Written by Katie Villiers-Smith • Published 30th April 2018 • 3 minute read

During 2017 there was a 325% increase in Google searches for the term “influencer marketing”. Pair that with the influx of new platforms and influencer marketing focused agencies it’s clear this trend is booming. The power of influencers has transformed the face of advertising and marketing.

Although brands are looking to partner with top influencers, whether that’s a micro-influencer with a highly engaged audience or a macro-influencer with mass appeal, what’s becoming increasingly important is industry knowledge. This rings particularly true in the tech world.

Influencers with in-depth knowledge of the brand, its pros, and cons, partnered with general industry expertise can be extremely powerful. Whether it’s the latest cryptocurrency being launched, or the next best thing in wearable tech, understanding the saturated market and being clued up on that product or service, and how it compares to others, really is key. Not only does this mean the content is far more engaging, it also means it is genuine – something that has become increasingly important to consumers living in a post-truth era.

Working with influencers can provide a brilliant opportunity for brands in all sectors, but the important part comes down to selecting the right influencer to partner with. We’ve seen plenty of cringe-worthy headlines over the years of failed influencer marketing attempts, so the key really is to spot the synergies between both brands, and focus on creating informed, genuine content that’s useful to consumers.

A big chunk of influencers in the tech space are reviewers, meaning industry knowledge becomes even more crucial. Tech consumers expect to see the spec of a product being reviewed, how it compares to others in the market and just how far the product can be pushed.

A great example of a successful influencer and their interaction with tech brands is hugely influential YouTuber Marques Brownlee, hailed the ‘best technology reviewer on the planet’ by former Google VP, Vic Gundotra. And with over six million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Brownlee is clearly a highly rated and much-loved influencer by his loyal fans and tech consumers.

Brownlee’s community is made up of people talking about tech; sharing knowledge, expertise and top tips. One of his most popular videos was created when Safari came to Windows for the first time. Brownlee knew this would be a hot topic so spent the afternoon creating a tutorial focusing purely on how to install Safari for Windows. That one video received around 7,000 views in one evening, generating incredible traction for both Safari and Windows almost immediately after their announcement. From this, he realised the importance of having industry insight – foresight – and being on the ball when it comes to tech trends. Not only this, it also reflects how powerful influencers can be – and more importantly, the power of influencers who are truly engaged and genuinely interested in the brand and market.

Looking at Brownlee’s most recent review of the eye-catching Huawei P20 Pro, he’s clocked up a whopping 1.3m views and Brownlee stating: “This is what it looks like when you nail all the pillars of a great smartphone and then take one of them…to the next level” is a big deal.

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