store model to sell to the trade – and it made Wickes the first fixed-price builders’ merchant in the UK.

Today, Wickes takes pride in being an innovative multi-channel retailer. Customers have access to a range of ‘How to’ guides, ideas and advice to support them with their home improvement projects, while their services make it even easier to get the products they need.

Wickes has also developed a waste management strategy that aims to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill sites, increasing the percentage of recycled or reclaimed material used by the company. has been handcrafting and delivering sofas for over a decade. not only sells sofas, they’re also experts in beds and have a range of accessories from mirrors, soft furnishings to bedside tables. Choose from 100s of designs and fabrics of sofas that are built to last, in fact, all woods are guaranteed for life. You can even make your own sofa made to order if you can’t find one you like on the website. have a great blog full of insight on how to decorate your home as well as people welcoming you inside their home to show you their sofa. This is a great insight to get more inspiration. also have great collaborations with influencer the latest being Erica Davies.

Do you have a homeware brand that you’d like to gain more exposure? Speak to our team today to find out how we could help you achieve your goals.

Spice up your home

Since the emergence of PropTech, the UK has played an integral role in the development of the industry, an unissu report earlier this year suggested that 771 PropTech companies and counting, reside in the UK.

One of the contributing factors for the development of PropTech in the UK is due to the sharp rise in the percentage of households who possess a smart phone. Last year saw a whopping 95% of households in the UK own a smart device; but what does this have to do with PropTech?

Well to keep up with an ever-evolving society, Proptech is fast becoming a millennial dominated market place. Millennials use smartphones for checking available properties, finding a free carpark space and tracking down the next handyman. The property world is changing and millennials are the driving force behind it.

To celebrate cutting-edge innovation in the UK, we’ve created the PHA PropTech series, where over the next few weeks we’ll celebrate a selection of the top PropTech businesses who are leading the way in the industry.

To kick things off we take a look at the businesses renovating the rental market.

The Collective

The Collective mission is to build and create spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives. The Collective is putting an alternative spin on co-living that is so much more than just shared spaces.

The accommodation combines bespoke designed private space with personalised amenities and ground-breaking experiences. Stay for a few nights or a year and pay in just one seamless bill.

But the Collective isn’t just for co-living, it’s also for co-working. So, whether it’s the middle of the day or the night and you’re an entrepreneur who needs to set up shop and work, head to The Collective and they’ll be able to find you the perfect space for your needs.

Appears Here

Appear Here allows landlords to link in with retailers to help find the best spaces available on a short-term basis for their businesses. Spaces range from your typical shop to large scale shopping centres.

Not only does Appear Here allow landlords to find short-term tenants for their space so they don’t miss out on business having an empty space but also allows businesses and retailers to search for an interim dream space – perfect for your next seasonal pop-up.

In their short time as a business, Appear Here have gone global with spaces available in Paris and New York, as well as 1000 locations in the UK.

Watch this space for 2020, because if you see a pop-up shop, chances are Appears Here could have helped grow that relationship.


HubbleHQ is the only office rental marketplace to combine industry-leading technology, data insights and market expertise to match businesses with the right workplace to succeed.

HubbleHQ delivers an unrivalled search experience for businesses of all sizes, across flexible, managed and leased options – supercharged by the largest, real-time dataset on the office rental market.

Having already worked with some of the UK’s most forward-thinking companies – including Monzo, Trussle, and Citymapper – HubbleHQ is trusted by businesses large and small, with a Google rating of 4.9 stars.

The Plum Guide

If you’re constantly on the move for business and travelling from city to city, the thought of stepping inside yet another hotel lobby is probably one which fills you with despair. If the thought of staying in a home which doesn’t live up to expectation either is a risk you’re not willing to take, what do you do?

The Plum Guide is establishing themselves as the first globally recognised mark of quality in the homestay sector.

The Plum’s 150 point ‘Plum Test’ is gruelling, in fact, the toughest in the world, only the top 1% are accepted, in other words for every home accepted into the Plum’s guide collection, 99 aren’t.

So far just over 1,200 homes across London, Paris, New York and Milan have been accepted into the Plum Guide, so if you’re after renting a home that you know will deliver exactly what you need, then look no further.


Aiming to make renting better for everyone is Canopy. The start-up created in 2016 has simplified the rental application process, using innovative technology, tenants are now provided with a ‘rent passport’ that tracks their rental history and allows them to build their credit score.

