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Described as a life-changing practice, yoga has been around for more than five thousand years. Many experts say that the qualities come from the embedded importance of breathing. Yoga engages the mind, promoting health both mentally and physically. It aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle by injecting positivity into our minds. The intertwined idea of ‘mindfulness’ combats stress and combined with breathing exercises can increase efficiency and self-awareness within a busy working life. The awareness of the present can lead to a boosted memory and increase concentration. The increased blood flow can help overcome depression, anxiety and even insomnia.

Physically, the slow stretches relieve tension in muscles and improves flexibility and posture that protect against injury. Bad posture can be the cause of many joint problems and yoga is a great way to slowly correct this with any drastic changes. You may start unable to touch your toes however, a consistent practice can loosen muscles. Strengthening your muscles through yoga as opposed to lifting weights at the gym means that you are not compromising your flexibility. Certain yoga poses promote the increase of blood flow which is important for circulation particularly for your hands and feet. This can be especially useful during the winter months. As well as the slow anaerobic movements that many of us associate yoga with, there is also a fair share of aerobic yoga. Ashtanga yoga is a form of yoga that can be more vigorous. Yoga has been proven to lower your resting heart rate resulting in a rise in stamina.

We’ve included some images to get you started with some beginner yoga poses:

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