Written by Tom Clarke • Published 27th June 2018 • 2 minute read

Sport is a multibillion-pound business. So, it is no surprise professional clubs, teams and athletes across the UK with their gruelling training schedules seek out the latest facilities to aid recovery. We look at the facilities and individuals who are leading the way.


Three minutes at -140 degrees might not sound like the typical relaxing spa treatment you might receive, but it’s proving very popular with athletes. Cryotherapy tricks the body into using it’s ‘fight or flight’ mode which triggers the release of chemicals including endorphins. Enabling blood to rush to the core which increases the metabolism rate, and energy levels leaving you feeling refreshed. Muscle and bone injuries also recover quicker by the reduced inflammation due to the subzero temperatures and newly improved blood circulation.

Core Clinics

Core Clinics proposes a unique approach to healthcare and sports performance coming from a proactive, personalised and holistic angle. With ten years’ experience in rehabilitating complex sporting injuries and plenty of sporting testimonials, Core Clinics deliver a professional service which won’t disappoint. Based in a calming countryside environment, Core Clinics offer services including assessing athletes physical and biomechanical health, nutrition advice and psychological support.

Jonny Marsh

The Michelin- star trained chef who caters for a host of Premier League footballers offering his very own unique approach to sports nutrition. Marsh understands each athlete’s nutritional needs and creates meals which will supply them with the fuel they need to perform to their best on a weekly basis. ‘The Football Feeder’ as Jonny is known is currently working with numerous players from Manchester City’s team, could it be that Jonny was Manchester City’s secret weapon last season?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre

Over the last decade, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre or HBOT for short has become increasingly popular with an array of athletes from varying sports. The simple and painless process works by athletes taking on more pure oxygen than they normally would be able to get from the air. Oxygen is necessary for cell growth and regeneration and plays a key role in enabling people to recover from injuries. HBOT has been known to accelerate recovery in musculoskeletal injuries, ligament and cartilage damage and even bone fractures.

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