Canopy believes that sharing a Rent Passport with a landlord or agent will put you ahead of other applicants who are still using traditional forms of renting and may make it more likely that you’ll land your perfect property. The Rent Tracking also allows for rent payments to be tracked to help build a positive credit history which in turn will help to build your creditworthiness and take the next step towards ownership.

Canopy is currently on the App store and Google Play, so why not download today and start helping your future.

Fizzy Living

Raising the bar in renting standards across London with their hassle-free approach to renting is Fizzy Living. Different to other rental organisations, landlords put residents at the heart of everything they do, which includes no agents and no surprise fees to be wary of.

Then there’s ‘Bob’, your on-site property manager who keeps things running smoothly on a day to day basis.

So, from pet-friendly landlords, to flexible rolling leases and super-fast broadband what’s not to love! Fizzy currently has seven locations in London including Lewisham and Canning Town.

Home Made

Meet London’s largest hybrid agency. Noticing that the traditional letting agency model doesn’t work anymore, Home Made is a new more efficient way to serve both landlords and tenants.

Home Made is a property-technology company that connects landlords to tenants for a one-off fee with no admin or renewal fees. Their fee which comes in under a £1000 if you exclude VAT is estimated to be 30-90% cheaper compared to traditional high-street agencies.

Using data analytics and technology Home Made are able to offer a better quality of service and greater efficiencies than most other agencies around on the market.

Watch out for Home Made in 2020, as we predict it’s going to be a big year for this startup.


Tune in next week to find out our next unveil on the PHA property board. If you would like to find out more about how public relations could elevate your business to the next level, get in touch today.

The renting start-ups that are making the property ladder that much easier

In the UK alone, more than  3/4 of children between the ages of 10 to 12 have their own social media accounts. So, 21st century adults entering the complex world of parenthood face a hurdle that has yet to be a concern for said group – protecting your children from the threat of adult content, unfiltered comments, cyber bullying, identity theft and predators. A rather large ask in this social media obsessed society.

Luckily for parents up and down the country, help is at hand. Rather than risking the ‘FOMO’ backlash from your kids, you can now rely on safer social media alternatives that allow kids to be kids, socialising, sharing and chatting, just without all the risks.

We look at social network alternatives for young people, built with safety and age-appropriate socialising in mind.


Whilst most of us were climbing trees and rushing home to watch Art Attack after school during our adolescent years, in 2013, 12-year-old Zach Marks was casually founding the social media platform, Grom Social, which now boasts 13 million users across 200 countries. Successfully making us feel like our teenage days were somewhat inadequate, Zach has also managed to create a platform which tackles issues that often affect young people using social media; bullying and a lack of safety. Each user interacts with other ‘GromAtars’, and with the site being monitored 24/7, if and when someone tries to post something inappropriate, a GromAtar will stop them and explain why the behaviour will not be tolerated. This concept of learning from ‘peers’ rather than seemingly out of touch parents is a brilliant way of getting through to kids, without patronising them. Parents also receive regular emails detailing their child’s online activity.


Launched in 2001, Kidzworld is now the largest independent website for young people in the world and is hailed as a safe place where kids can enjoy, explore and learn. The focus on education is paramount for this platform, so Kidzworld is often popular with teachers, as it gives them engaging resources and conversation points to use in the classroom. One great feature is the ‘Dear Dish-It’ advice blog, which acts as a forum for kids to ask for personal advice about self-esteem issues, relationships, bullying, peer pressure and everything in between.

Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks is all about having fun and socialising through games. It incorporates a multiplayer online game for kids between the ages of 8-12. You can create your own characters, interact and chat to other characters all at once. Franktown is unique in that you can not only play games together, but can also make music, complete quests and watch videos. There is also a handy area for parents, answering any questions regarding safety that they may have.


ChatFOSS is a safe place where you can chat with your friends online. You can do all the things you do on other social media apps, but with ChatFOSS you always know with whom you are chatting, and strangers cannot contact you. Even better, the app gives you control of what you share. There is no need to share everything with everyone! Strangers cannot look for you, follow you or find you, only your friends on ChatFOSS will know you have an account. A great app for children where parents can be reassured that no strangers would get in touch with their little ones or people they don’t want to speak to can’t.


