Written by Katia Ponnampalam • Published 01st July 2016

Our newest intern, Euan, writes about his experience with us!

A simple Google search has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Back in February, I began to search for a summer internship. I figured out that I wanted to get a full-encompassing experience working at an influential PR agency in London. So I commenced with a whimsical Google search of the best PR agencies in London and was beyond fortunate to come into contact with The PHA Group. The PHA Group immediately stuck out to me as a company that ticked all of the boxes (and more) of what kind of work experience that I was looking for this summer.
I took a chance and reached out from America with an email and CV. And to be honest, I did not really even expect to get a reply. However, I got an immediate response from the HR team that was personable and not generic, a nice touch that I really appreciated. With timely correspondence during all stages of our across the pond communication, I could tell that the company really took a genuine and professional interest in creating and maintaining a relationship.

After emailing, talking on the phone, and meeting on skype, I became extremely excited about the potential to intern at PHA. All of my contact with the company had been positive, friendly, and professional. Taking on an intern from America must not have been an easy decision to make and I am extremely grateful that PHA chose to offer me a work experience opportunity this summer.
Coming all the way from America to live and work on my own in London for the summer was admittedly quite daunting; and I was certainly apprehensive about starting my internship with PHA.
My worries were immediately erased as soon as I arrived, as everyone went out their way to welcome me and to help me settle in. The approachability and friendliness I experienced on day one has been the same each and every day and is exemplified by everyone working here. Such an environment has made my transition to life and work here so much easier and at the same time so much more enjoyable.

I couldn’t ask for a better social-side of my experience and I certainly couldn’t ask for a better work experience. I didn’t want to be an intern that sits around twiddling their thumbs all day or sits around doing pointless work. Thankfully, PHA have structured an organised internship that has me working on both meaningful and varied work. And when opportunities such as seminars or other professional events come about, I am always included – fully maximising every second of my time here.
The quality of the internship and the quality of all the workers here are bar none in all regards. It is really amazing what a small google search can do and I could not have been any luckier than to have come across The PHA Group in my search for a summer internship.