Written by Tom Clarke • Published 18th May 2018 • 2 minute read

10 am – Not long until the day’s activities kick-off, the nerves begin to set in. Today is not the day for a slip-up, so with that in mind, shoelaces are given the double bow treatment. Prince Harry can’t be taking any chances with the walk up to St. George’s Chapel.

11 am – The nervous energy has taken over; the cold sweat can’t be stopped. Remaining in control seems an unachievable task. The hordes of fans you’ve passed en route chanting your name haven’t helped. But after muttering some carefully chosen words to yourself, you remember, you live for days like today. After that, getting off the team bus and walking towards the coveted Wembley changing rooms doesn’t seem too difficult.

12:30 pm – Being one of the eagerly anticipated events of the year, there isn’t a seat going spare. After a quick glance around the venue, it wouldn’t be wrong to think there haven’t been this many celebrities in one place since the last series of ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’

Things are starting to get tasty. It’s the business end of the season where stellar performances don’t necessarily matter it’s all about the result. The royal couple to be, manage to successfully recite their vows without any issues.

1 pm – The newlyweds exit the chapel and begin on their carriage procession through Windsor. Meanwhile just up the M25 back at the FA’s HQ, both sets of players have taken to the field in their glad rags, ready to make some pledges of their own for the day ahead.

3:30 pm – With starting line-ups submitted, it’s time to focus and mentally prepare for the match ahead. Cup finals are never a walk in the park and tensions will be running high, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, luckily there’s a suave and sophisticated wedding reception going on at St. George’s Hall.

4:45 pm – With only 30 minutes until kick off, it’s time to get creative. How exactly will you get the better of your opposing number, delivering the best man speech is one way to go about it I suppose…

5:15 pm – Whilst Anglo-American relations are progressing nicely down the road. The 2018 FA Cup Final is underway, it’s time to choose. Are you a red or a blue for the day?

5:45 pm – The day has been a roaring success, but there’s still one question on everybody’s lips that hasn’t been answered. The question everyone’s been asking for months. Yes, Prince William has turned up at Wembley to fill his post as President of the FA.

Talk about super Saturday…

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