PopJam is a platform for 7 – 12-year olds, where you can create and share art, photos and much more. You can also watch specially selected videos, take epic quizzes, play games, discover and follow all the stuff you love! There’s a community of friendly and creative PopJammers who all have their own profiles.

Children using PopJam can’t share personal information and can’t use private chat to communicate with people. PopJam is committed to online safety and child protection, they cooperate with third party companies such as CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and the NSPCC, to ensure children are safe using the platform.

Is your brand in need of a PR or social strategy? Why not get in contact with us today to see how we can help you get ahead of your competitors and gain exposure in new markets.

Top social media websites that will keep your kids safe online

Needy push notifications, never-ending emails you don’t remember subscribing to, and the always alluring call of our social media apps’ infinite feeds. It’s easy to see why an increasing number of us are switching off our phones and embracing the ‘digital detox’, but what if our phones could help us be more mindful, instead of just overloading us with notifications?

Mindfulness, a practice which focuses on clearing your thoughts and becoming acutely aware of your surroundings, has been rising in popularity for a number of years. But in a world where we are constantly overloaded with information, your phone might be the last place you’d expect to go to switch off – but apps which guide users through mindfulness exercises can be helpful for users who are unfamiliar with the concept of doing ‘nothing’. Whether you’re a mindfulness expert or a complete beginner, here’s six apps to try…


Founded by Andy Puddicombe who cut his Sports Science degree short to become a Buddhist monk and friend Rich Pierson who needed help at the time with dealing with the stress of the advertising world, Headspace was created.

Officially launching in 2010 a small team helped make Andy’s meditation benefits accessible online anywhere and anytime. From here the Headspace you see today blossomed.

Helping users in more than 190 countries Headspace has taken the world by storm with their basic meditation classes, videos, animations and helpful articles. We know we’re huge fans!

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If you wake up in the night, racing thoughts can contribute to keeping you awake. Your mind is whirring away, worrying about all kinds of things that might happen. A simple meditation based on counting the breaths can really help. Click the link in our bio to try a guided meditation for sleep.

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MindFi is specifically designed to fit into your normal daily routine, helping you to have a ‘mindful meal, break or commute’. The app encourages you to be mindful, anywhere, anytime, and stay focused during the daily hustle and bustle of life. In addition to their three-minute and ten-minute exercises, their unique ‘deep work’ timer mode helps users to stay focused for up to two hours at a time. You can even grow your own digital bonsai in tandem with your personal meditation practice.

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#the #real #meditation #is #how #you #live #your #life #mindful #mindfulness #lifequotes #lifehacks #mindfi #mindfulquotes #positivemind #positivevibes #positive #yolo #peace

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With a unique user interface, Buddhify is designed to ‘bring mediation to you’. Each one of their guided meditations is categorised by what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, with exercises designed for things like work breaks, walking or waking up. The app also offers you the choice to share mindfulness activities with your friends using the app’s Give function. This thoughtful additional allows Buddhify users to send a targeted mediation to someone in their life who could really use it.


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“Meditation and mindfulness practice doesn’t come naturally or easily to me. But when I have a million thoughts and plans rushing through my head, making time for it during the workday is amazing for my well-being and my effectiveness. A simple pause can have a knock-on effect that positively impacts the way that I interact with others and the work I do for the remainder of the day.”⠀ ⠀ Hayley on why she meditates on the train, between meetings, and before public speaking engagements.⠀ ⠀

A post shared by buddhify (@buddhifyapp) on

 Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind, which was created by an Australian not-for-profit organisation, is a completely free app intended to make mindfulness ‘an accessible tool for all’. The simple-to-use app includes mindfulness exercises for adults as well as guided activities for with parents to lead their children through. With activities for 7 – 9-year olds and up, this app is perfect for parents who want to help their children be more conscious and mindful.

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How many deep breaths have you taken today? #keepbreathing

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Founded in 2017, Aura combines mindfulness with AI to create personalised three-minute meditations. Aura’s short but sweet bursts of mindfulness are designed to help reduce stress and anxiety. The exercises are delivered by one of 30 mindfulness teachers and therapists and are personalised for individual users. The app also encourages you to track and understand their mood patterns and express gratitude as a habit through daily reflections.

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Try 3-minute micro-meditations for stress and anxiety today. (Link in bio!)

