Written by PHA Media PR • Published 19th March 2014

Missing Flight MH370 The PHA Group

‘Image courtesy of Aero Icarus in Flickr’

Where is missing flight MH370?

The million dollar question is being asked daily, by media, newscasters, politicians, aviation experts and millions of people around the world.

It is truly a global story, one of the most perplexing modern-day mysteries we have seen.

Everyone has their own theory and these have moved along at a rapid pace since the 200-ton Boeing 777, along with 239 passengers and crew, simply vanished off the radar.

A terror attack. Pilot error. Mechanical malfunction. The jet was flown below 5,000ft after having its transponder switched off around the time the co-pilot signed off with the words: “Alright, goodnight.”

The latest theory centres on gas filling the cockpit, while a sighting of a low jet over the Maldives appears to have been discounted.

If the investigation appears to be in a mess, we can in part blame PR error.