Written by Tom Clarke • Published 16th January 2019 • 2 minute read

Whether it was to drink less, to be more confident at work or to save better, January has always been the month of change.

A fitness trend that is getting people moving all over the capital is HIIT. That’s high-intensity interval training between me and you, perfect for participants who are short on time but full of willing. Over the last year HIIT has taken over and we’re here to tell you where you should go to try this new trend out.

Another Space

Another Space’s HIIT program combines boxing with interval training and is the workout that will leave you on your knees. Prior to the session prepare yourself for a workout that will have you continuously switching between the punch bag and the floor. The sessions last 45 minutes which is enough time to get the endorphins flowing. If you’re after impactful results, and a true sense of accomplishment this is the class for you.



F45 have 20 studios in London, you won’t be hard pressed to find one near you. The franchise originally born in Australia has become a worldwide phenomenon and has become the world’s fastest-growing functional training network in a matter of years. F45 has combined elements of HIIT, circuit training and functional training to develop 31 different, 45-minute workout experiences. Several people from The PHA Group have tried F45 and trust us, it’s an intense workout!


Sweaty Betty

How many of you knew that the global fitness brand had an exercise studio in its store on Carnaby Street? Be sure to embrace the Sweaty Betty motto of no pain, no champagne and sign up to a session that will push your body to the max. What better way to try out those new Sweaty Betty purchases of yours.

Sweat IT

Less than a 10-minute walk from Covent Garden will see you arrive at the doors of Sweat IT. Their training has been designed to primarily shock your foundations through a combination of strength, speed and endurance sessions. Sweat IT’s methodology means they focus on one muscle group per day, meaning you’d better watch out for those stairs after Tuesday (leg day).


Barry’s Bootcamp

The bootcamp class that has five studios located across the capital combines weight training with cardio, alongside bursts of intense anaerobic exercise. The science behind these sessions means due to the intensity you’ll spike your metabolism and will continue to burn calories even after you’ve finished the class. Barry’s boasts that you could burn up to 1000 calories or even more during a class, suggesting it’s the perfect remedy after a treat weekend.


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