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 Stop, Breathe and Think

Stop, Breathe and Think encourages you to do exactly that; stop what you’re doing, practice mindful breathing, and broaden your perspective. The app prompts users to check in with themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, and curates themed audio tracks to accompany sessions that are between two and 15 minutes in length. All of the guided exercises are designed to help you tune into how you feel.

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Your #breath is your #superpower. Just by changing your #breathing, you can #calm, #focus, or #energize yourself. #Experiment with the #power of the breath with the #Breathing Timer in the Stop, Breathe & Think #app, and try the #soothing Breathing in Waves #meditation, part of the app's #SummerBreak #playlist.

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The top six mindfulness apps to try out

Thursday (10th October) is World Mental Health Day. A day which provides an opportunity for us all to raise awareness of mental health issues and battle against the stigma that comes with it.

Whilst the awareness day is an opportunity to improve understanding on a global scale, each year there’s a focused theme. This year the theme is suicide and suicide prevention.

Did you know that in the UK alone, suicide is the biggest killer in young people aged between 20 – 34 and is the second leading cause of death globally amongst 15-29-year old’s.

What can be done to help change this shocking statistic? Well in recent years the conversation around mental health is steadily improving, employers are more understanding, and most go out of their way to offer good wellbeing incentives when joining companies. Whilst in a social environment it’s becoming easier to talk to friends about issues you might be struggling with.

Over the last few years, there’s certainly been a shift in the right direction around mental health getting the attention it deserves, we have witnessed an explosion in technology specifically focused on improving mental health alongside new therapies and tools to help diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

We’ve looked at four tech start-ups who are fighting for good in the battle against mental health.


TalkLife understands that life can be incredibly hard for anyone at any point in their life. You can feel lonely, sad and just feel like crying the whole time to name just a few. TalkLife is a peer to peer support network app built to help millions of young people who struggle daily with mental illnesses. Think of it like a safe social network that’s all about support.

TalkLife allows people to talk to others who are going through the exact same struggles as they are, and appreciate that talking to family or friends can be sometimes challenging. Start using TalkLife today and lets start talking.


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Life isn’t easy and can throw us so many challenges but don’t ever forget that you are stronger than you know. Storms pass and we grow and our capacity to cope just gets bigger and bigger ❤️ 📷: @haveanicedayy_

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Offering message-based therapy in the workplace to make employees happier and more emotionally intelligent is Spill. Don’t think of the typical therapy session where you must go and sit on a sofa and explain face to face to someone what’s making you upset. Spill can be used at any time by everyone in your business. But impressively Spill has been designed to help people deal with life problems before they become life-altering.

It couldn’t be easier to get started either, simply reply to a few guided messages via the app before getting matched with a fully qualified counsellor who is best suited to your situation and begin exchanging messages which of course they will guide.

It’s a win-win for businesses too, as staff with an improved emotional intelligence will make for a happier and healthier workplace and will also allow for employees to focus better.


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Therapy helps you turn full stops into commas. Simplistic emotional outbursts are easy, so it’s no wonder our brains usually default to taking that route. We expend our emotional energy fretting and worrying about that surface issue – for example, why do I find social situations hard to navigate? – and then trying to calm ourselves down or move the thought out of our minds. When we feel things intensely, it’s rarely the case they’re that simplistic. The process of therapy gives you the license to sit with those feelings and, by talking about them with a professional who can keep pushing you to answer the hard questions, explore what might be underpinning them. . . . . #spillaboutit #spillers #emotionallywoke #therapy #counseling #counselling #psychology #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #therapistmagic #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthadvocate #emotionalintelligence #emotionalliteracy #emotionaleducation #psychologyfacts #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealthsupport #selfdevelopmenttools #therapysession

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Mind Moose

Mind Moose focuses specifically on improving the mental wellbeing of children, because as we all know, children who have higher levels of well-being are happier, have stronger relationships and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs not only as children but also as adults later in life.

Mind Moose is an engaging digital platform that teaches children how to keep their minds healthy. All through the power of animation, children are taken on a journey of discovery that teaches them how to look after their minds, develop resilience and ultimately flourish.

It can be used in both schools and on an individual basis at home, so make sure you check out Mind Moose and begin taking steps in improving your children’s mental wellbeing today.


