Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 31st October 2012 • 1 minute read

Let’s get digital. DIGITAL… I thought I would give you a rare insight into my phone to reveal my favourite five apps. They are not really ground-breaking but….


GarageBand has done remarkable things for amateur musicians. For a long time, decent recording software cost a fortune, as did studio time. Nowadays whole albums can be recorded at home with ease on the programme. Though the iPhone app lacks a lot of the features of the main version of the MacBook, it is perfect for grabbing a rough demo or messing about with ideas for songs. I dig it and I think it was only £2.99.

Image GarageBand

Image GarageBand

Words with Friends

I love words and wordplay, so scrabble is naturally my favourite board game (other than my World Cup 98 Monopoly special edition). Words with Friends is basically scrabble that you can play against other users or synch to your Facebook to take on your pals.

Image Words with Friends

Image Words with Friends


Sky Sports Football Score Centre

My love of football is well documented and this app allows you to check scores from non-league level to the Hungarian leagues along with lineups, commentary, fixtures, league tables and Jeff Stelling’s face. What more could you want? It is an absolute must for when you are out and about on a Saturday.

ESPN Goals

Imagine Match of the Day without having to sit through the turgid ‘analysis’ of Messrs Hansen, Shearer and Lawrenson. This app makes that a reality and it is free. Plus the goals are available almost immediately after they fly in, meaning you can score massive brownie points; “No it’s fine darling you can watch what you want tonight, don’t worry about Match of the Day.

Sky Go/BBC iPlayer/4OD catch up/ITV Player

I have grouped these together as to all extensive purposes they do the same thing. Watching your favourite programmes on the move is decent. However, it has diminished the number of books I read which is a negative. Nonetheless watching Game of Thrones on a commuter train is the stuff dreams are made of.