Written by Tom Clarke • Published 26th June 2018 • 2 minute read

There’s nothing quite like the sun to boost your mood, but too much sun exposure can lead to health implications. With temperatures looking soar to 30-degrees in the next week, applying sun cream should become a daily ritual for everyone in the UK.

We’ve listed the sun cream brands you need to be looking at this summer to stay protected.

Garnier Ambre Solaire

Experts in sun protection for over 80 years. Garnier’s range of sun creams and sprays are easy to apply, suitable for all skin types and most importantly affordable. The spray helps to get at those tricky out of reach areas.

Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic might usually be associated with its tanning oil products, but they also boast a variety of skin care goods and bespoke sport lotions. Enjoy ultra-light, non-greasy, sports level protection which will last you the whole day. A bonus is the formula won’t run into your eyes if you are exercising in the heat.


Whether you use the lotion or spray, P20 offers up to 10 hours of reliable sun protection from just one application. The lightweight and transparent formula can be used on body, face and scalp, ensuring an even coverage that’s quick absorbing and leaves no white marks.

Bondi Sands

The sun cream that comes with a creamy coconut scent and all celebs are talking about on their Instagram accounts. Bondi Sands sun cream has an excellent consistency whilst still being lightweight and easy to apply. It’s long lasting SPF50+ protection and four hours of guaranteed water resistant also make Bondi Sands a sun cream you should be looking to purchase this summer.



Trading for over twenty years, they place a real importance on providing families with quality protection at prices everyone can afford. Malibu also offer lip balm products to help protect your lips from excessive sun exposure.

Piz Buin

Available in an array of SPF ratings ranging from 10 to 50, Piz Buin have you covered. Whilst you’re soaking up the rays in the glorious sun, Piz Buin products intensely moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and silky soft all day.

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