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It’s easy to lose motivation during the cold winter months but with shorter, colder and darker days, getting out to exercise can be just as important for our mental health as our physical health. We reached out to a couple of our favourite bloggers from our insight article ‘10 Great UK Health & Fitness Bloggers’ to get some advice on the top ways to keep up with your fitness as the frost begins to settle.

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Carly Rowena from: www.carlyrowena.com  

A confident summer body is 100% made in the winter, transformations don’t happen overnight and we can easily undo all our handwork by falling off the bandwagon and into a big tray of mince pies and goblet of mulled wine.

winter, fitness, health

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Keeping or getting fit in winter is all about preparation, the darker, cooler nights make excuses our worst enemy so prepare your mind against failure by having quick fixes for every excuse. Get your gym clothes ready the night before and pop next to a radiator so that they’re all snuggly and inviting in the morning.

Prepare your meals, in the winter we all want comfort food so make your slow cooker your best friend, popping your raw ingredients in in the morning and coming home to a healthy cooked meal is the best way to stay on track, plus it should keep for at least two days.

winter, health, fitness

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Change up your routine by trying a new class, dance lesson, workout DVD or boost your motivation by holding someone else accountable, have a couple of PT sessions or take someone along with you. Don’t push yourself into doing something you hate, you’ll never do it, getting fit is just about moving your body so move it in any way you enjoy!

Laura Baker from: www.girl-gainz.com

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s easy to go into “festive mode” a little early. Here are a few tips to rev up your motivation & stay on track with your fitness & nutrition this winter:

  1. Have a plan – sounds simple I know but so many people tend to let their regime slip in winter. Creating yourself a “winter body” training plan which you can use to monitor your progress from week to week will help keep you on track.
  2. Make seasonal switches – Warming, veg-packed stews & casseroles are a great way to stick to your healthy eating resolutions whilst keeping you satisfied in winter. Switch lunchtime salads for chunky soups, & morning smoothie or cereal bowls for warm oats with autumn/winter fruits such as blackberries, figs, rhubarb & dates. If you know you get a little lazy in winter, these things can be made in large batches & stored in the fridge for your own “grab & go” healthy ready meals.
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  1. Get a head start – Rather than waiting for the post-Christmas “wow I need to diet” feeling. I like to do a pre-Christmas “mini-cut”. Nothing crazy but I’ll restrict calories a little ahead of the big event so that I know I can enjoy some extra food Christmas Day & Boxing Day with minimal impact on my overall body composition. Think of it like saving to buy Christmas presents from your debit account, rather than putting all the gifts on a credit card & paying it off after!
  2. Get your kit on – If (like me) you feel the cold easily treat yourself to some new accessories to keep you snug such as warm headbands, earmuffs, fleece gloves and a cosy jacket. You can also transform your ¾ length summer leggings into winter ones with a pair of thick over knee socks.
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Image courtesy of Laura Baker

  1. Be prepared – The cold weather can leave us feeling a bit sluggish & wanting to stay tucked up in bed or wrapped in a warm blanket indoors. If you know you’re more likely to hit the snooze button, then hop out of bed ready to workout. If you’re heading to the gym after work, then changing into your kit before you leave the office can help keep you focused on the workout ahead.
  2. Get Cooking – Dark early nights mean more of us tend to stay in so why not put that time to good use & do some meal preparation or baking? If you know your weakness is a slice of cake & a hot coffee in the cold weather, then why not whip up a batch of lower-calorie cakes or cookies.
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Image courtesy of: Laura Baker

  1. Stay hydrated – the cold weather can often blunt your perception of thirst. If you don’t fancy knocking back icy water at this time of year then fruit or herbal teas, or warmed sugar-free berry squashes make great thirst quenchers.