Written by Lucy Steadman • Published 24th October 2019 • 2 minute read

If you work in technology, it often feels like hundreds of new technology start-ups are appearing every second. With the explosion of tech companies out there, it’s no surprise that the PR industry has followed suit with tech-speciality departments and agencies popping up. That, however, makes it more difficult for companies to know which agency is best for them and their needs. So, what should you look for in a European technology PR agency?

Clear understanding of technology

Writing is, of course, a very important aspect of a PR agency’s skillset, so it’s vital you ensure your prospective European technology PR agency can write about technical topics to a high standard – especially those that relate to your company’s industry. Depending on how technical your business is, you may want to get some writing examples from the agency’s past work on other clients to get an idea of their subject matter knowledge and abilities.

Credentials and case studies

As with strong writing skills, it’s a good idea to ask the agency for their credentials and examples of previous work. While it’s obvious that you should ask to see credentials of technology companies, you should also ask for examples of companies that closely resemble yours, such as asking to see examples of B2B tech companies if your company is also B2B, or asking for examples of early stage companies if that is the same as yours, and so on.

Solid contacts

With technology being such a huge part of all our lives, it’s no surprise that almost every media title now has at least one journalist covering a technology beat. Make sure you talk to your agency about how they work with press, where their strongest relationships are, and where they expect they would be able to get your company into the press. This is also a great opportunity to ensure you both agree about what is achievable from the PR campaign and that you’ll be able to see the results you want to.

Consistency across Europe

Whether you’re considering independent agencies or global ones with owned agencies in multiple markets, it’s important to ensure they have consistent quality throughout Europe. If they are an independent agency, ask about the partner agencies they work within the regions you’re looking to do PR in to verify the relationships. Likewise, if you’re looking at an agency with owned offices in other territories, ask for the EU agencies’ credentials to get an understanding of their strengths. When vetting these European agency relationships, be sure to also ask questions that help you to understand each agency’s media relationships in their country and what they would need from you to be successful.


There are a number of other elements to look for in a technology PR agency that go beyond those in this article, so if you’re seeking a European technology PR agency and want to find out more about how The PHA Group may be able to support you, get in touch with our technology team today at info@thephagroup.com.