The brands ready to create your bespoke cricket bat

Cricket may be a team sport, but when it comes to equipment everyone has their preferences. Choosing the right bat can be a difficult choice, some players like to use a bat which has a shorter handle for increased control, whereas other players use a heavier bat to get more power behind their shots.

Luckily there are professional services ready to help. We’ve taken a look at the cricket aficionados who create and prepare bespoke bats specific to your playing needs.


Based in Hove, Newbery have been handcrafting cricket bats since 1919. Newbury’s heritage combines tradition, innovation and master craftsmanship. As you would expect with a brand that focuses so much attention on heritage, quality and performance style always comes first. Newbury offers a 1:1 appointment service where one of their specialists will guide you through the service of creating your ideal bat. Looking into everything from the weight of the bat to the shape of the bat. But if you can’t wait to play with your new toy, Newbery also offer a full knocking in service by one of their bat gurus, so you don’t need to worry about using your bat too early.

B3 Cricket

One of few remaining bat manufacturing companies who still produce their bats in England. B3 ensure to bring the ‘Pro-Service’ to the amateur cricketer, their bespoke service allows people to design their bat from scratch. But it isn’t just amateur cricketers who are raving about B3, Nottinghamshire’s Steve Mullaney suggests they are the best bat manufacturing service on the planet.

Chase Cricket

Since 1996 in the heart of Hampshire’s leafy countryside, Chase Cricket have been designing and handcrafting the very finest cricket bats for all levels of the game. After choosing your ideal willow, Chase’s bat makers will help you pick your preferred shape, ideal weight and handle size. Chase also offer a full refurbishment service, so if you’re reluctant to let go of your favourite run-scoring weapon, Chase will bring it back to life.

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