Written by Alex Cornwell • Published 11th May 2018 • 3 minute read

As the biggest indoor fitness expo in the world, BodyPower has built up quite the reputation since its inception 10 years ago, as a playground for some of the finest brands and athletes in the health and fitness industry.

That being said, we expect this year’s three-day phenomenon, which begins today May 11th, to be no different. In its typical ‘showy’ manor, the event will showcase a Vegas theme with over 100,000 visitors expected to attend over the course of the three days. Here, we’ve picked out five brands that we expect to turn heads at this year’s expo.

Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN)

Perhaps fittingly with its name, as a company that was the brainchild of mountain bike enthusiast Albé Heldenguys, established back in 1999, USN has now established itself as somewhat of the ‘ultimate’ in sports nutrition.

Through its ethos, ‘Challenge Yourself’, it has managed to position itself in what is fast becoming a cluttered market as a brand for everyone, yet with performance always in mind. Epitomised by it’s new product, Blue Lab Whey, which is the industry’s first consumer feedback-based product of its kind, we can’t wait to get a taste at this year’s show.

Men’s Health Kitchen

As arguably the world’s most successful men’s health publication in the world, one might question the need for Men’s Health to grow their brand further, but rest assured, they have.

Having launched Men’s Health Kitchen back in 2016, a range of healthy, high-protein meals designed to help men eat smart without adding time to their busy schedules, they’ve cemented themselves as a favourite among many.

With the roaring success of Joe Wicks’ first book, lean in 15, back in 2015, they acted fast and have been rewarded for there guise. With a live kitchen set to grace this year’s show, we look forward to seeing what tasty meals they have in store for us.


One might argue that frozen yoghurt has been one of the sensations of the last decade with each new brand trying to top (or should we say topping) one another, with consumers going wild for that magic ingredient or flavour.

For Yogland, the secret has been finding their niche, offering up protein twists on what is fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite ‘desserts’. Add in specialities such as their carb conscious toasties and protein coffee, all of which are vegan, paleo and gluten friendly, and it appears they’ve found a winning formula.

With plans in place for them to expand internationally, we see BodyPower as just another stepping stone in their uprise.


In this day and age, the power of technology is unquestionable, and specifically, we’re always looking for the latest fitness gadget to help us get in shape. With many of these not yet an exact science, however, Bodystat’s body composition technology is changing that, boasting scientific powers that are epitomised by its slogan ‘progress with purpose’.

Through 30 years of expertise, they have curated reliable, accurate and portable devices delivering body composition measurements that are fast becoming an instant hit with gyms across the fitness industry as consumers look to science to sculpt their waistlines. If it’s inspiration you’re after, they’re a must see at this year’s show.


With such vicious competition in the fitness industry, it’s no doubt credibility is an absolute must. Viability to all and finding that niche are also key ingredients if your brand is to shake things up. Forget shakes though, as perhaps protein’s greatest friend, and Protein Water co. are making their mark with no shaking required.

As their name suggests, this dynamic company have produced a range of water-based protein products promising to give consumers that protein fix with hydration that stacks up admirably.

Always looking to innovate, their products are developed and blended using high quality clinically proven ingredients. Better still, they’re all 100% natural, GMO FREE and free from all artificial ingredients. Even their bottles are BPA FREE! If you’re one looking to break the mould from the traditional protein shake, these guys are a must visit!

One thing’s for sure, it looks set to be an incredible three days and will no doubt entertain, inspire and motivate you with some of the UK’s best and most dedicated amateurs going head to head in various competitions.

If you like the sound of our choices and want to talk about taking your PR outreach to the next level, contact us today.