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One Direction fans didn't take well to GQ's coverage of Styles in 2013

One Direction fans didn’t take well to GQ’s coverage of Styles in 2013

As we enter the magical final few days in the run-up to Christmas – wild-eyed panic buying, journeys home with drunken commuters and looming gridlock on the roads – we also enter into the dying embers of 2013 and have a chance to step back and reflect on the year gone by.

As the media world surveys 2013, offering a gentle nod of approval for the big PR successes of the year and a shake of the head at the year’s most epic PR failures, and as we take stock of 2013’s heroes and villains, it is time to test our knowledge of the past twelve months and take on The PHA Group 2013 quiz.

Good luck, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

1) Who were TIME Magazine describing, in announcing their Person of the Year, when they wrote: “Rarely has a player on the world stage captured so much attention so quickly – young and old, faithful and cynical – as has…”

a)      a)   Pope Francis

b)      b)   Luis Suarez

c)      c)    Prince George

2) Which international figure was publicly admonished by German authorities and animal rights groups in August 2013 after leaving behind their pet capuchin monkey on a visit to Munich.?

a)      a)    Lady Gaga

b)      b)   Justin Bieber

c)      c)   Angela Merkel

3) Which well-known Mayor generated worldwide headlines in 2013 for public drunkenness, admitting drug use, getting involved in a mass brawl and dancing to Bob Marley during a council meeting?

a)      a)    Boris Johnson

b)      b)   Michael Bloomberg

c)      c)    Rob Ford

4) Who was Sir Alex Ferguson describing in his 2013 autobiography – leading to a public spat – when he wrote: “It was frightening to watch. And I’m from Glasgow. He has the most savage tongue you can imagine. He can debilitate the most confident person in the world in seconds with that tongue.” 

a)      a)    David Beckham

b)      b)   Wayne Rooney

c)      c)    Roy Keane

5) Hot on the heels of TIME, who were the Guardian writing about, in announcing their own Person of the Year, when writing: It is this personal sacrifice, as much as his revelations, that impressed most readers who voted for him.”

a)      a)    Edward Snowden

b)      b)   Paul Dacre

c)      c)    Kayne West

6) In 2013, Google examined what questions people typed into its search engine and from this compiled a top “what is” list. What was the top search item?

What is?

a)      a)   Life

b)      b)   Twerking

c)      c)    A Selfie

7) What gesture was FA Chairman Greg Dyke caught making on camera at the moment that England’s World Cup draw was announced?

a)      a)    Slit-throat

b)      b)   ‘L’ for Loser

c)      c)    Pumped fist

8) Who, in opening up to a rare personal interview in 2013, said: ‘It’s my duty to worry about everybody and their lives in this country, to try to find a way of improving things if I possibly can.’

a)      a)   George Osborne

b)      b)   Joey Essex

c)      c)    Prince Charles

9) Which British magazine faced a social media backlash from thousands of fans after featuring One Direction star Harry Styles on its cover with the headline ‘He’s Up all night to get lucky”?

a)      a)   New Statesman

b)      b)   The Lady

c)      c)    GQ

10) Which artist broke the record for the fastest-selling album on iTunes in 2013, despite no promotional or marketing campaign?

a)      a)   Beyonce

b)      b)   Miley Cyrus

c)      c)    James Blunt


Answers 1) Pope Francis 2) Justin Bieber 3) Rob Ford 4) Roy Keane 5) Edward Snowden 6) Twerking 7) Slit-throat 8) Prince Charles 9) GQ 10) James Blunt Beyonce