Written by Tom Clarke • Published 26th July 2019 • 3 minute read

The last decade has shown that cutting-edge innovation and tech solutions have been a welcomed addition to industries such as recruitment or banking. Technology has permitted tasks and processes to become automated and allowed individuals to focus their attention on more pressing matters.

One industry which has been slower to embrace technological advances is the legal sector, but with a recent sharp rise of legal tech businesses emerging, it seems it’s only a matter of time until the legal sector makes the switch and commits to innovation and technology just like the aforementioned industries did before them.

One pocket of legal tech which has seen a sharp development is legal management platforms which help to log enquiries, manage current clients and include billing for both lawyers and law firms. Here’s our five to watch out for.


Meet the pioneering business who is helping lawyers deliver a better service to their clients. Zaliet allows clients and lawyers to connect and provide one central hub. Clients are then able to communicate and work with a law firm no matter the hour or day. Zaliet created the concept of a service portal, where you and the client can gain access to phone numbers, access document, book appointments and pay their bills.

From within the hub, law firms can also access prospective clients, log calls, emails and update the client’s status, so lawyers know exactly when they are due to follow up.


With a similar process to how Zaliet functions, lawsyst is an all-in-one legal case management system to help law firms and individuals stay on top of their enquiries. One key feature of lawsyst is the integrated phone system which allows users to receive and make calls with a click of a button and simultaneously allows voice memos to be attached to inbound leads.

The sophisticated interface allows fee flexibility, so whether it’s a fixed fee, agreed fee or an hourly rate charge you can tailor the quote and response to the client.

Perfect Portal

Established back in 2014, originally Perfect Portal was a budding concept which delivered immediate quotes to prospective clients, nowadays Perfect Portal has formed into a business management system that services almost 600 law firms with offices in both the UK and Australia.

Check out the quote functions in Perfect Portal which range from fully customizable quick quote calculators, allowing clients to obtain an immediate quote to more personalised branded quotes which require a higher level of detail and input.


Welcome to one of the most secure places on the cloud to store, sync and share files easily.

Like global messaging service Whatsapp, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption software which prevents data being read or secretly modified, only the intended user and who they decide to share the document or information with can read the files – ideal for an industry inundated with confidential documents.

Not even Tesorit themselves can access your files thanks to their zero-knowledge policy.

As an extra safety precaution against potential hackers, Tresorit don’t have access to your encryption keys or to the personal data you manage in your files, meaning if the servers were hacked your information and data would be safe.


Although it isn’t limited to just the legal industry, we thought Keepabl was too good not to include. With notable high-profile examples such as British Airways and hotel chain, Marriott being fined due to severe GDPR data breaches, businesses need to be doing more to make sure their systems are safe and secure.

The computer software system provides the remedy for GDPR headaches up and down the country for both public and private organisations. With guided help and data map analysis and article 30 records, Keepabl have simplified the process of staying compliant.

Providing great insight and direction is their founder and CEO, Robert Baugh who spent 13 years as General Counsel for mid-market organisations, specifically implementing compliance programs fitted with complex regulations.

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