Written by Tom Clarke • Published 2nd July 2018 • 2 minute read

In the culinary world individuality, excitement and creativity are an important factor for success. With new foody joints popping up all the time we take a look at the chains that seem to be taking the UK high-street by storm and steamed, baked and griddled their way into our hearts.

Here are our top restaurant chains who always deliver results.

Five Guys

Locations across UK: 87

Originally from the USA, Five Guys has become increasingly popular with us Brits. Five Guys suggest that there are over 25,000 ways to order your burger so you’re never short of choices! Placing a large emphasis on ‘freshness’, Five Guys takes up to three hours to open the restaurants every day while they prepare the produce for the day ahead.


Locations across UK: 57

Offering fresh individually-wrapped sushi, their healthy, fast and filling options ensure that there is something available for everyone. At affordable prices and multiple locations, customers can satisfy their sushi cravings at a drop of a hat.


Locations across UK: 25

Delivering an authentic Mexican cuisine experience with freshly made guacamole and vibrant cocktails, what’s not to love? In just over 10 years, the Wahaca family has expanded to 25 restaurants in the UK. Heading up the business is former Master Chef winner founder and owner Thomasina Miers.


Locations across UK: 49

Inspired by the flavours and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking, LEON believes in sourcing great ingredients that are good for both you and the planet. They actively monitor food waste in their restaurants on a daily basis, LEON has a series of procedures in place to improve and minimise the amount of waste they produce.

Ping Pong

Locations across UK: 8

A modern and lively group of restaurants serving dim sum, cocktails and a variety of Chinese teas, Ping Pong have exploded onto the market. Steamed to perfection and served alongside fried rice and griddled dishes, a great location for dinner or a quick lunchtime pit stop if you’re into your oriental foods.


Locations across UK: 5

For a pizza restaurant chain to stand out in the UK, they must be unique and be offering something different. Enter Homeslice. With its 20’inch pizzas topped with unusual ingredients, Homeslice has become a popular chain for friends and family to hang out. You can decide if you buy the whole pizza or just a slice…

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