Written by • Published 7th August 2018 • 3 minute read

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of work experience and fun. I’ve learned so much at PHA, not just about PR but also about the ins and outs of an office – it’s my first time in this kind of business environment.

When I arrived, I didn’t quite know what to expect, what I’d be doing or how the Personal PR Team worked. In just a fortnight I’ve picked up so much, from what ‘personal PR’ means to how social media accounts are run, to the best ways of getting a journalist’s attention (3kg of sweets, anyone?).

Here are five lessons I learnt:

Time management and prioritisation

Being totally honest with myself, I knew time management was something I had to work on. I put my hand up to take on work from day one – and the team took note. I soon found myself with an exciting (but large) list of things to do and I decided that I would start setting myself time restraints for certain tasks to ensure that my days were as productive as possible. This method worked well for me and allowed me to structure my day as efficiently as possible. I now feel like I have a way to help me sort tasks and get things done – skills that will come in handy when I go off to university in a few months.

The UK Media

I learnt the importance of reacting to the news quickly.  PHA’s morning scan was a big eye-opener for me. Scanning through national newspapers allowed me to see just how many opportunities there are, and how many papers there are.

I’ve never been an avid reader of the news, so this was an important lesson for me and a habit I’m not going to drop any time soon. Time to invest in newspaper subscriptions.


I loved getting involved at PHA – and not just because they share a similar passion for Love Island. The team layout was very open, and I was encouraged to ask questions and chat with the team, this made me feel more at ease and more relaxed.

I received a lot of support from the other members of the team and always felt included, they were great. Having a supportive team really benefitted my experience – as I was asking questions and constantly learning.

No two days are the same

I loved the diversity and variety at PHA – I had never experienced such a wide range of things to do. From scouring the business section of the Sunday papers (all in the name of personal PR) to researching dolls house toilet paper (don’t ask) in the same day – it was fantastic.

Phones are for making calls! Who knew?

Finally, this is a big one, the phone calls. When I first arrived, I couldn’t believe how many calls were being made in the office – to journalists, clients and suppliers. My mobile is 90% used for Instagram and WhatsApp, not calling. I quickly learnt that phone calls in the context of work aren’t actually scary at all – they can be really exhilarating especially when it goes well, and you see the results.

I learnt a lot during my work experience including things that aren’t PR related that I will be able to use in my future career. It was an amazing two weeks with a friendly, helpful and humorous team who allowed me to get the most out of my work experience.

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