Written by Evie Fane de Salis • Published 10th March 2020 • 3 minute read

The largest business and consumer show, the Wearable Tech Show, is returning to London this week, bringing together the latest in cutting edge technology under one roof. The event will see new and existing tech which is disrupting the wearable space, and we’re excited to be joining them to hear about the latest releases and what the experts predict for the future of wearables.

Paving the way for hybrids

Since wearable tech first became a phenomenon, smartwatches have arguably dominated the conversation. But as our lives get busier and we become more time-poor, there’s a demand for more hybrid products to be discreet and unobtrusive that are convenient and fit around our everyday lives. One of the ones we’re looking forward to seeing at the Wearable Tech Show is Fauna, which has created a revolutionary audio eyewear product which doubles as high-end glasses and a comprehensive audio system. The eyewear features MEMS loud-speaker technology which allows users to not only listen to music through their glasses, but also make phone calls whilst still being able to perceive sounds coming from the environment.

Another business we’re excited to see is Avantari and its innovative meditation device – the Dhyana. Whilst a lot of wearable tech is geared towards monitoring a user’s health and fitness, this piece of incredible tech is built to track your meditation. The modern innovation uses Heart Rate Variability to capture every heartbeat with 95% accuracy against a medical-grade ECG. So, it can detect fluctuations in your heart rhythm, and therefore when you might be feeling stressed or under pressure. It can prompt the user to meditate to help reduce stress levels and improve mental and cognitive performance.

Paying it forward

As we’re constantly rushing around and seeking convenience, consumers are increasingly looking to wearables to provide solutions that save time and mean we don’t need to rummage in our pockets or bags for payment. Tech firms like K Wearables are harnessing their expertise to cater for our busy generation. This forward-thinking business recognises the need of the masses for convenient solutions and can white label their own integrated payments ecosystem products or integrate payment functionality into consumers’ existing products. It’s innovative K Ring allows users to make contactless payments and doesn’t require charging or pairing with another device, so you’ll always be able to pay.

Another payment wearable we’re looking forward to seeing is Tovi Sorga, self-confessed secure contactless payments designed to suit you. They’re bringing quintessentially British solutions to the table for fashion conscious consumers with luxury products including contactless payment bracelets and keyrings. They’re taking the next step in making wearables more inclusive and accessible, and we’re excited to see what they do next.

Tracking devices and healthcare

With increasing uncertainty around our healthcare system, it has been predicted that we’ll see a spike in wearable health tech to take tracking our mental and physical health into our own hands.

One of the companies doing this for the older generation is Techsixtyfour with its My Gator Watch, a wearable Phone with GPS tracker for seniors. The simplicity and modern design of the product makes it the perfect solution for anyone over 65 who doesn’t want to use a smartphone but wants to stay connected. The watch can track users with both GPS outdoors and WiFi indoors, connect to multiple networks and weighs only 40g. With the growing pressure placed on healthcare systems and families, it’s no surprise this product is rated top of its kind on Amazon and we’re excited to see what they have coming up.

Abbott is another company allowing consumers to take their health into their own hands. It’s FreeStyle Libre system allows diabetes patients to monitor their glucose with a quick and easy scan. The company’s Diabetes Care division designs, develops and manufactures several leading glucose monitoring systems and test strips for use in either the home or in a hospital setting, giving users autonomy and freedom of discretion.

These are just a few of the amazing businesses, both large and small, that we’re looking forward to seeing at the Wearable Tech Show this week. If you’re attending the show and would like to meet and discuss how PR could improve your mobility company’s awareness, get in touch with our team today.