Written by • Published 10th May 2018 • 4 minute read

Next week marks the start of The Business Show – the UK’s largest business exhibition – taking place at the ExCel Centre on 16th and 17th May for a jam-packed agenda of innovative and thought-provoking keynote talks and workshops.

Here are our top speakers to check out at this year’s event.

Emma-Jane Packe, Managing Director of The Supper Club

Misleading as the name may be, The Supper Club is not a fine-dining experience. But it does represent the cream of the crop in enterprise and business.

If you’re an entrepreneur with revenues between £1 million and £500 million, chances are you and E-J are well acquainted. She has an eye for entrepreneurialism innovation, growth, and wealth creation. Through The Supper Club, E-J supports business owners and their teams and loves meeting some of the country’s most inspiring minds.

E-J will share insights gathered from 2,500 events to discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in 2018, what helps SMEs to scale rapidly and why it is sometimes important for entrepreneurs to get out of their own way.

Hear her Secrets to Scale for a 21st Century Entrepreneur on Thursday 17th May at 2 pm in Keynote Theatre 1.

 Ben Jefferies, CEO & Founder of Influencer

 At 22, Ben has packed in more accomplishments in his career than most can hope for in a lifetime. At 15, he set up a clothing company which paved the way for the launch of Influencer – a web platform that allows brands to collaborate with social media content creators and is now one of the UK’s largest influencer marketing companies.

It’s no surprise to see Ben will be addressing the audience on “How to smash Influencer Marketing in 2018”, sharing his words of wisdom on how to make a ground-breaking campaign. We’re sure the Keynote Theatre will be filled, with attendees looking for guidance on how to use influencer marketing successfully in their business from one of the best.

Catch Ben’s keynote, How to smash Influencer Marketing in 2018, on Wednesday 16th May at 11.45am in Keynote Theatre 2.

Avin Rabheru, Founder of Housekeep

Who knew the house cleaning business needed a shakeup? Avin Rabheru recognised the gap in the market and set up leading house cleaning agency, Housekeep from scratch.

Avin is an avid early-stage investor and has been involved in start-ups such as Streetcar/Zipcar, Kabbee and Crowdcube to name a few. This gives him the chance to back the start-up community, providing young businesses with the financial injection they need to get their idea off the ground.

Avin’s keynote is not one to be missed if you’re a budding entrepreneur. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the UK’s top entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Catch Avin at his keynote, From Startup to Market Leader in a £4bn Market, on Thursday 17th May at 4.15pm in Keynote Theatre 2.

 Christian Samuel, Founder of University Cribs

Christian caught the enterprise bug early on. He got his first taste for business success aged 12, buying and selling antique pots, which nearly made him £3,000 for his efforts.

After being told he’d never succeed by teachers and adults around him, he now runs proptech business University Cribs. Founded in 2016, when Christian was just 23, the business connects students to accommodation providers across the UK. In 2017, he was crowned Welsh Young Entrepreneur of the Year, putting his name firmly on our list of ones to watch at this year’s Business Show.

Christian will share his experience on how, even as a school dropout, you can build a successful business with the right attitude. We expect University Cribs to go global in the coming years and are excited to watch this growth.

Hear Christian’s session The Journey of a 16-year-old Dropout, on Wednesday 16th May at 2 pm in Keynote Theatre 1.

Dominic McGregor, COO & Co-founder of The Social Chain Group

The running trend of young successful entrepreneurs continues, and at the tender age of 21, Dominic and his business partner Steven Barlett dropped out of university and set out to change the way brands engage with social media. And so, The Social Chain was born.

Their business model is based on the ability to leverage hundreds of social communities to control what gets talked about online through carefully created content. The pair claim to be able to make anything the top trending topic on Twitter in 30 minutes or less – a bold statement in a highly competitive market.

The Social Chain now operates out of four metropolitan hubs – London, Manchester, New York and Berlin – proving that these two really are wired in to what makes brands, millennials and influencers tick.

Dominic is set to a challenge the glamourised perception of being a young entrepreneur in his talk, The Darkside of Growing a Business in 2018, on Wednesday 16th May at 3.30pm in Keynote Theatre 1.

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