Written by • Published 27th April 2018 • 2 minute read

Darren Yates, Presenter / Producer of Ginger and Nuts

Radio is really powerful when it comes to influencing others. You don’t have to be in front of anything like a TV, or laptop and there is no need to buy magazines or newspapers. It’s an everywhere medium. So, whether you’re at home, or sipping cocktails on the beach in Malibu, you can tune in and listen to our weekly radio show on your phone, tablet or PC. It’s syndicated across a network of diverse stations.

I believe it’s this natural ability to engage and interact with others that helped us to achieve the ‘best community radio show’ status on Mixcloud.

On our show we review a lot of products which we love to do, you have to be honest. With 47% of people choosing radio as their first source of information, it’s important not to say something is absolutely fabulous when in fact it’s dreadful.

For many, radio acts as a friend. Listeners feel they have a personal relationship with us presenters and believe we are speaking directly to them and so what we say is trusted. Our common touch to spread the word about a product, therefore, works well. After all, word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

From crisps to bags of chicken crackling. Period Pants to Teeth Whitening Kits. Vacuums with headlights and top of the range blenders, our reviews are always fun. Having an ‘unpredictable’ approach as to what we’re reviewing and what we say works well.

For the brand, it’s far from just getting a freebie, we will talk about the product on air across all stations, saving them thousands of pounds. We also publish posts on our website endorsing the products which we share on social media. It’s a ‘win-win’ for the companies and they seem to love working with us too.

Last year, we interviewed the CEO of Lovehoney, the UK’s largest online sex retailer and he kindly sent us a naughty advent calendar to talk about on air. We had to open a few doors each week, and we genuinely didn’t know what to expect. We were howling with laughter with some of the items which made our eyes water, but it was a huge success with listeners and we made that subject of sex toys less dirty.

More recently, working with Sophie from The PHA Group was a fantastic experience. She has a wonderful approach, together with superb communication skills and lives up to their statement “Vibrant people who deliver”. It was funny because we only asked if we could review a coffee machine, but ended up with a Shark Vacuum with headlights, but we loved talking about it.

We also reviewed the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Complete Kitchen system and prepared a smoothie live on air. It was different but it generated some good feedback. Maybe after reading this, we will get that coffee machine!

To end, I must point out that we present the show for free, and I do it because it’s a ‘release’ for me as I live with chronic anxiety.  I rarely answer the phone or leave the house alone so it’s been great achieving everything using the power of social media and email communication.

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