Being able to understand and build a healthy resilience to stress can combat and fight against the onset of physical diseases. Using AI, user data and human insight, BioBeats have created a preventive workplace wellbeing programme designed to improve the wellbeing of your business.

BioBeats create an overall perspective of your health, by listening to not only your mind but also your body, in their assessment they take into consideration your heart rate variability, brain function, sleep and your activity.

They also offer a demo opportunity, so make sure to check in for an appointment to see if BioBeats could be an incentive you offer to your staff.


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Discover more about BioBeats and BioBase app on our website 🔗 link in bio! #biobeats #biobase

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The technology helping to battle Mental Health

In recent weeks the Head Teachers across the UK commissioned a report focusing on the challenges of a digital era. The Digital Awareness UK report was based on interviews with 50,000 school pupils in the UK. It showed that 27% of head teachers in England now had to deal with problems related to online bullying every week. This was significantly higher to the comparison to an international average of 3%.  But it isn’t just online bullying that is on the rise in the UK. Teachers are frequently dealing with issues and situations and it raises the questions if we need to do more as a society to support children through such difficult times.

We take a look at the incredible work anti-bullying charities are doing to support our younger generations.



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We will be delivering an anti-bullying workshop with @mffonline_ for dads to help support their children! On Saturday 26th October @mffonline_ will be hosting an open discussion to explore the understanding and experience of bullying. We @kidscape_charity will be sharing advice for handling a bullying situation. Get involved – to find out more – Sign up via Eventbrite by clicking on the link in @mffonline_ Bio – it’s FREE! #antibullying #bullying #workshop #dads #fathers #workingtogether

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Kidscape’s vision is to create a world where children can grow up free from bullying and harm, with adults who keep them safe and help them reach their full potential. Their mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with the tools, resources and advice they need to help prevent bullying and protect young lives.

Kidscape deliver superb ZAP community programmes for all ages to provide children ages 6 – 16 with a range of tools to increase assertiveness, build confidence and help manage bullying situations. Running in both a community setting or their range of school programmes, their workshops have proved to help significantly reduce experiences of bullying and help children understand the outcomes of their actions.

Kidscape doesn’t stop there; they provide workshops for big life changes through their RISE workshops to help build self-esteem and prepare young children with the transition of moving up to secondary school.

With a wide range of advice and resources for families, carers and children Kidscape is an excellent platform to support children with anti-bullying needs.



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Double tap if you’re in 💛 #HelloYellow #3MoreSleeps . . . . . . . . . . . . #YoureNotAlone #WorldMentalHealthDay #Hello #Yellow #YoungMinds #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthSupport #SelfCare #Awareness

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Youngminds are leading the fight for a future where all Youngminds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges might be. Their impact report showed that three children in every classroom in the UK have a mental health problem, and Youngminds are on a mission to tackle that.

Youngminds deliver training courses across a host of topics including social media, anxiety, self-harm adolescent mental plus many more. They also provide tools and toolkits for schools, community centres and families to help tackle the route causes for many of these problems.

Children can get help from one of their support staff who will support them through their problems and give the well needed guidance they need at a difficult time.

The Diana Award


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The Diana Award anti-bullying programme who recently featured on the popular BBC One documentary with Little Mix star Jesy Nelson help to support and raise awareness of bullying in UK schools. According to their Back2School resources 10 million children in the UK will return to school in September and over half of them will be affected by bullying. So, part of their mission is to educate school children about the impact, consequences of build their awareness to help prevent bullying in schools.

One area The Diana Award specialise in is the impact of cyber-bullying. With a host of cyber tips in their support centre, The Diana Award provides advise and support for children and young adults on what to do if they experience cyberbullying and how to spot it online. We aren’t just talking social media either, advice and tips are also given for online gaming and other chat platforms.

Check out their how to stay safe online tips today to help raise awareness for this growing problem.

StandUp Foundation

The StandUp Foundation was set up by Founder Ben Cohen, MBE. Ben is an England Rugby Legend. He is a World Cup champion and a second all-time scorer for his country. In 2011 Ben set up the StandUp Foundation with a clear vision in mind. The mission is to raise awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying and to help fund organisations who are tackling bullying in schools, at work, in our communities, sports and online.

With compelling case studies from brave individuals who have shared their experiences with bullying in their lives the StandUp Foundation educates and provides clear insight into the lasting effects bullying can have on people.

