Written by Tom Clarke • Published 2nd August 2019 • 3 minute read

Fridays. We love Fridays and today is no exception. In fact, this particular one we’ve been looking forward to for a long time – International Beer Day.

But choosing the ‘right beer’ can often cause debate among friends, family or that one colleague at work who’s adamant that their specialist craft brew is the ‘one’. Luckily at PHA, we like our beer so much we wanted to celebrate this special day. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite beers from around the world. So, dust off your favourite beer tanker and get ready to enjoy (responsibly).

Camden Town Brewery – London, England

A London based brewery founded in 2010 who are looking to bring back the excitement to lager in the UK after it has become ‘unloved’. The flagship beer from the brewery is Camden Hells which is a lovechild between two of their favourite German beer styles – Helles and Pilsner. Clean, crisp and dry, it’s the beer the owners always wanted to drink and the reason why they created Camden Town Brewery.

Kingfisher – India

From Delhi to Doddanapudi, Kingfisher is India’s number one beer. Kingfisher is crisp, clean and refreshing, making it the perfect partnership for the heat and spice of even the richest of curries. Whether you try a glass in Mumbai, Madrid or Manchester you can rest easy in the knowledge knowing that it’ll taste the same and that you truly are drinking the real taste of India.

Hawkshead Brewery – Cumbria, England

From big hopped modern pale ales to deep dark stout beers Hawkshead Brewery produces them all. The multi award-winning brewery has had another successful year picking up 2nd place in the Champion Beer of Britain, North West region for both their Stout and Hops produce. With 10 options to choose from their ‘Core’ range, Hawkshead Brewery should certainly be on your list to try!

Red Stripe – Jamaica

Rumour is that the simplistic but clever brand design was based off the red stripe that runs down the side of the Jamaican police’s uniform. Commonly known for its pale ale which is available around the world. A full-bodied and smooth post palate sensation that will leave you with a low butterscotch flavour.

Hogs Back Brewery – Surrey, England

The Hogs Back brewery has been in business since 1992. The Surrey-based brewery has won multiple awards for their fine English ales and lagers, by combining a real passion of brewery with a continued focus on attention to detail. Hogs Back Brewery have also made the world’s first real chocolate lager which has been described as a well-balanced and fulfilling drink that is both unexpected and beautifully complementary.

Asahi – Japan

In 1987, Asahi launched Asahi Super Dry, a beer that would go on to revolutionise the beer industry in Japan and send Asahi back to the top spot in the domestic beer market. Since its launch, Asahi have sold over 100 million cases annually for more than 25 years. If you’re after a crisp clean taste that can be paired with any type of food, then Asahi Super Dry should be your first choice.

BrewDog – Scotland

In 2007 when two friends decided that they were bored of industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales, BrewDog was born. Their mission then and still is to make people as passionate as they are about great craft beer. The extensive six stage brewing process means the beer is matured for 30 days whereas a typical beer is only matured for seven days ensuring the flavour packs a punch

Fuller’s – England

The only UK brewery to have three different beers named Champion Beer of Britain at the annual Great British Beer Festival. Between them, Chiswick Bitter, London Pride and ESB have won this award an unprecedented five times. Fuller’s beers are exported to 80 countries from around the world with its biggest overseas market in Russia and Sweden. Apart from the numerous awards that Fuller’s have won they are also known for their award-winning London Pride, with its well-rounded flavour and rich history, everything about this authentic, characterful beer binds it to our capital city and the people who love it.

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