Written by Natasha Wren • Published 9th March 2020 • 2 minute read

MoneyLive Spring 2020 has arrived! Whether you are a retail banker or an emerging fintech in Europe’s financial services ecosystem, the stage will be showcasing what the future of the payments and banking world looks like in the decade ahead. With many companies coming together to become more agile, and forecast their industry predictions, we’ve taken a look at a few game-changers.


Raisin is the platform that has transformed the savings marketplace in the UK and has quickly become the in-demand company for savings products with hugely attractive interest rates. With dedicated platforms based in European countries from Germany to Spain, to the Netherlands and Austria, Raisin ensures all interest rate differences are considered by placing a range of deposits from various banks all in one place. Now managing an investment volume of over €500 million, Raisin is headed for a 2020 US launch. The company is well on its way to making itself a staple in delivering the benefits of cross-border banking in line with regulation to millions of consumers across Europe and the US.


Digital identity continues to be a talking point for financial services and ensuring all security standards and compliance needs are met as a pressing issue. Since 2015, Loqr has come onto the scene and delivered a one-stop-shop solution to market designed to manage the complete lifecycle of digital identity. Using Loqr a customer’s virtual presence and onboarding process is made fully compliant with KYC guidelines and contract signing. Now involved in highly regulated verticals across Fintech, InsurTech and RegTech sectors, Loqr provides all the best-in-class tools to fill all the technological gaps in customer due diligence.


Penta set out to tackle the multitude of issues faced in SME banking with a mission to provide a real-time overview of their finances, accounting integration and company cards. Building up a presence across the German and French SME landscape, Penta have established themselves as a more cost-efficient platform with a smarter overview of financials 24×7. Having built up more than 5,500 customers, Penta’s digital banking solutions will undoubtedly continue to accelerate the capabilities of SMEs.


A new challenger bank on the scene, Dozens only launched in 2019 has already amassed over 12,000 downloads and is already experiencing rapid growth. Dozens is a platform built to support customers to manage their finances more effectively on an all-in-one app that lets them have oversight of all their investing, spending, budgeting and saving. As a wealth-management alternative, Dozens is offering an opportunity to give the everyday consumer a chance to assess their own behaviour in relation to their spending habits in order to grow their money.

Funding Circle

Funding Circle has become a leading peer-to-peer loans platform for global SMEs. Working out of the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands, Funding Circle allows small businesses to source loans provided from investors to grow at a faster rate. Now SMEs can get confirmed funding offers with speed and greater transparency allowing for the lending market to experience more confidence in the decade ahead.

One thing is for sure, the companies exhibiting and speaking at MoneyLive Spring 2020 will set the scene for the year ahead. If you’re attending and would like to meet and discuss PR, get in touch.