The foundation provides grants to other third sector organisations to help eradicate bullying in our society. Grants are reviewed at the end of March and October.

Bullies Out

Established in May 2006, Bullies Out is one of the UK’s most ambitious anti-bullying charities. Through their innovative and interactive workshops and training programmes Bullies Out use their own experiences and energy, passion to focus on awareness, prevention and building empathy and positive relationships.

Their vision is to empower and inspire children and young people to overcome bullying and achieve their full potential.

Their e-mentoring support and Make a Difference communities help children and young adults nationwide to get the support and guidance they need.

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The top anti-bullying charities working to protect children and young adults

PayExpo is back for its seventh year, bringing together the most innovative and exciting payment companies under one roof. Young businesses across industries such as banking, retail, gaming, government, transport and as well as mobile network operators are all promising to transform their respective industries for the better.

We’ve had a look at five of the most disruptive companies attending PayExpo this year.


2019 has been a huge year for London based fintech-as-a-service platform, Rapyd. This month, the startup raised a massive $100m following its $40m fundraise in February.

Rapyd’s platform connects 2.3 billion consumers transacting across the globe by enabling them to pay or be paid however they choose for both local and cross-border payments. It provides access to over 500 local payment types in more than 100 countries earning its title of the world’s largest local payments network. Businesses can integrate local payment methods into a digital application from a single API to seamlessly expand to consumers who depend on local payment methods to transact with merchants.

Payments are finally becoming completely inclusive, no matter where you are and where you operate.


There is $27trillion of wealth that is trapped between purchase orders and payments for goods, according to CEO and Co-Founder of Lendflo, Chris Smith. Waiting for an invoice to be paid can cause huge problems for not only young companies, but large corporations too. Lendflo, a digital invoice financing platform, is tackling this vast wealth gap helping the small guys maintain a healthy cashflow and avoid getting caught out by those late payers.

Built on Ethereum Blockchain and using machine learning, it offers loans against unpaid invoices as well as offering better finance rates by analysing internal accounting software and understanding businesses better.


Modulr is fighting back against inefficiency in business payments by building a smarter network. Working with banks, regulators, payment schemes and finance systems its API provides an easy and simple way for all businesses to open accounts and make and receive payments quickly.

Modulr is helping its fellow disruptors, those in alternative lending, payments, and payroll services by improving the infrastructure at the bottom allowing businesses to streamline service, launch products as well letting them scale effectively.

The startup has also experienced a strong year of fundraising, announcing an investment of £14m in May to grow its teams in London, Edinburgh and Dublin as well as receiving £10m in August as part of the RBS Alternative Remedies Package.

Thanks to its support of numerous social causes, the company has also been named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2019, as one of the top 25 hottest companies to work for right now.


Fortu Wealth is a digital private wealth solution for high-net-worth individuals. It provides a completely digital banking experience with a personal touch, giving each Fortu user a dedicated personal banker as one would expect with any traditional bank.

As well as providing users with instant multicurrency global transfers without any hidden fees, real time exchange rates, and efficient payment processes implementing voice recognition and confirmation, it also is a multi-asset investment platform. The bespoke platform gives users access to experienced institutional investors for joint venture opportunities in classes such as equities, bonds, funds, venture capital, real estate and more.

Fortu is setting its sights on global business accounts providing multi-currency accounts and pre-paid corporate cards as well as the fast and easy payments it promises.


Reflow is one of the first companies to truly utilise Open Banking for the better as the first app to offer one place for consumers to get an accurate, real time overview of all their accounts.

Connecting bank accounts, it breaks down the barriers to simplify payments and offer data insights all on a cloud-based platform. Customers using Reflow can happily say goodbye to logins, passwords and long card numbers to remember and instead have all the power at the tip of their finger.

The company has three products: Flowpay which enables businesses to simplify payments across industries; Bankflow that provides access to user-permissioned detailed transaction history and Flowverify which improves security by validating consumers income and spending behaviour to identify any suspicious patterns.

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PayExpo blog: 5 Companies to watch

The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year. Lots of people are trying to reduce their waste and some companies are coming up with clever ideas on how to do so. From charity shops collecting toiletries to recycling your bike, here is a list of sustainable and ethical businesses that you could use to help save the planet and help people in need.

