Written by Tom Clarke • Published 4th May 2018 • 3 minute read

Fitness and health experts will be descending on London this week for Elevate Expo, the UK’s largest fitness and physical activity trade show. The exhibition plays host to a 1,000 of the latest productions and innovations within the exercise industry, whilst over 200 expert guest speakers share knowledge across a two-day programme.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite companies we are most looking forward to seeing exhibit at Elevate.

1.)    ((Bounce))

((Bounce)) is a fun, friendly and fierce group fitness company on mini trampolines. It’s received praise from all around the globe with NASA calling it the ‘most efficient, effective exercise yet devised by man’. With a fresh approach to traditional bouncing, the unique dance-based choreography sets ((Bounce)) apart. Founder & CEO, Kimberlee Perry, started with just eight trampolines in a small studio a little over two years ago, ((Bounce)) now has over 150 studios in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

2.)    Wattbike

Since its launch a decade ago, Wattbike has been at the forefront of indoor cycling technology. Since their introduction to the fitness industry, Wattbike has been endorsed by a plethora of athletes and teams all around the world. Now available to use in most health and fitness providers up and down the country, Wattbike is the only indoor bike to offer elite level training to the masses. Through immersive cycling zones, Wattbike has redefined indoor cycling by bringing small group training to the gym floor.

We’re excited to see what Wattbike have in store for us in 2018 with promises of advancement in not only software but equipment as well.

3.)    Virtuagym

Virtuagym delivers everything you need for member engagement, coaching, and management. You can build a retention – building community and engage with your members more efficiently than ever before with a unique collection of mobile apps. Virtuagym’s software solutions are designed to reduce hassle and save time, and thanks to the open nature of the platform, you’re able to connect with a wide variety of partners such as cardio machine suppliers to payment providers. Effectively supplying you with everything you would require to run a modern fitness business.

Virtuagym already supports more than 11 million consumers, 4,500+ health clubs and over 25,000 trainers worldwide.

4.)    Rugged Interactive

Rugged Interactive designs and manufactures interactive fitness equipment. Equipment that is truly unique, extremely fun and fully inclusive. A rapidly growing high-tech fitness equipment company, who have a passion for creating new and stimulating apparatus that helps people of all ages and provides the ability to improve their fitness and performance. The products that Rugged Interactive have designed are specifically tailored to motivate people to keep both mind and body fit and active.

5.)    Gympass UK

Gympass have a mission. A mission to defeat inactivity. By partnering with companies to dramatically increase the number of active people amongst their employees. Gympass connect your gym or health club to employees to help increase your corporate member base and revenue. Gympass essentially is a discovery platform that empowers companies and people to lead a healthier lifestyle and find an activity they love.

Whether you’re attending the event or not, these five health and fitness companies are certainly worth keeping an eye on!

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