Written by Katy Campbell • Published 27th July 2012

It only took until the first tournament of the Olympics for a human error to occur. Not a small error either, a whopper! Whilst the North Korean women’s football team prepared themselves for the match against Columbia, running out on to the pitch they were greeted by their faces on the big screen proudly representing the… South Korean flag! Of all the flags to wrongly hang, that was probably the worst.

Quite fairly, the North Korean players staged a protest for one hour and five minutes until the flag of their neighbouring country was taken down and replaced with the correct one. South Korea and North Korea don’t exactly have the most harmonious of relationships, especially after the Korean War that started in 1950. It’s no surprise that it was taken as a personal insult.

The Big North Korean Blunder

There has been debate as to whether the mistake was made deliberately and Gun Sin Ui, the coach of the women’s team, has said that it is a question he will be asking FIFA and LOCOG. It is highly doubtful that it was purposeful foul play, and if it was, whoever did it would have had to have a very dark sense of humour.

Luckily, even though unfortunately for Columbia, North Korea went on to win the match 2-0, which was probably the best possible outcome; hopefully serving to quash any long-lasting angst against Britain.

Here’s hoping for a smooth running Olympic Games from here on out. Pigs might fly.