Beauty banks


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We’re super excited to launch our new Beauty Banks Bundles with our beloved retail partner @eashouk 💙We have bundles worth £20 and £50 and both contain the products most requested from our charity partners. All links and our new @eashowishlists are in our stories 💙As always we’re super grateful to whatever you can donate – it’s our busiest time of year and we’re desperate for more donations so we can support as many charities who are contacting us for help as possible 🙏 #thankyou #endhygienepoverty #hygienepoverty

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Beauty Banks is a people-powered movement. Its aim is to provide those living in poverty with basic daily hygiene essentials and personal care items. This is about dignity, self-confidence and mental wellbeing. It’s super simple to use, if you have toiletries that you’ve never used, like body cream that you got for Christmas for the 10th time or won a soap lottery and have bars of soap for the rest of your life, you can send it all to the Beauty Banks and they will donate it to people who really need it.

As long as your products have never been used you can send them. The banks are after anything from dental care, baby products or washing powder and have a list of the items they really need on Easho.



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Here is what our amazing ODDBOX community rescued this week: 🥕 Carrots (‘wrong’ shape or size), onions (surplus), garlic (surplus) from Norfolk; 🥔 Potatoes (surplus) from Kent / Suffolk; 🍉 Curly kale (surplus), spinach (surplus), watermelon (surplus), blueberries (surplus) from Kent; 🥗 Salanova lettuce (trial crop), bell peppers (‘wrong’ shape, size or skin marks) from West Sussex; 🥦 Broccoli (‘wrong’ colours and surplus) from Worcestershire; 🥙 Baby courgettes (surplus) from Spain; 🥬 Fennel (surplus), white chicory (surplus), hispi cabbage (surplus) from Lincolnshire; 🍏 Apples (‘wrong’ shape, size or colour) from Kent / Hereford; 🧡 Passion fruit (surplus) from Portugal. Let us know in the comments below your favourite rescue of the week 🌱👇 #oddbox #sustainableeating #sustainablefood

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If you’re looking to tackle food waste, Oddbox is for you. Every year, a shocking 20-40% of produce in the UK is wasted before it even leaves the farm meaning a lot of unnecessary waste for the planet. So, what’s their solution? Oddbox is determined to battle food waste by giving ugly, wonky fruits and vegs a better future. Every week, you’ll receive a box full of fruits and vegs that couldn’t pass the supermarket test and would have gone to waste otherwise. It’s seasonal, and all products are sourced in the UK.

If they have any surplus, Oddbox will give it to charities who fight poverty.

Milk & More


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Have you got the bottle? 🌍 Simply leave it out before your next delivery day and we will collect it. The average life of our little glass bottles is 25 uses. We would love to use these forever…but our little bottles have a tough life. They are knocked, filled and refilled. They clink in the milk float on their way to your kitchen table; all of which causes natural wear and tear of the glass. This simply means that after its life with us, the glass is recycled. #milkandmore #waronplastic #nationalrefillday #refilnotlandfill #onebottleatatime #plasticfree #savetheoceans

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Do you sometimes miss the milkman? Well look no further because Milk & More are here to help. Their goal is to encourage people to eat well and live sustainably. Milk & More strive to continue both the milkman legacy and its expansion. They deliver over 200 products to your doorsteps around the country before 7am, including the old glass bottle of Milk. All the products are sourced in the UK, and as they’re fully transparent, you can read all the suppliers’ stories on their website.

Milk & More is also a place where you can find some great recipes and inspiration if you don’t know what to cook.



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Still hanging on to things that aren’t sparking joy? It’s the first day of spring, so get cleaning! 🌿 (And make some 💷 while you’re at it…) Tag a friend who has too much stuff! . . . . . #springcleaning #konmari #mariekondo #declutter #fashionismypassion #resellercommunity #secondhand #preloved #vintedUK

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Vinted is the largest secondhand fashion marketplace in the world with a community of 21 million spanning across the globe. If you have too many clothes for your closet, then why don’t you just sell it online? Vinted makes it super easy for you to do so, all you need to do is to take a photo of your item and post it online. Once it’s done, people will start contacting you if they are interested. It’s a great way to find pieces of clothing that are not on the High street and to make sure you’re not wasting them either. You’ll need to send your items yourself, but they are making it super easy for you.

