Written by Hayley Bromfield • Published 7th June 2018 • 3 minute read

Global workplace productivity will dip for at least a couple of hours as the World Cup kicks off on Thursday 14th June….and probably remain as such for a month. Thankfully for all employers, England’s group games all fall outside of working hours – but what about those of us with WC fantasy football teams, or those who are just interested in what’s happening in Morroco v Iran? How can the general footballing nut keep up to date (either side of meetings and conference calls) with the latest scores, cards, corners, possession stats? We have the answer, in the form of 5 apps that will provide this info at your fingertips.

  1. LiveScore

Does what it says on the tin, and my personal preference when it comes to a football app. Real-time is an overused phrase, but this is actually real-time…the scores update as the ball hits the back of the net. Great if you’re the type of person who feels the need to be the first to report goals in the WhatsApp group, like me.

A bonus is that if the World Cup gets boring and you want to know what’s happening over in the Japan League Cup or Poland League 2, LiveScore will tell you, in real-time. Use the ‘favourite’ tool, to filter the scores you’re most interested in.

  1. Forza Football

 Like LiveScore, but with the added bonus of video highlights. It’s a very strong app and gives the user intricate details on squad news, scorers, assists, cards, pretty much everything you could wish for. For this reason, it’s probably wasted on someone who isn’t bothered by these match facts.

Despite the occasionally obtrusive advert, the UX is smooth and enjoyable, and the recent update made the app look even cleaner.  It’s close to being as real-time as LiveScore – try them both out and see for yourself which is quicker.

  1. Fotmob

Despite referring to the beautiful game as ‘soccer’, there’s no denying this is a great football app. Like other apps, it gives a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of every game across every league, and exclusively for the World Cup it has a Russia 2018 predictor in case you fancy a flutter based on some key stats.

I wouldn’t agree with some of the reviews claiming it’s ‘by far the best football app’, but it’s a close 3rd after LiveScore and Forza.

From a technical perspective, its frequent updates suggest the developer regularly listens to user feedback, which is always reassuring. Footmob also offers audio for some matches, which we urge you to make use of when not at work…

  1. Onefootball Soccer News

 Again, trying hard not to let the use of ‘soccer’ prevent me from including this app, but nonetheless, it should be in here because it’s another useful tool for all football fans.

It’s particularly good if you want to tailor your football updates to certain teams, but less impressive when it comes to quick score updates. I wouldn’t class this one as real-time, as such.

The push notifications are often slightly delayed, which prevents this app making the top 4. But overall, a solid app with a nice UX.

  1. SofaScore

 Its name is brilliant, so it had to make the list. It’s not a dedicated football app because it covers 22 sports, but still very useful.

Perhaps its most unique feature is the new ‘Attack Momentum’ tool, which uses an algorithm allowing users to follow games live. A useful tool for savvy bettors, who can track the very slightest shift in momentum and react accordingly.

The rest of the features are much the same as those listed above.