Written by Tom Clarke • Published 17th September 2019 • 4 minute read

When we book our holidays, we often look for places that offer us an escape and a sense of luxury. Hospitality brands are constantly evolving to make sure they are offering the best service possible and at a competitive price. The biggest way the industry is achieving this evolution is through technology, with hotels and spas adopting the latest innovations to rewrite the DNA of their industry.

These cutting-edge companies will be on display at this year’s Hotel and Spa Tech Live taking place in September over at the ExCel London centre, where the hospitality industry’s most influential figures will be taking to the stage to discuss the hottest topics in hospitality tech.

We’ve picked our top seven companies who we are expecting big things from in the coming months:


Synel is an industry leader in workforce management and promises to save you time and money by efficiently optimising your shifts. Their web-based workforce management solution can be used by everyone in the hospitality industry, from independent restaurants all the way through to major hotel brands.  Allowing you to track your staff’s working patterns and staffing levels.


RoomOrders is a great solution that allows you to order your meal for the evening while on the go. Describing itself as ‘uberizing the in-room dining for hotels around the world’. Rather than having to go through a menu in your room and call your order in, guests can now use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop to place their order, having the entire menu at their fingertips. Free to use, RoomOrders helps improve the guest experience and cuts down on time.


Designed to connect you to a local network of transport providers, hoppaGo makes transport connections quick and affordable. Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, there is a vehicle to suit your needs. The technology is easy for hotels, staff and guests to use and compares thousands of providers every day for their customers.


Acomas is the leading hotel management system created to help hotels stay booked up. Their system takes the admin out of making sure your room bookings and services are all taken care off, allowing management to take the time and interact with guests. Outside of room bookings, the platform also allows you to track and manage spas and function rooms, analysing the hotels overall performance with acomasQI™.

Zeez Sleep  

Zeez Sleep is behind the award-winning sleep device, the Zeez Sleep Pebble, and will be launching their latest device – the Zeez Sleep Pillow Pad – at Hotel 360 to help guests get the best night sleep at your hotel. The Pillow contains sensors over a wide surface which lets off tiny pulses that reproduces the brainwave pattern of a good sleeper, prompting the user’s brain to relax and sleep.


Delivering great background music with zero hassle is music tech business, Ambie. Simply answer a few questions either online or on the telephone about your business, customer demographics and trading patterns and Ambie will take care of the rest. Ambie will also design a collection of playlists tailored to your needs.

The Ambie player itself is a small, palm-sized player that connects seamlessly to your existing sound system and only takes a couple of minutes to set up and start playing your bespoke background music. For businesses who have multiple locations, the Ambie app is a perfect and simple way for decision-makers to check what’s playing in all locations and even allows for feedback to be sent back to Ambie.


Kantox is a currency exchange platform providing software, such as currency management and payment solutions. The platform helps businesses manage their foreign exchange processes. Kantox serves over 3,500 clients in 25 industries, and these businesses have exchanged more than £8 billion via the platform. The business has appeared on the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 list every year since 2016.


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