Reuse network


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What a brilliant visit to Toogoodtowaste with the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. It was great to meet the team and learn more about our members. Thank you Toogoodtowaste!

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Reuse aim is to reduce poverty, tackle waste and offer a brighter and better future for the most isolated individuals in our society. If you are someone who wants to change your sofa every year or depending on the season, Reuse could be for you. This network helps you donate your old items including furniture, home appliances and will give it to people in need. Reuse Network supports more than 150 reuse charities across the UK, including charitable and social enterprise organisations and commercial partners. Not only will your sofa be given to low-income households, it’ll also avoid sending your furniture to landfill and save the planet.

The bike project


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My bike was garage-bound for around 7 years after I graduated from university, swapping studying and everyday cycling adventures in Bournemouth with job hunting and long public transport commutes into Birmingham. After such a long hiatus, deciding to get back on my bike has been a liberating and scary step, particularly as I was intimidated by the pace of the city streets and the physique, gear and demographic of what I now perceived a “cyclist” to be. These photos capture my very first time back in the saddle as I begin a new chapter on two wheels, motivated by meeting Jooks Walker (Lady Vélo) and the Babs on Bikes project itself. #babsonbikes #inspiringwoman #cycling_queens

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The bike project takes second-hand bikes, fix them up and donate them to refugees and asylum-seekers in London and Birmingham. This project helps refugees get from one place to another without having to pay for transport. Since 2013, they have given away over 4,500 bikes to refugees from dozens of countries including Syria, Eritrea and Albania.

They also run Bike Buddies, a cycling befriending project, and Pedal Power, teaching refugee women to cycle – sometimes for the first time in their lives.

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How to stop wasting our home goods

Last week saw Printworks host Tech, a two-day festival of digital commerce. A key theme from the event included the digital collaborators, which covered how businesses can partner with other businesses to leverage expertise and gain competitive advantage.

The event saw over 500 companies presented their offering, 2000 attendees and over 180 speakers across the 48 hours. But we’re going to turn our attention to five of the best startups that exhibited.

Hastee Pay

Whether it’s rent money coming out at an unfortunate time of the month or having to save money for bills, personal finance issues can be problematic for most of us.

Hastee Pay, the award-winning employment benefit start-up are making this a thing of the past and actively giving the power back to the employee.

The innovative start-up allows employees to receive their pay immediately at any time during the month, empowering employees to take more control of their finances and provide more flexibility for people to manage their finances.


One of the pains of being in a management position can be going through all of your paper receipts from the previous month, worrying if you have logged everything which can take up valuable working time.

Receet is the hero you need – a mobile app platform that provides digital receipts for customers for any business transaction where a usual receipt would be required. You can easily find receipts to make a return, file taxes, or fill in a expense report by searching for the receipt on your smartphone.

By opting to use Receet you’re also committing to helping the environment by going paperless, so what are you waiting for? Get downloading!


An innovative navigation system with more accuracy than any other product currently on the market. PostTag takes a generic postcode and adds 3 digits to the end of it to give never before seen accuracy to delivery drivers. Meaning no more wrong deliveries or mishaps with your orders. It couldn’t be easier, all businesses need to do is plug the PostTag API into their system and away you go.

Once a customer has placed an order with your business the PostTag API will check, identify, verify and locate their address within milliseconds requiring no further questions to the customer.

Size Me Up

Started by two friends in Edinburgh, who had a discussion over how much cheaper and less time-consuming it would be to buy suits online but how hard it is to get the size that fits you properly.

But this is where the discussion stopped and the business idea began, when Svilen and Yanko when they dove a little deeper they found that the industry average for returned clothing from online shopping is at around 30% with sizing issues being one of the main contributing factors.

At the beginning of 2017, Size Me Up was born and soon the software development work began, currently the start-up is at beta application stage and looking for a partner in crime to dominate the world of clothing retail. We’re tipping 2020 to be a breakthrough year for them.


Meet the most complete online booking and scheduling solution that a business could ever need. Users can take appointments from any device in any timezone and in multiple languages. With full guidance and training as a given and the ability to work with existing processes you might have used prior, Appointedd is proving to be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve the slickness and professionalism of your business around.

Some previous examples of who Appointedd have worked with include household names such as Marks & Spencer and Westfield, Europe’s largest shopping mall.

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Spotlight on Tech Festival