Written by • Published 13th May 2013


The word ‘Parkour’ will, to most of us, conjure up images of stuntmen jumping from roofs, running up walls and flying spectacularly through the air. Having been featured in films including Casino Royale, Skyfall and District 13, it’s understandable that Parkour (or ‘free-running’) is a movement discipline recognised largely for the role it has played on the big screen.

But what was once a movement technique used to impress cinema-goers and action film fanatics, has gradually been impressively transformed into a technique practiced by people all over the world.

Parkour is now a fitness phenomenon and one which is firmly making its mark on the UK.

The objective? To use and explore the environment and to develop the fundamental attributes required for movement – from balance and dynamism, to strength, endurance and creative vision.

Today people of all ages and abilities are learning Parkour and are utilising the technique to build strength and increase fitness levels.

Parkour is all about functional fitness. It does not require expensive equipment, training gear or even a gym membership – all you need is your body, the determination to succeed and a willingness to explore the environment around you.

Take a look at some of the professionals in action below…… and if you like the sound of Parkour, why not try out a class near to you www.parkourgenerations.com


Dan Edwardes

Dan Edwardes, Parkour Generations



Shirley Darlington, Parkour Generations




Fizz Hood, Parkour Generations



Words by Sarah Taylor